Tuesday, 25 August 2009

who knows? all is possible!






Dunno.. Ain't it a funny life? In 365 days your world can change and the unexpected happens.. We plan and plan yet in a moment it all changes.. You'd imagine you're in control of your own life yet life has a mind of its own and a course of its own.. You can do the impossible to make things happen yet they don't and what's meant to happen will happen! Is it destiny? Is it fate? Are we guests in our own lives? Do we not have a say in it? I wonder what's next..


Âme said...

You are talking about 365 days.

How about 5 minutes.

We make our own destiny and yet sometimes, somethings are out of our control.

All we gotta do is gotta to do what we can do the best.

Sometimes, we need to allow life to take control for a little while and go with the flow.

Patience my friend bears sweet fruit.

~ Soul

Anony said...

Next is that I'm going to beat you :D

Allaahoma enii sa'emaaaa! For being second! .. Allahooma enii sa'eemaaa! *ta36e Ame nathra*

Anonymous said...

kil hathaa 3ashan 9aba7 matat????@@
or bcus you sow Knowing?

Sarona said...

Hello FourMe

Sometimes you'd think that you wasted ur energy to avoid something that happened nevertheless

And I just wanna say that you LITERALLY pull the thoughts out of my head and put them nicely into words and for that I wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU!!

Jack Ass. said...


You have asked a question that is 10000 years old.

You have asked a question that billions of men have asked.

I completely agree with Ame.

female symphony said...

It simply goes like this. We've no choice at all. We wish , pray , and wait for it to come true. If so we would be happy. If not, we would wonder as what u just did:)