Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shite, I'm a Singletini !

A. Yes, yes its been 4 months since the blasted ordeal and since then I have not "seen" anyone nor "dated" anyone.. I am and have been as single as one can get.. And the next person that tells me to start seeing people will get punched in the face.. That's including you Anony..

B. I have no patience and I will NOT have any patience anymore! Patience is about fuck all! It is nothing.. zero.. zilch.. I was dumb enough to try patience for 3 long fucking years and it got me to no fucking where.. so Mother I beg of you stop preaching patience to me.. People don't really get it that patience makes me lose interest.. It ain't my cuppa tea.. To each his own..

C. I ran into someone I knew, he had a crush on me since I was 16.. He saw me and just stood still just staring he was literally speechless hahaha nice to know that I can still make someone go GooGoo GaaGaa over me.. and the man is in his mid 30s!!

D. I'm only posting because Zuz was wondering why I don't post anymore.. happy now Zuz?

E. I'm sure you've all seen the clip below.. Why can't babies be like that?! They would be s0 much cooler than just crapping and vomiting 24/7!

F. Fuck f.... Did I not tell you that I am a fool?! It was shocking.. It just hit me that I am the dumbest of all the dummies that walked on this earth.. Hello there, my name is FourMe and I've been fooled.. I dare you to admit that you are a bigger fool!!

G. I'm a half kilo away from reaching my normal weight from 4 months ago :D after that I don't give a fuck what weight I hit.. hopefully 3 kilos more before Ramadan cuz every year I lose 3 kilos during that month so yaa we'll see how it goes..

H. Replying to the comments on the previous post.. The most difficult thing to do is smile when you feel no joy.. I know..


Anony said...


Anony said...

yummaaa! :X

wohooo Zuz she mentioned me first and you're 4th :P HAHAHAHAHA :P

zuz said...

anonoo:@ thats becuz ur her wife or somethin:P hahah!, yesss iam happy that u did(6) LOOOOOOOOL its so funny when u swear!

at C: thats plain cuteness:$!

Shwaish said...

wow this didnt help my hate of babies hehehe

R.. said...

alla !! mid 30's !! SO MATURE !!!! and he have a crush on u !!! alla !!!! ;D
ma tana7tay back at him?? ;p

Average.Q8i said...

Wayed t3a9been 9ayraa FourMee:@.
Bess i like it :P, Bacher Basafer:(.

inzaiin Bacher Basafer, Im gonna Miss uu, :(, id3ooolee maa y9eer feene shay inshalla:(.

Anony, FourMee, R, My Blog-universe friends, I (L) u and I'll Miss uu .. :P.

Ok, I finished my cheesy moment :P, O Shes a maneater makes u buy cars, Makes u cut cards, Makes u fall hard in love:).

Anony said...

ya5teeeeeeeeeeee 3alik baq9oooma !!!

hahahaha wala im gona miss you :$ marat anam o ana met6amen galbe u're gona reserve a place for me al7een who will :(

zuza - loool 7adech me7tara :P bs yalla maykalek u get to be mentioned i guess that something :P

FourMe - ana magetlech get in a relation :O .. ana bs agool see ppl go out have fun, meet new ppl .. e7em bs thats it :P GIVE PPL CHANCES :p

pink halo said...
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serenade said...

in a rush for what? seriously, enjoy the single life.... and the best part is... you can still make a guy go gaga for you :* enjoy it ;p

R.. said...

love u toooo !!! ;*
we'll miss u even more ;(
la 6awel!! o 7awel u go online ;p
sorry fourme la t3a9ben 3aliy iny radait 3alih bs i couldnt help it (a)

Aurous said...

Those babies are scary @@
I prefer normal ones ;p

Ruby Woo said...

i don't see any cuteness associated to this video. Pure creepiness.

Ma3alaich minhom, stay single. What's wrong with that? Why get pressured into meeting people mu qaaasib. Viva la single-hood!!

FourMe said...

anonyy babe i will punch u that's a done deal.. im tired of trying to explain it so let me put it in a other words.. the world does not revolve around men.. I can live without them.. if one comes along so be it.. if not so fuckin what..

hehe anony just like to act like my mother even though she's younger than me :/

its cute yet kinda weird that his crush lasted 12 years!!

seriously don't ya swear?! or are ya one of those goody two shoe gals?

crap you'r a tough cookie! not even the first kid?!

hehe no I didn't I cuz I knew from long ago that he did..

honey I didnt mean you cant reply to comments you can just not a 100 comments between u three..
wainich malich 7is!

yaa my crappy temper is back :/
awwwwwwww sweetness! you will be missed :/

troo7 w trid bsalama inshalla.. hope u have a blast.. nice song :)
keep in touch here..

I"m fine with it , its just ppl that are not fine with it.. every conversation I have goes as follows..

how are u? hows life? why are u still single?! ... its like all my friends lifes mission is to hook me up! and its gettin damn annoyin :/

nooo they are freaky adorable I just wanna kick the shit out of them :D

whats wrong with u woman! it made me go awee:/

honestly nothing wrong.. I see it as fine.. men are bleh anyway.. they are complete and utter jack asses and I'm not prepared for such.. ain't gettin pressured hence the fuck off am single and i don't give a fuck attitude..

moi said...

fourMeee u gorgeous gurlll why do u break those poor men's hearts?!!

12 years!! thats no crush, thats love=$!:P

stay single or go out with someone whose worth it! so i guess the 1st option is better since mako a7ad yestahlech,right?!


3aliya said...

LOL...agree agree about the patience shit!!; know what id o if i get mad or mom would be like control yourselfs...patients!! Ow ana inzain patientce haa? eeh...okay!! *6aaa5* *6aaa5*!! hit my head on something hard!! wallah it works!!

cham waznich?!;p

R.. said...

ee ive been busy ;$
3ad i miss playing around ur blog (a)

FourMe said...

hehe its not love its just a long overdue crush.. or according to him he STILL hasn't seen any woman as feminine as I am.. yaa apparently he hasn't heard me swear my head off :p

damn girl careful!! head banging can cause serious damage :/

how much do you think I weigh?

yala finish your business and come back.. we miss u :*

R.. said...

miss u too ;**
bs unfortunately basafer after 2 days ;/
bs ill try to be here more often :p