Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Car Footie Match

Look this is a MUST MUST watch its eight minutes of hilariousness..Everytime I watch it it cracks me up as much as the second clip! The 2nd one I've already posted about ages ago but damn its funny as hell!

Top Gear - car football - Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo

Jeremy drives the smallest car in the world at the BBC - Top Gear


Anony said...


Anony said...

LOOOOOL ga3deen yel3eboon qadaam !!@@



o hal sayara lesghayroon ebdaaa3 hahah a7adha tesla7 :P

R.. said...

LOL!! :p
i love this shooow !!!
ibad3oooon !! mashalla 3alihom 3alihom afkar mo 6abi3iya ;p
o aham shay they were playing football :p

Jack Ass said...

Dear Fourme.How are you doing.I have been away for a month touring UK and Europe mainland.Missed a lot of your posts.

Just wanted to ask couple questions unrelated to your posts..

1}Do you have OCD ?

2} Do you agree that atleast 60 percent of british airways hostesses are Arrogant Bitches ??

Anonymous said...

if you're pretty and you know it clap your hands!

Jack Ass said...

Hey dear Fourme. Sorry about my previous comment. I wrote it in a slightly irritated mood.

FourMe said...

Ee yl3boon 6ombakheya with cars! 7ad oma wansaa.. I soooooo wana do it..

Baba entay wainich!! Lich wa7sha :*

Jack ass:
Hope u had a blast?

1. Why do u think I do? Hell I might I dunno..
2. For sure they are. Yet the men are the sweetest!

No need for an apology dear jack ass..

I already got the bbm msg :p