Friday, 28 August 2009

Theories vs Religion

When it comes to religion I switch off. What I mean by switch off is that I do not tolerate ignorance or any bull shit of understanding religion in new ways! I refrain from engaging in religious discussions because of two reasons, one is that I do not have enough knowledge about it to quote and back up what I'm saying even though I know what I'm talking about, two is that I get truly angry when it comes to people disrespecting religion, any religion mind you not only Islam. I become a 93aideya when it comes to religion, mokhi ey9eer gazma adeema 3ala golat'hom. I switch off and shut my mouth even though I want to smack the person infront of me because I do not play around with it. I believe what is written in the Quran without doubt. Yes some might seem extreme for our modernised world but this is when faith comes in.

Tell me something when we come to learn something for the first time in school or university why do we take in the information without second guessing its validity? We may start developing our own opinions but we NEVER object to its foundations. Let me relate this to politics, every political action is analysed and supported by theories. I may dislike some theories but I would never dare say this theory is wrong and its characteristics make no sense, I wouldn't say I understand this theory in my own way because I simply cannot! This theory has been laid down by a "Man" and he stated point one, two, three, and stated such is such and such is such, making it a theory used and studied through out time. It is his theory and what he stated is correct point blank.

So why is it when it comes to religion that has been created by "God" we have the audacity to sit there and say I understand religion in my way or dismiss it as a whole or say this religion makes no sense!!! Why do we question its validity?? Medical students follow what they are taught blindly without second guessing their lecturers, so do engineer's and lawyers because they are responsible for lives. They follow what they are taught down to the letter and word but do they do the same with religion? No they don't. Because this religion that has been created by God and it's up for discussion but that of Man creation is not!! By the way I'm being sarcastic here for you that didn't get the previous statement..

I do not tolerate religious discussions because those who say understand religion in their own way really have no understanding at all! If they had any they would NOT say prayer or Hajj is not a pillar of Islam but hey political theories are untouchable but the words of God are up for being shredded to pieces!

I could go on for a while about this topic and write a hell of alot more but you know what I'd rather go read Quran and be taught and educated by God not mankind that lack the essence of understanding..


Anony said...


Anony said...

3afyaa go read qur'an :D

FourMe said...

I reached 18th part.. I didn't have much time today :( inshalla tomorrow I'll make up for it..

Um Mit3ib said...

i agree;p
ya3ne sij ina im not the epitome of islam;p bs martha a7ad eghale6:P or second guess anything;p even if i dont hav a reply:P

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Mashallah 3liky. I love this post. =]

FourMe said...

um mit3ib:
neither am I, and for the record I'm not mt7ajba and probably should be the last to speak about religion but I know right from wrong and stupidity and lack of understanding when I see it!

Its sad because its a new "habba" trend that they are all following! "We understand religion in our own way" !! Way3a what new way?! There is one God and one prophet and 5 pillers of islam! what new way?!!

ba3ad cham youm ygololich we have a new version of the Quran!

Dr smart cookie:
thank you dear,
much appreciated :)

Um Mit3ib said...

LOL ee sij i7irooonnn ;p

Anonymous said...

says the girl who is not mt7jba..

el7jab farth mo sna..

so la tflsfan

FourMe said...

Um mit3ib:

And who said its not farth? It is and inshala one day I will..

If I wanted to be a hypocrite I wouldn't of mentioned that I'm not mt7ajba.. But dear do u know how many met7jbat are there that do not pray yet wear it? Wearing a 7jab on your head is not a measure of your understanding of religion! I still didn't go to Hajj, do you want to hold that against me as well?

Shows that you really understood what this post is about.. Though thank you for your comment..

ZoN said...

bless u dear, mbarak 3alaich ilshahar

Average.Q8i said...

Chenna il Kalam 7agge :P.

FourMe Ur elevated understanding of what u always write about and how to express it is something that I respect Alot.
O mafe Kalam ba3dech Kalam; O Aku hal nass ilee Ma Y3arfoon ila yetkallemon; La Y9alloon Wala shay Bess Y3arfooon Ygargeroon.
O Ileee y9ooomooon Bess 3an il Akel Amma 7ag il Sab o il 7ash 7a9'reen O Hatha yab6el 9yamhum.

