Friday, 3 July 2009

Stupid is what Stupid says!

I love it when women just don't wanna admit that they like something about u and instead start dissecting u! I have had this exact conversation with every God damn woman I know! I swear to u every single one of them has said the exact same thing!

Her: u should gain weight
Me: I know I'm trying too
5 minutes later..
Her: I'm dying to lose weight. I would do anything to have ur body

Correct me if I'm wrong, did she not just say that I should gain weight?!?!! And now she'd kill to have my body!! Ahaa ahaaa okaaaaay..

Yet the same conversation goes as follow with every man I know..
Me: I need to gain weight
Him: NO!! Your body is perfect!

Yaa and girls wonder why I prefer befriending men over women!! There u go ur answer is above.. Sometimes I really wanna slag women off like there is no tomorrow because their stupidity is just unbearable!!


Average.Q8i said...

Reserved exclusively for Anony :P.

Anony said...

Ya ba3ad ahali enta ;D

Aurous said...

3ady it happens, but why the hell do you need to gain weight?! :\

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i need to lose weight...

i can get liposuction and give you my extras =D

desertpalms said...

insecure women cant give compliments without feeling like theyre making themselves inferior in the process

lets not get even into the jealousy part of it...

Cooookies said...

Yeah well thats the difference between a real girlfriend and any other women you meet. ingeneral women are jelous atleast of one thing from a girl she knows.

if your comfortable and happy with how you look and healthy ofcourse then stay the way you are !

zuz said...

if ur skinny but healthy, u dont need to lose weight

R.. said...

LOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! ;p
ashkara mi7tara mn jismich !! ;p
and yeah boys r better;p