Friday, 18 September 2009

el3oba 3obaa

The lack of road etiquette here is shocking!! You'd think people around were barbarians!! I was stuck in a one way with a dead end ahead and cars parked left and right and on top of each other mn eza7ma!! The only way to get out of that shit hole of a street was to do u-turn in the middle of the tiny street.. The guy behind was a gentleman and waited while I was literally reversing and doing a u-turn in what felt like a shoebox!! Then out of the blue comes a 3oba in a ML and almost smack into me and forces me to reverse into a dkan.. Ya3ni one more inch and I'd be inside the thalja parked next to the sunkist and pufaak!

A msg to el3oba wearing a shaila in a white ML:

Yali matst7een matshofeen its a tiny street wintay daysa w msta3yila ela b6ofeen??!! 3asaa y6awfoon 3alaich eljana goolay ameen.. Edenya ermthaan 3al aqal a7trim hal shahar w a9er ademya w an6ir enas y6l3on mn hal showari3 eza7ma! Yali matsmain roo7ay egray Mkarim Elakhlaaq yemkin et3almain mina elakhlaq e6ayba yali lo ya39roonich ma te6la3 minich ng6aat akhlaq!

Yal 3oba, yal thay3a, yal laytha, yal tayhaa, yali lo eybe3onich eb soog eljet matybeen se3r eljet.. Yal khraisha yali mat3arfeen esana3 shfaydaat hal 7jab eli 3ala rasich wintay mat3arfeen eladab!! Laaa w zan6a 3omrich bl shaila!! 3asa yazn6oonich w y3algoonich mn ergobtich eb sa7at e9faat! Laish 6ayraa afhaaam!!!!!!!! Khooo mako masyid eb akhir elshari3 wla mostashfa 3ashan agool ma3thoora! Laykoon meta'akhra 3ala zaftich!! 3asahom ezfoonich 3ala ebless el laila ghabra methil elaila eli sheftich feeha!!

Yal sheefa yali ma tswain ersh ta3reefa, yal ghabra, yal 3oba, yal dathra, yal 3ayba, tadreen lo ana ma3arf esana3 chan eshsawait feech 3ala 7araktich!! Chan dashait feech ed3oom w khalait hal ML ey9eer Mini o foga nzalt o rda7tlich o sawiat feech sowaya matsolaf!! Bs esharha mo 3alaich esharha 3ala eli ma3rfaw ey3almoonich esana3 wil e7traam..7ragtay a39aabi!! 7asby Alah 3alaich mn ebnaya..


Anony said...

Haw haw shsayer !!

Anonymous said...

omg :o

nass jileelat el 7aya!

haha, haza2teeeha ;p


Anony said...

Loooooooool ra7aat wa6ee elbent ra7aat wa6eee hahahahahhaa

R.. said...

OMG!!!! @@
bismila !! ;p
sakinhom masakinhom :p
haday baba ma tistahil kl hal a39aab !!! ;p

Faith said...

now you got it all out of your system..hope you're feeling better ;D

Anonymous said...

lol aren't we beating the whole purpose of Ramadan? رمضان شهر التسامح و الغفران ،، الحين عقب هل سب و الدعاوي بتأخذ أجرك ،، استغفري ربك و طلبي لها الهداية
I'm keeping this anon so that I don't get a rant too ;p
I love you

Average.Q8i said...

Testahel ;p.

eshda3wa said...

allahoma inich 9ayma!

fourme estaghferay rabich

hathi ma teswa etkharbeen 9yamich 3ashanha!

moi said...

Shteswa 3lech khathaitay kel thnoobha! Esta'3fry rabich dear khatwalli

FourMe said...

Tstahaal akthar mn chethy lo shayfa her rudeness chan kfakhteha.. Ya3ni shayfa its a dead end ahead o lazim achaiwir eeee n6ray ya3alich elmaa7ii

Shway 3aliha chethy..

La wala lo wa7da thanya chan 7a6at'ha blshari3 w dabghat'ha

Ee I did :D

Even though she almost smacked into me I smiled in her face and was tellin her to back up with a smile and explainin that its a small road.. But she was RUDE!! Very rude.. So plz spare me that I should forgive her.. Alah sob7ana w ta3ala gal el3ain bl 3ain.. I could of been rude to her on the spot and caused a scene.. But I don't do such things.. I will curse her as much as I want..

No offence to u who ever u are but I'm pissed off.. And I don't love ppl I don't know :(


This was ams at night.. Youm safalt feeha kint fa6ra.. O 9adgeeny lo shayfa her rudeness chan geltay akthar ba3ad!

I doubt you've never come across someone that pissed u off and safaltay feeh.. Wala she was extremely rude! I'm usually the friendliest person on the road.. A6awif khalg alah kilihom and if there is a u-turn w nas mo gadren eylfoon I stop and let ppl pass! Bs hathy 3oba ma tst7y 3ala wayiha!!

Anonymous said...

f**k her!!!!!!

Ms. D said...


TOUCHE' said...

It must have felt great afterward.

I know thaat I felt great, it's like you've said all that I wanted to say to all those moronic drivers that I had come across in my whole life :)