Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Lady in the Making..

It feels good to know that you're growing up! Yes you heard me it feels good.. Well not physically but mentally.. And what makes it even feel better is that you notice the change.. and have those moments where you go
ahaa I have grown up. I have changed"..

I'm shocking myself.. truly shocking myself at how I'm changing.. I would of never thought I would reach such
understanding and calmness in dealing with matters.. Set aside the little insane characteristics and just focusing on what truly matters.. I'm not that temperamental child, that stubborn teenager, and that insane young woman.. I believe this is it.. I have reached it, the point where I have truly become a woman.. A woman that uses her mind over her emotions..

To clarity!

Cheers my darlings..


No identity.. said...

hmmmm .... Indeed you r right ...

Anony said...

cheers :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


R.. said...

cheers oboy intay :p
the best thing in a women is il rezana ily fiha! inha ma tkon maynona ;p
once a women reaches that point at any age.. mo shar6 when shes old.. l2ana there r many woman in their early 20's they act like they're in their 40 ya3nii rezina, umm mo2adaba gad il mas2oliya.. fa it really feels good .. =)
ya bakhtich ;p
inshalla soon ill be there *shy face*

Âme said...

All what you needed was a little personal space where you are bogged down under slightest pressure.

That time is similar to the time when you have a feeling that you are at peace and like you have the most important things what you ever wished for.

That little freedom of mind, can do a lot of magic.

I wish you a good journey ahead, lady.

~ Soul

Average.Q8i said...

Mashalaa:P. These issues are not if my intelligence.

Bess 3adee m3akum, CHEERS:P.

Silver said...

cheers darlin!

Cooookies said...

this post is making me worried

u ok ?

Ruby Woo said...

our little FourMe is all grown up ;*

what happened to you throughout the years are what shaped you to the women you are today.. A strong, intelligent, beautiful, and independent woman.

I admire you a lot, you know that?

FourMe said...

no identity:

cheers babe ;)


la 3ad esm7eeli elynooon tharoori bs 3ad mo 3ala khbaal.. fy ynoon 3an ynoon yafrig :p
inshallaa u will.. just enjoy ur time for now..

thank you dear..

heheh cheers omi..

*raises her cupcake* cheers pumpkin :*

could not be any better :)

yup yup the bows have come off and the heels have been put on :p

awww thank u honey, much appreciated :)