Wednesday, 26 August 2009

much needed rant!

-i didn't go to the gathering because I knew they would make me "still not married" the topic of the day.. But does not going make them stop talking? Of course NOT! They asked my aunt to pass on a msg, in translation "Get married have kids and divorce the man if he's not good" !! Who in Gods name told them I want kids?!?!!! Even if I do get married kids aren't gona bloody pop out till I get the damned phd! Why do they see marriage as kids when I see it as having some1 there for you that understands you and can build a future with!

-3ala golat Anony " Etaqo Alaah" ya3alkom etharba edenya ermthaan!! Khafaw rabkom la7geen 3ala elma9kharaa all year long! Bloody behave and respect this month!! If not for yourselves respect it for others that do!

-Mabi af9il maaabi agfil jad mabi agfil cuz etha gfaalt 3ala shay jad agfil 3alaih.. I don't wanna reach that point of shutting it out cuz I would so do out of annoyance..and I'm bloody annoyed! Grow the hell up o yahad I aint a kid I'm a Woman! Open your eyes and see that I am a woman not a girl in her teens!

-I knew this would be an iffy day!

-Esmilaa 3alay w9alt the 13th part of Quran :D Anony I will kick your behind if you beat me!

-I went for 4 days without swearing but yesterday I literally almost got killed twice and I started swearing at the freakin morons!

-O yahaad o 3ilaaa mabiii agfil !! I don't wana bloody switch off!!! Ufffff

-Seriously what's up with the traffic jams?? Where are you ppl all going?!

-Akhhh ya galbii.. If only I can get rid of my heart I will be fine.. It's this damned heart that gets me into trouble.. Some1 plz take my heart away....


Anony said...


Anony said...

etaqoo allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

hahahahahahaha :P

hahaha 13??? im soo beating u :P

laish etgafleen @@

o laish matabeen ur heart @@

3a6eeni eyaa amshae omoora bs entay mo 6ay3atnii !! :P

no one is taking ur heart!! eb yentheber eb mokanaaa o be3eeesh a7laa 3eeesh bs entay 6e3eeni ;p

serenade said...

lol can i just say that i love you? lol you rock

FourMe said...

Let me finish my salad and I'll start reading.. Look I'm a slow reader so stop showing off u and ur perfect arabic :(

Maaaaaabiii maaaabi take it plz take it! I don't want a heart I specifically don't want my heart.. It is an idiot and I don't want it..

A heart for free.. Any takers?

Yes u may :p ba3ad galbi 7abitich el3afya :** thnx for making me smile while am annoyed :*

wicked said...

i know how you feel about the last point
sometimes i wish i could be like davey jons from the pirates of carribean my heart out and keep it inside a locked treasure box on a deserted island..

FourMe said...

Part 14 :)

Hmm not even.. I don't want it full stop.. It will still beat inside the box.. No good.. I want to stop it from beating..

Anony said...


hmmmm agoolech wala ma agolech ween waslaaaa .. agoolech wala ma agoolech???? :P

@@ stop betaing @@ tabeeen etmoteen :O

et3awethe men eblees o etaqee allaah :P

o start thinking :@

qarart eni mara7 agolech ween wasla o afaj'ech :O

R.. said...

i love it ;$
inzain ma 3alich minhom !!!!
l2anhom they dont have a life !!! mn chthii imjabliniiich !! ;@
7igrihom !!!!! ;@
alla isami7hom !! :)

FourMe said...

Yaa shagool!! If it wasn't for me u wouldn't have even started reading! Plus I leave home one hour before ftoor and come back at 12 or 1:30! You're home all day long.. HATE YOU!!!!!

At Part 15.. Bs am tired I can't read anymore..

Falich ma gbalna!! esmila 3alay I don't wana die I just want that idiotic heart of mine to stop being an idiot that is all..

Emmm you'll be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks..

Ehh I don't care what ppl say anymore.. I stopped caring exactly ten years ago.. If not more..

Cooookies said...

umm mbarak 3alaich il shahar ?:/

Captivated said...

3adi loool.. awal yom rmethan we were talking about nafs el mawthoo3 eb bait yadeti.. 6ab3an ana bs gelt: Mafakerrr bezawaj --> mo lazem agol shenu 9ar.. they even said... "latgoleeen chethi tara bacher ley yaw s2alaw 3annech bengolohum ma tabi tetzawaj.." I'm 20!!!!! I'm a child... waray mostaqbal waray a life .. agolohum abi astanes i'm too young.. egolonlii "TESTansaainn SHETSAWEEN??" tara el nass walla madre shlon their brains emrakaba!

Elegant Chic said...

Relatives are born just to annoy us!!!

I undrstand ur situation and Im gng thru it as well....
Hold my hand, rest ur head on my shoulder and cry, rant, do watever u like until u feel relaxed...
I'm all ears to u hun :*

Anony said...


enzain enzain you mademe start :@ bs shesma .. o ba3deen i read ba3ad el fayer o gabel elfo6oor :P

bs tara ur a fast reader sadgeeni mashallah .. ya3ni you finish almost joz'een aw akthar fe sa3a which is good

ana ams men gareet u wesaltay 14 @@ chana rketh agra

and dare i say ena.... shesma ?


Sarona said...

I know what you mean about skipping going out to gathering because of that issue since I'm the oldest single girl so god forbidden if I said by mistake that I'm still too young to get married.. the shock.. the horror and not to mention the reaction I get when I say that I'm planning on getting my MBA, one of them told me to get married and if my husband approved then I should go for it, WTF!!!! So basically it's in one ear out the other and for the record I'm only 23
And the kids thing I mean COME ON I'm not a baby factory! heck I'm not planning on thinking about having kids until I realized that he's worth having a family with, but first it's for me I need someone to share my life with.

ok I'm gonna stop now lol that was supposed to be a comment but then again I don't have a blog to vent.. maybe I should

P.S: Keep your heart its what separate you from THEM

FourMe said...

3alaina w 3alaich..

do what I did, first I said I won't get married till I get my BA.After I got it I said I won't get married till I get my MA. And after that I just started saying I'm waiting for the right man that won't turn my life into a living hell like flana w flana (insert names of couples in failed marriages) trust me it will buy you alot of time :p


aww thanx babe :* am fine I learned to live with that crap..


I know u finished it.. shall we go for twice?

Oh my GOD! Get permission from a man just so I can study?! haha that will be the day!! Yes because you're his slave not his equal!

true there must be strong ties and understanding between a couple before babies start rolling in..

feel free to rant.. as this blog is purely created for ranting :p

zaina said...

3ad t9dgen ya fourme elyom shft rfejat omy and she was a bit like u when she was young. she refused to get married ela when she finished her studies oo she was extremely picky 3gub ma 5l9at. lama 5ala9 ra7et 3laha oo al7yn she's my mom's age.

my mom:

has a wonderful husband and 6 kids and her life is so full with us oo swalef el bait.

her friend:

alone. ma tzawjt oo ma 7sat eb'3l6at'ha ela al7yn 3gub ma 3ayzet

bs ma ynfa3 el nadem al7yn

i really hope ench tlgan elrayel el zain oo u be happy oo tzawjan oo u fill ur life with love and happiness :) cuz wala mako 3la sharing ur life with sm1 else. and having kids u can call ur own. being a mom is the best thing in the world. u can't hv greater satisfaction low tyeben shahdat el dnya klha.

i'm a dr but i'm proud of my kids more than ebshahdte