Monday, 6 July 2009

Making a Difference

Sometimes is all it takes is one word to make a person smile.. Whether its a compliment, a sign of gratitude, or courtesy.. those little things that we ignore can truly make someones day.. To you it might be just a word while to others to might brighten their day and give them hope..

So today find one person and either compliment them, show them gratitude, or simply smile.. Just do any small gesture that would show them that they are appreciated.. Who ever they are.. a stranger, your parent, domestic help, or some random person..

and to you I truly thank you for reading this blog as I know at times it makes no sense yet you continuously grace me with your presence..
Much appreciated :)

I wish you a fabulous day that is filled with
and may you have a joyful day..


Average.Q8i said...

For Anony, :$.
Good morning Ppl.

Average.Q8i said...

And thats a smile From me to uu FourMee :):):):):):).

Ur the BESTEST Blogger in the whole entire world, Please dont stop ur blog and make us sad.

Happy Morning and good Morning.

No identity.. said...

I wish you the same... Have a wonderful day...

Hasan.B said...

What a great post to read just before going to work

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

same to you sis ;**
and i agree with hasan...thats a really nice post to start the day with =)

may all your days be filled with smiles ;**

No identity.. said...

You make a difference to all ur readers... Many Tks

Anonymous said...


a grumpy just woken up dp said...

Just got up and this is the 1st post im readin and its making me want to sing

'you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me HAAPPYYY when skies are greyy,ul never know dear how much i love youu pls dont take my sunshine awayaayyy. =D

no no eughh too gay, overkill! Need some coffee asap...

DP said...

and i love how ppl have woken up at 6am nd im Just waking up now. :P

at least hasan has work, Dana what the hell are youuu doing Waking up at that godforsaken early hour?? Its the holidays damnit!!!!!

shoosha said...

etmakh6areey ya 7elwaa yaa zeeeinaaa

Mar8adoosh said...


A7la shay lama ashof mara 3oda aw yahil and I smile and they smile back walla a7is idinya lail7en bkhayr :)

FourMe said...

awwww ur so adorable.. thank you sweetheart :)

no identity:
you too dear may you have a fabulous day.. oh honestly you're being too kind :*

thank you doc..

likewise darling :**


hehehhe woman you're too happy before coffee how is that possible ?!

atmakh6ar 3ala wain :p

its truly infectious :D
even if people don't feel like smiling the (decent) ones will smile back and so on..