Saturday, 4 July 2009

Manka Whaaa??!

I am NOT to be held responsible for your actions after viewing this post!

Men of the world get ready for it! Here it comes.. The latest, hippest, trendiest trend of them all!! It will make you an ICON on any beach! You will be the desire of every woman and the envy of every man! It pulls the ladies as well as the gents, it swings both ways.. Ohh enough talking I'll let the pics do the talking.. Enjoy ;)

- as defined by Urban Dictionary
A one piece t-back style bathing suit which is supported around the shoulders much like suspenders. Seen on gay friendly beaches all over the world. Only to be worn by the most flaaaaaaayming fags. If you are seen wearing a mankini you are the poster boy for gays......some people might call you faggadocious.......some might even say you are starving a for tube steak smothered in underwear or you are training to suck el-dicko. Everyone will see you as a dung punching ass bandit.
That fruity bastard wearing the mankini is handing out free passes to his ass.

Here is a decent Alexander McQueen version of the Mankini!

Bruno on the other hand took it to the next level!
Behold the MANKINI

See He got not 1, not 2, but 4 gals with the Mankini!!

It comes in different colours to suit your skin tone! Pink shirts! Oh move oveeeer its a PINK mankini baaaaaaaaaaaaaaby ;)

Pink is much?! Don't despair..
A camouflage mankini for a true MAN's MAN

Ohh are we on the chubby side?! Don't worry the Mankini Fits all! And makes those humps and bumps hardly noticeable as it flatters all body shapes :D

Best for last!
Or shall I say Show me that Ass!!

Seriously I'm lost for words I cannot say anything else! Please feel free to sum up the kinky MANKINI in your own words ;)


Anony said...

Holllyy smoke!

Anony said...

I tried to come up with words but they keep failing me!

The only thing that came to my mind that my hands would cover more and probably feels better ;p

Ps: I think the last mans ass is small for his body :O

Was this suppose to turn me on? Cause I think I was on and now I'm off! ;/

Anony said...

I think the guy with the pink pulled it off better than bruno

It may suit fat ppl ..

God why am I still looking at the pics !!!

I don't think I've been feeling good! I blame the cherrys :(

Anony said...

I wonder how suspic would with it, u think he can pull it off? Showing his full sexy legs .. Hmmmmm

Average.Q8i said...

Ma garaiit shay .. Bess il PICS .. WHOAAAA, Diturbing :P.
Shnoo hatha .. Waiit let mee read .. :P .. !!

Average.Q8i said...

Waiiiiii333, Shnoo hathaa:@.
Lawa3tay chabdee :@.
Shnooo hathaa.

ewww, Ma gool 'eww' bil 9ij .. Bess ewwwww .. !!

Waiii3 .. :@ .. !!

A Journal Entry said...

waaaaa3!! allah yahoo yaglub il chabd!

Mix said...

Thank you for putting me off of my breakfast !! I have completely lost my appetite ! I only came on to post a comment about United signing Michael Owen for Free !!! (Signing of the season)

Soul said...

wooooow sexyyyyy tessssssssssssssss.

madri laish ta5ayalt Jawad Al-3li labes wa7ed!!

shakla yeg6a3 el khelfa @@_

o b3dain hatha bo akthar Borat mo Bruno @@

Aurous said...

I'm not going to try to think in fear of ruining the beautiful image in my mind ;p

I'll just say the first think that came to me which is: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3!!!!

Silver said...

*throws up a little in her mouth*

zuz said...

3ama:/ shal ajsam el 5ara!!

~Blat: said...

remember in FRIENDS when pheobe changed her name to princess consuela banana hammock? this is a banana hammock ;p
yes yes.. wai3 wai3 *puke*

desertpalms said...







Jouja™ said...


Missy said...

Yaaa salaaaaaaaaaaaaam :P 3ad lazim they wax may9eer kel hal 7rkaat o chnhum eg6awa eb hal sha3ar! HAHAHAH

kcal said...

HAHAHAHAH funny read
thx for the laugh ;*

R.. said...

eeeeeewww !!!!!!!!!!
the last picture is GROSS !!!!!!!
yet the first one is yummy ;p
oo mo mn 9ijhom imsawen mankinii !!!
any ways .. too much ewwiii info ;p