Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wasn't Me!!

"Robbers stole nearly £40m of items from a London jewellers in what police say was Britain's second biggest robbery.

Two men with handguns threatened staff at Graff jewellers in New Bond Street on 6 August before taking 43 items.

They dragged a female member of staff outside as they left the shop and fired a shot, although no-one was injured.

CCTV images of the two men have been issued. The £40m haul is exceeded only by the £53m raid on a Securitas depot in Kent in 2006, a Met spokesman said."

For the rest of the story click Here..

Motherfuckersssssss 43 items!!! fortyDAMNthree!! Forty million worth!!

Never mind I just want the ONE I don't want the 43 items..

p.s. I swear it wasn't me :p


Anony said...


Fastidious Babe said...

lol a similar thing happened when i was in paris.. a big theft happened in cannes last month too.. >_<

Anonymous said...

aaah wainiiiii 3nhm

Um Mit3ib said...

yaaa bakhaat'hom;p

ZoN said...

you have the graff fever 9adigty al3azeza.. wil mishkila every time i pass by one of graff's shops i remember this is fourme's love, then i ask myself whats the big deal with it, mean while i steal a look while walking, fa it turns out to be nice stuff they made.
so allah y3enech..

bs the bastards every piece equals a million pounds taqreban :@

Amethyst said...

It wasn't you, but you sure wish it was, don't you?;p

7aneen said...

I used to read your blog some years ago, when ur "about me" read "lost a soulmate", oo I used to love reading ur posts and could always relate to them, and they helped me a lot, too, o now I stumbled upon ur blog again,, and I noticed you changed ur "about me" and I was wondering how things are with you now .. I am so glad I found ur blog ! :D

zuz said...

LOOOOOOOOOL , akeed?;) ;p

Cooookies said...

uhma baygeen baygeeen bass 43 ? khoo bogaaaw akthar !!

desertpalms said...

thats scary...

you dont imagine things that that happening in your own backyard..seems likes something that would only happen in a movie..

eleventh.st said...

So many jewelry thefts the last few weeks!!
why can't they spread the wealth a bit :p

Livingmylife said...

ako robbers ham bago rolex eli eb montreux Switzerland!

the recession does things to ppl .. 5asatan ppl with so much debt .. they think this is the way to fix things ;/

i want one item from graff too!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

look me in the eye and tell me it wasnt you!

i dare you!

and show me those that are behind your back!

FourMe said...


fastidious b:
seems like its happening everywhere!

hehe 7alich mn 7ali.. ya ghafleen lekom alaah..

um mit3ib:

only fever?! more like an eternal love..

hehehe everyone that knows me says the same thing :p everytime they pass by Graff they remember yours truly.. at least I've struck a chord with ppl ;)

am sure some of the pieces were well over a mil..

hell yes!

glad you're back dear :)
what can I tell you.. Things are okay.. life moves on and one grows up..


43 pieces from Graff are far more than enough!

so true.. seems like a hollywood set-up not our lovely filthy streets..

hehehehee I wouldn't say no to a piece or two :p

even before the recession ppl were hitting jewellers..

hmm if it was just the piece that would of been easy.. its what comes with that one piece that is harder to get..

hehehee trust me if I was on the same continent then you should have been worried :p

R.. said...

i knw i knw u want the PINK ONE!!!!!!
bs im positive intay kintay ILRAS IL MODABER!!!!!
mwahahaha (6)
naaa jk ;*
do u want me to get it 4 u?? *hides*
tra 3adii ..
i have a couple of millios " fils "
hehehe (a) ;p

moi said...

graff<3 *heart aches*

3aliya said...

LOOOOOL wasnt you haa?!;p hehe are u sure?!;p hehe

PaLoMiNo said...

sure?? ;P

ma3lim walla ;p
ne9 bil ne9 Okay :ppPp

Chaotic pOsha said...

Fast money huh lol

they remind me of ocean's eleven

Am pissed OFF too! ;/

FourMe said...

nop not the pink one.. Though I wouldn't mind one :p heheh yakhtich mafeeni 7ail akha6i6 elmokh em9adii ..

Oh me hearts hearts hearts it *sigh*

Lol wasn't me wasn't meeeeeeeeee :p

Hehehheheee shall we organise the next hit ;)

Noo make it 70/30

Chaotic posha:
Damn fast! Was watchin it couple days before the hit and thought this movie gives ppl ideas :p