O aku some people who want to shape Islam to their own way; They explain this aya this complex way and ignore the obvious explanation.

O as u said some people ihde behind their appearances; like the met7ajba or the one with a 3mama or ilee melte7ee o mga99er deshdashtaa O oho ma yadree 3an hawa dar deena.

Allah Yahdee il kel inshalla.

Errant said...

I totally agree with what you said .. we are totally on the same page .. but I wanna tell you something .. never shut your mouth up ,, cause you got the right to talk as much as they do .. if not more .. I mean even if you don't have enough quotes or reliable sources to refer to .. just say what you think .. believe me when they go home what you said will be ringing in their head and give them a hard time .. cause deep inside they know it's the truth ..

and in this way. enti gulti kelmat al 7ag amam allah .. o bara2ti thumatek .. just say it and don't get engaged in their fruitless discussions .. say it and then leave them talk n talk n talk n never reply to them ..

have a good day :)

fa6oma said...

i understand why.

people believe what the see.

so u mentioned medical professors and how medical students believe every thing they say. well, it's because its backed up facts and hard scientific evidence. people have tested this information and retested it again and again and hv seen the results in front of them. so they have no choice but to believe it. this is just one example.

3arftay shlon?

now, religion is another matter. religion is based on FAITH. u just believe. which is much more harder. it takes a much STRONGER person to believe in the unknown and adhere to it.

like the most basic thing. el7jab. laish entay mo mt7jba? ask urself that. why is it so hard for u? why r u still clinging to mut3 el dunya?? see? its too hard to let 7go. personally, i think el7jab is the least thing u can do to thank God ely 36ach klshay. 97a oo el3afya, elthka2, eljmal, kla n3ma mn allah.

another thing people dnt get, 7af el 7wajb. allah clearly la3en elnam9a wel mtnm9a. but ppl still thread their eyebrows. shfaydatch 9latch w 9yamch etha entay mal3ona? ma6roda mn ra7met rabch? its so simple. just dnt do it. but people find it hard. why? cuz it takes a really strong person to surrender. and that is what "islam" means a9lan.. to surrender to God, to faith..

Âme said...

The problem is all human beings have unique perceptions which lead to different understandings, of even a single line of "ANYTHING" what is read.

Most of the religions are based on GOD, again something which cannot be perceived by ordinary 5 sense organs.

Where as subjects like Mathematics is based on quantitative, qualitative and definitive forumlea, which can be verified by facts and pure logic.

God defies human logic.

Human beings try to fit God in their boxes of perceptions, which they fail miserably.

Religion is not meant for the masses w.r.t understanding, but w.r.t controlling masses, yeah, it is appropriate.


True understanding of religion is personal and UNIQUE, though some patterns might be importantly common.

~ Soul

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

I must disagree with fa6oma. I' m a medical student and believe me alot of the human physiology doesn't make sense and against the laws of physics. And when we ask our professors: How come? They say "This is how God made us" and no further explanation. And we have nothing but to believe, without understanding why?

Even Sweeter said...

I second that...
Madri shino hal habba ilzift 3ala goltich!!

They dont want to say " I have weak faith" Fa ikharbe6on

Allah yahdehum and allah itamem 3alaich ;* I love your way of thinking

fa6oma said...

yes i know dr, but shlon ektshfow bl asas?

y3ny they didn't just make it up. they tested their theories oo 6l3 9a7.. thats wht i meant sweetie :) fa its easier to believe what u can see.. y3ny with drs yshar7on el human body fa yshofon el spleen and shno el tissues it is made of.. unfourtnatly, bl deen u can't SEE God 3shan u believe in Him. u just have to hv faith.. hatha kan qasde

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Fa6oma, I'm glad we agree that a person must have faith & believe in God and His commands even if he doesn't understand them.

And since we agree there is no point for me to say this, but still I want to. =D

It's true what you said in studying the Anatomy of the human body, what you see is what you get. But other sciences like genetics are build on theories. We never saw the human genome. Doctors just assume and imagine that it is a double helix. And that theory now fills lots of huge text books and we all believe in it.