Sunday, 5 July 2009

till when?

Temper is gone.. Not gone gone No gone out of control gone.. I'm back to snapping, raising my voice, and not being able to control it anymore.. Its like tug of war, I manage to keep it under wraps for a while then it blows up again.. I need.. I MUST control it.. Its truly a monster.. And spare me the philosophical bull crap of justification and meditation, won't work here. My temper is a monster that cannot be tamed.. Its intensity lessens yet can never be controlled.. No one can tolerate my temper.. I can't tolerate my temper..

I know how bad it can reach and if I don't control it one way or the other it will reach that horrible stage.. I really don't want to be a slave of my temper.. It's one mean sadistic bitch that has no mercy and knows no mercy.. ..


Anony said...

La elaha ela allah

Average.Q8i said...

Golleeele when it ends, Mabee a7acheech 3ala fatraa, O T6egeeene:P.

Aurous said...

ok, no pholosophical crap.. cognitive crap is better ;p

it's a habit, so you need to think about it whenever it happens and when it ends, and try to know it and be able to control it.. but it takes time and patience...

zuz said...

i tried anger management classes, works no shit, so the best way is revealing ur anger on other things, like boxing for example, biting pillow;p etc, boxing is perfect i do it

R.. said...

inzain how abt go on a vacation??
like mokan b3eeeeeeeeed
mako a7ad!!
aw montaja3 aw shay ;/