Saturday, 25 July 2009

Rumpa Who?!

+ I don't know if you already know about this but I found this to be the most hilarious profession anyone would willingly choose to go into.. Do you know what a Rumpologist does? I doubt you do.. Rumpology is the study of the Arse.. Yes you read right.. The arse, the bumbum, the behind, the tush.. Rumpologists specialize in reading a persons character and future by the shape and lines of his/her arse!

"Rumpology, also known as butt reading, is the art of reading the lines, crevices, dimples, and folds of the buttocks to divine the butt owner's character and get a glimpse of what lies ahead by analyzing what trails behind." The Skeptic's Dictionary

So careful never drop your pants anywhere! You never know who's gona take a snapshot of your arse and send it to a rumpologist and have you all figured out!
Umm any Rumpologists in the house?

++ Other day while out for a walk I saw a dude standing alone outside a bookshop and couldn't help but look at the way he was dressed (dressed to kill) then glanced at his face and I remember thinking "hmm cute not bad".. though he looked familiar I didn't give it a second thought.. actually I couldn't remember who he was.. Only a while later it hits me.. it was Colin Farrell!! memory loss much?? now you believe me when I say I don't remember fuck all...

+++ *giggles* yes I'm giggling cuz it has to be one of the cutest things anyone has done for me in a while.. enktab feeni sh3ir! someone came up with couple lines of poetry for me.. now seriously how adorable is that?? and may I say it was Good!! hehe yaa now you gals can go awwwwwwwww :p

p.s. I removed the new bbm, reprogrammed my BB, added the old bbm, and restored all my contacts etc.. ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!! In your faces RubyWoo and Shoosha!!! Yaa I can do technology when I must!!


ZoN said...

So that rumpology is equivalent to reading the palms but instead they read the ass.. not bad, ya7lilhom ma khalaw shay :D

Hehehe Colin Farrell READS books!, maybe someone looks like him! what would he be doing in london, he either should be in the states or ireland!

Um Mit3ib said...

colin farrell mirtaz jidamech w u thought KINDA cute?
pshaiih pshaiiiihhhhhh

zuz said...

:O:O:O!!! im soooooooo jealous:O!!! collin farrel o mat3rfeena yal thalmaaaa:O!!!!!!!!!!!11 aaaaaaaaah *zuz dies*

Elegant Chic said...

Rumpa- What????!!!??!!?
Wondering who found it out!

Anony said...

Mino ketab fech she3er :O mino shnooo @@

O laish ana el wa7eeda eli ma3aref mino collin?

O in UR FACE hahahaha! ;p

Ruby Woo said...

hahahahahah *picks pieces of my face off the floor*

well done fourme. well done.

although I have to a3atbich ina colin kan jidamich o mashta6aitay?

FourMe said...

yup that's exactly what it is.. the future is written all over the arse :p

naah its him.. i knew it was him cuz of his earrings.. he was wearing an earring on the left ear.. ya i cant remember his name or face yet i remembered his earring :/

mal 6aag mo?

I only remember footballers :p ya mama ana zain miny i remember my own name let alone some hollywood heart throb :p

I think what's her face Jackie Stallone.. Sylvester Stallone's mama..

laish elgafaa?? mo shoghlich :p

have u not seen Phone Booth?!!!! its an amazin flick!


Rubbyy you forgot a bit of your face here *hands her a tongue* yaaa don't underestimate the FourMe next time girlie!

Ehh he's just another man..

desertpalms said...

i want colin! =/ *droooooooooools*

WHERE DID THIS HAPPEN?? im gonna stalk that place day and night till i see him =(

FourMe said...

hehe i doubt he will stand in same place everyday.
on Holland Park.. walk up and down maybe he'll come out one day :p

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Aww u saw Colin Farell <3 lucky u

Hasan.B said...

You better call me when you see jessica simpson, I won't accept any memory loss issues:p. O haneyalich hani uba

desertpalms said...

he WILL be there everyday! yes he WILL!

you'll see..


*shakes fist as you* :P

FourMe said...

dr smart:
yaa he was a cutey :p

hehehehee honey if I see jessica I'll be the one doin the droolin no need to call u..

ee ee ya baakhty..

lool awww bless dp likey colin :p if i see him again I'll drop ya an email while stalking him till u arrive.. ok?