Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dammit I rock!!

Men shouldn't be allowed to be gynaecologists full stop! Yes I could of gone to a woman gyno but ain't my fault that there are none who have good reputations, the only good ones are for delivering babies.. Anyhows my meds are literally killing me and my doctor in London is on holiday so had to go to a doc here to take me off my meds.. O yaraitny ma re7t :/

He was a good doc and everything bla blaa... but come examination time the dude is just poking around my stomach and mid examination tells me and I quote "ykhrib baitik shoo hal wazin!! You should be a model"!! Wily yer7am omik ya3nii I'm literally half naked and he's admiring my body!!!!! I just smiled and said nothing.. Do you think it stops there?! Oh hell no! After he's done with examination again he tells me "Why don't you model?" I told him I'm old and they won't accept me anymore just to shut him up! Ya3nii 3afyaa shagoola balaah? Eli yesma3 ygool he's examining Gisele Bundchen not FourMe!! And does it end there? No it doesn't.. He keeps discussing my degree as he was fascinated by it and asks me to bring my CV along next time as he owns some establishment and wants me to work in it!

Ahaa ahaa so not only does he keep the flattering comments rolling but the man wants me to work for him! So my old physio used to tell me to take my shirt off the second he sees my face and this one is mesmerised by my figure and wants me on his payroll!! Yaaa bakhty walaa not only I got treated but chatted up and offered a job on the spot..


FourMe said...

p.s. apologies for not replying on previous post but I'm shattered from my meds and really can't think straight long enough to comment :/

Anony said...
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Anony said...

next time 7e6ay el CV dakhel ely khobre khobrech weya albezaat ;p

Anonymous said...

@@ yi5riiib bait omaa!

R.. said...

agol anony shrayich we go beat his ass up!!!
walla fathi !! ;@
intay 7altich 7ala o hatha admiring ur body !! @@

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...


Euphoria said...

LOL! good for you :P

FourMe said...

hehehehheee dude mayaziii :p

hehe 7ada..

hday hadaaay! If only you heard the other things he said! I can't post everything but really a lot more was said eli I started feeling a bit uncomfortable :/

dr. smart:
hehe dont laaaugh !

wain good I came out blushing like hell.. I tend to get very very shy when complemented.. my feminine gene kicks in :p

Average.Q8i said...

Maskeena; Chan 7ektee 6raaag Ywaklaa Tibin il tibin .. !!
O 3asa shal il medication?

7aneen said...

omg 7maaaaar !!

FourMe said...

hehehehehee I was too shy to respond let alone smack him :/ Don't let this tough girl image fool you, I can become very very shy girly at times..

yup il7amdila..

FourMe said...

elmo9eeba he's a very respected doctor and has a good rep and sees countless number of women each day! bs with me I dunno what happened to him :/

Even Sweeter said...

lool ma yeste7e! Bs it's a good thing u have a model figure;p

elegantchic said...

Admiring a patient's body?
Wat kind of a doc is he!
You shld hv poked his eyes out FourMe...

FourMe said...

even sweeter:
bada3 feeni :(
ehhh I'm dying to gain weight :/

hun what do you want me to do.. male doctors that I come across all behave in such manner :(

desertpalms said...

wow..dudes creepy..

R.. said...

i tagged u ib my post ;$ ;*

Elegant Chic said...

Never visit a male Gyna doc!

Till now, I havent visited a male/female gyna! touchwood

Sarona said...

Do you think that's the reason he has a good rep?
Still you should've given him a piece of your mind, I am complete the opposite I'm shy most of the time but when people cross the line.. shyness shmyness

Anonymous said...

weeh ya fourme .. is this a post to show us how beautiful u are :P bas a6afrch ;) ur just blessed with good looks and men, even if they are doctors, think with their u know what