Thursday, 24 September 2009

4 letter word . . . .

I was tagged by Errant to do this tag a week or so ago.. Since then it got me thinking about L.O.V.E.. the type of love I'm talking about here is the one between a man and a woman not that love you have for your siblings or parents..
What is Love?

What constitutes Love?

Does Love exist?

How many times does one get to fall in Love?

Is Love a figment of our imagination?

And so on.. As I've regained my old self and became the girl who asks, why, when, where, how, again and a million little questions to understand everything and anything around.. I've become quite the inquisitive little bunny.. I want to know it all.. And dear Errant's tag has raised a thousand questions up in my head about Love and what it is and how it is perceived..

Now I have come off cloud nine and hit reality that I was always a fan of.. Realistically I believe love does not exist (wait did hell just freeze over ?!) :p .. I believe there are two type of affections each based on different variables that is justified by others as "Love".

1. The heart wrenching, stomach butterflies, skip a heart beat, desire, passion, head over heels type of affection. In my book that's just hormones being an absolute bitch and playing you like a fool..

2. Understanding, reason, common sense, reality, comfort, maturity, and other similar affections.. This in my book is using your brain rather than your heart and hormones and being wise about your choices and working what life throws at you..

Some say I have become cynical, I say I'm just more realistic.. Am I capable of "loving" a person either way or both combined? Yes I am. Would I label it as Love? I wouldn't as I truly don't believe that word to be true.. That word represents Romeo & Juliet. Unfortunately there are no more Romeo's nor Juliet's in our lifetime. There is no "I am willing to give my all , heart, soul, mind, and life". Sounds stupid doesn't it? But that's how that word has been portrayed over the centuries. A fictitious creation by the world's most renowned writers.

Reality is that we all have been in love once, twice, thrice, and so on.. After that "Love" that makes your insides tremble with the mere thought of your loved one we come to the table again and indulge in love once more. What is it to be? Love II? Love once again? Love till you get lucky? Starting to sound a bit commercial doesn't it? The word is starting to lose its genuine feel, its overused, and is way over exaggerated. "Love" is nothing but a bundle of emotions brought together by a four letter word..But then again that is my opinion..

What constitutes L.O.V.E. to you?


FourMe said...

Seriously this is Anony's spot!

Sarona said...

I cannot answer that question since I'm at the point where I'm questioning love all together

Interested to hear what people think though

Faith said...

First I have to say becoming realistic sucks. I’m there I guess and I hate it. HATE IT. But it’s healthy and a must :S

Second, “There is no "I am willing to give my all , heart, soul, mind, and life"”
well I think there is.. the problem is; it’s usually “one” of the two who is willing to give it all. which means it’s useless. No balance means the end of that love story. either both work as hard and Both believe it’s worth it or else.. get ready to become realistic with us.

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

I don't believe in love too and I can't agree more. Great post.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

love is caring about someone more than u care about urself ;p

Um Mit3ib said...

love mal romeo w juliet... la it doesnt exist... w law it existed gilna 3anhom imyanan

love though does exist:P bs i read on a comment somewhere on fb... its always conditional.. ALWAYS.. the only love that unconditional.. is the love u hav towards family.. and i believe that;p

Um Mit3ib said...

love mal romeo w juliet... la it doesnt exist... w law it existed gilna 3anhom imyanan

love though does exist:P bs i read on a comment somewhere on fb... its always conditional.. ALWAYS.. the only love that unconditional.. is the love u hav towards family.. and i believe that;p

Jack Ass.. said...

Love is typing all this cynical stuff..

Elegant Chic said...

You've been awarded! :)
Kindly collect it from here:

ZoN said...

Love is for ppl who look for affection.
nothing defines love, cuz love doesn't exist. it is separate feelings which ppl mistakingly define them as love.

Glitter said...

My sentiments exactly.

I came to this realization A LOOONG TIME ago !

And I couldn't have said it better.

LOVE is fiction,
cooked up to sell movies, and romantic novels!

*Thumbs up*

Errant said...

well, I am a fool romantic and I'm not ashamed to say it wherever I am .. love scenes just make my eyes tear up .. anyways, I believe that the concept of love is different from one person to another .. it can't be defined collectively .. does it exist? look inside you .. if it exists for you, if you can love unconditionally .. then yes it does and you will find it .. if not, then no it doesn't and you'll never find it coz you can't feel it ..

Lili3 said...

