Saturday, 8 August 2009

a beautiful mess

Please check your attitude,arrogance, and ego at the door and take your head out of your arse for this post.. If you fail to do so, I suggest you don't read this post and you, your ego, arrogance, and attitude take yourself back to "Fuck me I'm perfect land"..

Now as we are all stripped of the above let's talk and really talk.. We are flawed, from head to toes we are flawed. Some admit their flaws while others prefer to conceal them. Sometimes its good to list the good and bad about oneself as it serves a reality check of what you really are and not this vision of perfection that you try to portray yourself as. It takes your head out of the clouds and make you hit the ground..

If I write down a list of all my flaws it will probably be couple meters long.. Starting with my temper and ending with being a trusting fool at times. Us girls tend to discuss our flaws more than boys except for the stuck up sluts who think they are perfect.

Usually men find it harder to admit their flaws because of all their macho crap (note: boys you checked that at the beginning of the post). So I'm not expecting boys to comment on this except if they've got a pair and aren't afraid to let their guard down and admit their flaws.. Fineee you boys can comment as Anonymous..

Its weird that I'm attracted to peoples imperfections more than their perfections, if that makes any sense?! I wonder what your flaws are..


Average.Q8i said...

For Anony :P.

Average.Q8i said...

1. My thought that i know everything.
2. My lack of style in telling jokes, I suck at it :P.
3. My weakness in commiting.
4. My Karsha.
5. I sometimes try to show myself as Ja5 infront of people that are in a lower status, and me trying to show myself as of a lower status infront of higher status people.

Got to think .. more, Its hard .. :P .. !!

Hidden identity said...

hmm well, i'm a pretty good person, but there is this one thing im5areb 3alay.. I watch porn. yes, I do. I don't watch because i'm turned on or anything, no, it's very interesting and intriguing. DON'T JUDGE. you're the first person i've told. I feel very liberated to get that off my chest. I can't help watching it. I really can't.

that's my flaw. if that counts as one.

p.s i'm female.

Anony said...



8bits said...

You said, "Some admit their flaws while others prefer to conceal them."
In my case, I only conceal them to be loved. It is a proven fact that the more a person gets to know me the harder they are to tolerate me, better yet love me. I also conceal protecting those that I love the most from who I really am.

PaLoMiNo said...


f7ee7eely said...

kellllllllllllllllllly flaws men raaaaaaaaaaaaaasyyyyyyyyy leeeeeeeeeeee eryoooooooooooooooooooooooooly !!!

Anony said...

f7ee7eelyyy - mo gelnalik efta7 blog :@


Dahlia said...

Ever since the sudden illness of my grandmother, I've had this constant fear of losing my mother. i'm always afraid. I've known alot of people whose mother/father has passed away, and I get this thought, if they lost their parent, 3ayal akeed i'm going to lose mine. i'm not that lucky. and everytime my mom gets sick, even if it's nothing, I get this dreadful feeling.. i know I rambled and this is irrelevent to your post, but I had to get this out. any advice? anything at all. I would really appreciate it.

FourMe said...

Young man you're 15 but definitely got more guts than most older men for listing the flaws well done..

Hidden identity:
not judging.. I'm way too flawed to be in a position to judge..
Yaa sometimes it feels good to just say somethings out loud..


Stop talking and start listing..

My dear you're way off on this.. You're not protecting your loved ones this way. Love means caring about a person unconditionally, loving their flaws before their virtues, loving their lows before highs and being able to accept them and love them regardless of the mess they are..

Loving a picture perfect is not love its infatuation with whatever this fake image you're portraying to them.. Why would u want that? Why would u want someone who could leave u if they knew your flaws?

Luv ya too 7ayaaaty.. 7abitich el3afiya :**

Join the club..

Plz feel free to say what you please if its related or not related to post.. Alah yashfee your granny and may God bless her with good health inshalla

Dear I think most of us have the same fear yet we try not to think about it.. We elude ourselves by thinking we are immortal.. Yet death is inevitable.. I don't know what to tell u more than pray to God to give your parents good health and protect them..

At times I have the same fear. I lost my grandmother long ago but she was like my mother I loved her dearly and I know how horrid losing a parent is.. I fear the same thing yet all I do is pray to God that he protects my mother and take from my life and add to hers..

You need to accept death, its a scary and horrible thing to think of but its reality it will happen to all of us.. What helps in accepting death is visiting the cemetery from time to time, I visit my granny and the more I do the more I get accustomed to it..

If you need to talk about this more you'll find my email in the profile thingy, don't hesitate to contact me.. I hope this helped some way or the other..

Cooookies said...
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Dahlia said...

You can't imagine how much I appreciate your reply.
Thank you so much! You're absolutley right, I have to get in terms with Death, and take it one day at a time.
Your message really made my day!

8bits said...

