Monday, 27 July 2009

We Are Different

People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.
~Dalai Lama

We're all on different roads whether its happiness, desire, understanding, or what have you.. No matter who we are we see the opposite way to ours as invalid or doesn't make sense.. We can sit and preach understanding all day long yet once something comes up opposite to what we believe in we undermine it and disregard it and attempt to correct it.. We as humans are flawed from head to toes yet magically we don't see that! We forget that we are simply human beings! Not prophets, not angels, not supreme beings.. Simply human beings.. Meaning our ways and paths we choose are of our making to suit us not anyone else, our understanding suits our brains and not others, we design our own lives yet that doesn't make it suitable for anyone else..

We need understanding.. We need to see and hear others and accept their ways as we accept our own.. We need to really open our eyes and stop undermining others simply because they don't follow our ways..


Anony said...


Anony said...

sa7 ilsanich

Âme said...

That is so true.

We are all flawed, yet we have all been blessed with a potential not to repeat the same mistake twice.

Some use that potential, some don't.

Its a failure of will power.
That's a flaw to understand too.

Question: Suppose you understand almost all the flaws of a close person, what next you can do when you see that their ship is sinking ?

P.S: Assuming you are flawed too, yet, you gotta do something about the person, won't you ?

~ Soul

f7ee7eely said...


Aurous said...

It's difficult - very difficult - but we can learn to understand our differences :)
not total understanding, but just to an extent.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Kalamich meyya meyya :(

everyone tries to be perfect.. w akthar nas that do it are those who deny it ! =\

Average.Q8i said...

Can We?, Can we live in a place where nobody judges another on their faces, colour, beliefs?
Can people accept other people's opinions with rational minds?
Can people express their opinions with no prejudice and hatered, with a neutral mind?

I dont think so, Hakatha il dunia wahakatha 7al il Bashar:).

lil miss nobody 'LMN' said...

i hear ya

FourMe said...

u scare me with those eyes..

"Assuming you are flawed too" why are we assuming here when we know that we ALL are flawed with the exception of no one..

No doubt you gotta do something.. what's the point of being close if not there during the bad times before the good times? its such times that count..

What to do next depends on the person.. I believe there are two types of people.. one that simply need someone to listen to them and REALLY listen to them and be there for them when needed.. while the other kind wants someone to rescue them and tell them what to do next to get themselves out of that hole they are in..

hehe naah am fine..
vacations are a temporary fix.. I prefer permanent solutions..

come to think of it I need a vacation from mankind all together...

there u go that needs understanding which we lack.. its a lost cause.. no one wants to accept anyone for what they are that's the problem..

on the contrary no one is trying anythin.. not perfection, not understanding, not nothing.. they just wanna sail through life and go from point A to B without a damn about the rest of the human race.. kil wa7id yala nafsy..

yes we can.. all it needs is a little understanding and accepting other people for what they are..