I think at the beginning its just a dreamy phase, you imagine and imagine, feel all bubbly and giggly, squeeze life like it will leave in a minute.

Then that slowly reduces, and reality falls, everything is clear again, decisions has to be made, "Are you in or out?"

FourMe said...

ohh that's not a good phase :/

its suck suck not only sucks.. but true it is a must.

there is no more compatibility that's the problem..

dr smart:
thank u dear :)

not even family deserve to be loved that way! you should never love anyone more than yourself..

if its conditional its not love.. cuz once comes something that threatens that "love" you have it will be dropped. and that does not make it love.. that makes it "i"ll adore u till its easy"

jack ass:
how can love be typing this if I don't believe in its existence?

I believe in attraction, infatuation, but not "love".. ofcourse not all of us have been blessed with a 13 year long love story..

thanx babe :*


thank you :)

I'm blaming it on Cinderella and Snow white! it's s0 their fault..

ohh I go all mushy wushy over the love scenes etc but at the end of the day its just a movie.. come to reality such does not exist..

even if one is able to love unconditionally is there someone out there who would reciprocate that love? If there isn't then its plain stupid on the lovers behalf as they just have put their life on the line for absolutely Nothing!

ohh that phase makes the world a happier phase..

Anonymous said...

fourmeee!!! u took the words right out of my mouth! :D

Jack Ass.. said...

Ok now it sounds silly to me as well tat I said typing it was Love..

But how are u better off by not believing in Love?How does it improve things.You may say its not for improving anything.It maybe just a fact you stated.But trying to cynically reinforce it in your mind is probably not the best idea.

Anyway.Whether you want to call it love or not - every person craves for companionship tat is soothing and becalming and sexually passionate but at the same time it is more than about sex.A companionship tat makes you happy even if u cant actually point out why you are happy.Respect,satiating ur thirst for justice are other aspects. Ther is more but I am sure you get my drift..

Now you cant become cynical and say what after you get all this? You wil still die in the end right? Because it sounds self fulfilling when you say I will be cynical.But once you take the plunge you realise tats actually facing it in real life is too damn hard compared to one of those Leonardo Dicaprio Movies.

Anyway I have just typed as the thoughts came to my mind.I may not have a watertight argument..

Âme said...

Those who don't believe in love either don't know about it well or are something (hurt, defensive etc.) else to accept it.

Love is sacrifice.

People are too dear to themselves to sacrifice unconditionally.

Well, its a material world and the today's logic is almost a slave of it.

Cynical; I think its just a worse side of the coin. One dies miserable at the end.

Anyone can make a better choice than being that.

~ Soul

FourMe said...


jack ass:
I agree with you we all need someone to be there for us whether its emotionally or physically.. I'm not denouncing ones need for companionship, all I'm saying is that the term they use to justify their emotions isn't valid per say.. as the word "love" is used in vain and people throw it around like it is a meaningless thing (if it exists)..

If it had any value it would not be used in such manner.. if it truly exist why so little experience such feeling? People claim to experience the fairytale love and the next day they claim they have fallen out of it.. So if it was truly love would one fall out of it that easily? I highly doubt it..

People tend to categorise any affection under the umbrella of love whereas its simply attraction or lust or what have you..

again I'm not being cynical I'm being realistic but people are calling me cynical..

Not believing in love has nothing to do with hurt or being defensive. As a theory it does not stand.. It has been portrayed as this magical sense that levitates one to an emotional state like no other yet they fail to mention that it diminishes after the high wears off i.e. the period of infatuation and so on..

No one sacrifices these days period.. We as a human race have become heartless in the sense that we do not give a damn about others hence the contentious conflicts.. if we cared for anyone else apart from ourselves we would be living in a much more peaceful societies and world..

PaLoMiNo said...

akhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhh 3alych!!!!

I agree yuba i agree!!!!!!

Smurf said...

Love is just a word which we use to describe the undiscribable feeling we've got inside of us .. bcoz kilwa7id minna FEELS something bs mayadree is this feeling the feeling others feel ? so we just call it or NAME it LOVE .. did i make sense? hehe .. ya3ne for me i care for my husband more than myself! abid wanastii 3ala wanastaa , abeeh ma3ay ekoon killa mertaa7 .. so i name this LOVE .. maybe ghayyrii e7is ib shay thani wegool 3anna love .. got me? hehe its ok imwa9lla,got an early flight o feni tifilsif