I'm quite an unsociable person, so by the people I love, I mean my direct family.
Alright, let me give you a situation and you judge. I never stood up for anything before, except for who's now my fiancé. Someone I met two years ago, and knew I couldn't want (need) anyone else. So, I fought for him. I did what I always wanted to do, stand up for something, and for two years I did. Through it, dad literally wished I were dead (his life would've been easier this way, you see). My closest sister I turn to for support, yet she rejects me. And my mother tells me she's ashamed of me and that I make her look like a bad mother.
So here it was, I became myself and all I got in return was a shredded existence. I'm doubtful of every act of good, and frustrated with every bad one. Maybe I'm weaker than most, but I believe I lost part of me by showing it, and sadly lost whatever relationship I had with my sister and mother.
And to think that my mother loved me conditionally, now that's good ol' salt on the freaking wound.

Boy, do I need a shrink.
I’m sorry I elaborated too much =/

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to women. This is the biggest and worst flaw. I am a guy btw.

F. you women. yuo are bitter sweet

falantan said...

hmm. interesting.

let me start by:

I'm also full of flaws some minor others major. but I won't list them because irrasool pbuh said:

من أصاب من هذه القاذورات شيئا فليستتر بستر الله

{ كل أمتي معافى إلا المجاهرين، وإن من الإجهار أن يعمل العبد بالليل عملا، ثم يصبح قد ستره ربه، فيقول: يا فلان! قد عملت البارحة كذا وكذا، وقد بات يستره ربه، ويصبح يكشف ستر الله عنه } [متفق عليه].

I know the 7adeeth is talking about major sins while you're probably talking about simple character flaws. or maybe you mean flaws which we have little control over, like "3asabi" or "fat" or "ugly". I don't see those as flaws aslan.

But I do understand where you're coming from, you're saying you hate "perfect" people because there ARE no perfect people and those are just dishonest and fake for hiding their flaws.

I agree with that. but I also like to follow irrasool's advice to hide my flaws. so I guess the best thing is to announce you're not perfect, yet no need to list them ashkara. mo a7san?

I think the reason behind irrasool's advice is that flaws are flaws, they're not pleasant to others. if I was a grouch, I should be trying to fix that, not advertise it like I'm proud of it, or even that it's normal and acceptable behavior. and so on.

But what if there was someone who was fi3lan innocent and raised with very few minor flaws? you would still hold that against them?

Aurous said...

well... I don't know where to begin cuz it's a looooooong list ;p
1- I "without proof" think/feel I'm smarter than everyone ;p
2- I have a bad temper
3- I love to eat - too much
4- I'm very sarcastic
5- I (sometimes) judge ppl before getting to know them
6- I don't care what ppl think so that can put me and the ppl around me in embarrassing situations ;p
7- I use ";p" too much

there are many more but that's all I can think of now...

p.s. I do try to work on my flaws :D

moi said...

fourMeee when i was in london sheft w7da gorgeous ow her eyes r soo green chan agool 7g my hubby LOOK fourMEE galy haa? eshfech yanaitay heheehhe:$

Jack Ass said...

Mi Flaws ? Way too many. Some tat come to mi mind

1} I have severe OCD.{Its fucking up mi career}

2} I judge miself too severely.

3} Cant stand up for miself .{And there goes mi chance to be ur boyfriend ;-) }

4} pessimistic.

5} Cant handle Petty politics.I mean men are supposed to know, if they are to live in this world

prev post -

Oh yeah , I had a Blast. Absolutely Loved it.

I asked if u had OCD coz - Ocd is usually caused by extremely stressful experiences.I thought after reading some of Your posts that u probably have been in depresing and stressful situations. Thats why I asked.{ And also,like I said,I have severe OCD}

FourMe said...

my pleasure dear.. always here if you need anything..

that's the problem, from the beginning you didnt show your real character and hid behind this girl who followed the wishes of others but when it was time to stand up for what you wanted your true character came out..

if you did that from the beginning you wouldn't be in that situation now.. Dear parents do love their children, they might disapprove at the first but later on they will accept reality.. just give them sometime and they will come around..

Yes us women rock! we make men turn into little children when we want too :D
hate me?:p

I can easily respond with pages wroth of a comment but let me cut it short..

falantan both you and I know we are not perfect.. yes we don't need to list our fothayi7 and major flaws but what am talking about is not tash'heer or agoolik ams i did so and so with so and so and list names w aftha7.. at the end of the day this is blogging each of us is hiding behind a computer screen like little girls afraid from the boogie man..

To you it might not serve a purpose but if you read the above comments it does help some people to talk about these things more than you can imagine. Not all flaws are horrible..

that's our problem.. not only as humans but as societies and countries, we keep everything hidden and when it all comes out we get shocked!

and I wouldn't hold it against them if they had little flaws.. I hold it against those who pretend to be perfect while they are flawed..

ohh that damned temper :/ worked on it but didnt help either..

hehehehhehehee 7ayaaty entay :* entay eli gorgeous.. aham shay elhubby eli ygool by3arf mino FourMe :p bda3taay moi I couldnt stop laughing when i read elcomment :**

jack ass:
hey i like pessimists we kick ass!

daaamnn now i gotta cross you off my "potential boyfriends" list :/

as for the OCD hell i wouldnt be surprised if I did.. you never know with me things pop up out of no where..

FourMe said...

I'm so sleepy and tired yet cant rest nor sleep :/