Tuesday, 21 July 2009

.me is good.

*Graff are doing the above on purpose.. They want to kill me.. they want me to die a slow and painful death by producing such pieces :( Have you ever seen something more beautiful?? Have you ever seen a piece with more elegance and purity? Ohhh be still my beating heart.. I won't even bother saying me want..

** Moving on.. the other day as I was changing my chip and I noticed that its still the old chip the one with mtc and map on it.. I've had the same number for 11 years and counting.. just wondering how long have you had yours for?

*** They were talkin..
Me: I swear to you FourMe if you don't get that thing out of your head I will punish you! I will confiscate your laptop, BB, phones, and every damn connection you have to the outside world till you get over it AND you know I will do it!!

FourMe: But I waaaaaaaaaaant.. I really really want!

Me: Yes yes I know you want you want but you ain't gettin..

FourMe: Don't be a bitch and just let me have some (innocent) fun!

Me: I won't allow you till you're up for it.. I don't care how much it makes you happy you AIN'T gettin it..

FourMe: Such a cow.. let me be.. I wanna have fun..

Me: Ehh you can kick and scream but I won't allow it.. End of story..

**** You know when there are a million and one things going through your mind that you can't keep one thought held down long enough to concentrate on it? Yaa that's how my brain is being overworked these days.. I just want to rest my head somewhere and forget the world exists for half an hour.. just half an hour no more no less that's all I want..

***** My memory is goneeeee... I'm going in circles I can't remember a thing :/ I'm resulting to writing things in the phone, on post its, on my hand, and asking people to remind me about various things.. I cannot remember a thinnnnnnnnng.... that's it my memory has left me..

==She's fabulous.. one talented lady she is..

p.s. I forgot..


Anony said...


A Journal Entry said...

et9adgeen ana khala9 whenever i see Graff i mentally attach it to u!!

zuz said...

LOL! i told u write everything down o7e66ay reminder;p

Um Mit3ib said...

aslan maby il necklace;p ma7ad bisadeg 7ag 7sima sijiya.. let alone from graff;p

desertpalms said...

-beautiful necklace!

-wow long time..ive had mine for around 3/4 months..

-schizophrenic conversations?

-me too! =( we're losing our memory...shayabnaa ya FourMe shayabna =(

-Adele-hometown glory..check it out

serenade said...

i've had my number for 13 years :$

and i know what you mean with the million thoughts going through your head... it's making me an insomniac... well actually i was one already.. but i like blaming it on over-thinking... ;p

oh... and i <3 graff *sigh*

pinky said...

i dint c something better than this

Ruby Woo said...

thaya3teeeni with the whole me vs. fourme conv.

Ahmed's 819 said...

use the Word/Note/Task/Calender..etc in your fone, thats why they invented the thing, in order to help people who tends to forget.

Livingmylife said...

mine was an antique! ive had it for 6 yrs .. my dad had it in his car for about another 6! ;p but i had to change it when i got my BB ;/


ZoN said...

your old thats why your forgetting :D

FourMe said...

@@ u too..

aweee hehehee ya everyone I know seems to make the same connection from how much i bitch about Graff

makooo faydaaaaaa still forgettin..

dont care if they believe its real or not as long as I know am good :D

-verrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fab!
-yaa maybe i should get a new one :/
- yup :D
-ohh shut it you're younger than me by yearrsssss :/
- love'm all..

yaay so am not the only oldie here..

woho0o another insomniac.. join the club honey.. sigh sigh sigh double triple siiiiighhhhhhh

me too :/

yes I have prolonged conversations with me..

i do but sometimes i forget to write things down in it :/

yippee another oldie number..