Wednesday, 29 July 2009

i wish. i wish.. i wish...

If you were wishing on a shooting star..
What would you wish for tonight?

(No drama queen wishes like world peace and wishes for others.. wish a wish for you)


wicked said...

him to call me and say he's sorry and that he wants me back

and i don't mind a room full of ice, Tiffany & co. kinda of ice ;)

wicked said...

...what would you wish for? besides gaining weight i mean

Hasan.B said...

I wish for this shift to end very soon!!

Elegant Chic said...

I wish I get married to my love and live happily ever after so tht whoever hurt me becomes so jealous and realize their faults that they come and land on my feet begging forgiveness!
grinning at the thought of it
Stop dreaming Elegant Chic! said...

Riding around Europe (starting in italy) in a MV Agusta with a group of friends, watching football games and eating good food!

ZoN said...

right now right now, i only wish to pass my exams and graduate :P

desertpalms said...

i wish i could concentrate on the task ahead..

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

I wish that I find a new driver and for the Marc Jacobs bag i want =]

Anony said...

i wish f7ee7eelyy spare me all this 7anna and opens a blog !!!

i was promised a twitter bs lil7een mo shayfa shay :O

Anony said...

i wish i could work in Dubai

zuz said...

i wish i lose weight, i wish hal flu el zifta etroo7

Fastidious Babe said...

i wish i get to sleep mthl il awadm

Ruby Woo said...

I wish I can have infinitive wishes.

I also wish to have a road trip through all 50 states by myself in a red convertible with my favorite songs blasting through and the wind brushing my hair :(

Ruby Woo said...


I wish I was a witch. I wish I can open my eyes one day and wake up to find a Hogwarts acceptance letter on my counter.

serenade said...

lol @ ruby woo! I wish for that too!

but seriously I wish to enjoy my summer and get all I want, I wish to finally move into my own place,, but more importantly I wish I could go to hajj asap,, I don't want to delay it further,, so I agree with zuz,, I wish for this bloody flu to go away

chinny 6awalt,, sorry ;p

FourMe said...

Ohh ICE!! Me want ice but not from Tiffanys.. not a fan of theirs :/

weight I don't care anymore as I gained the 5 I lost.. from now on what ever I gain is just for fun :p

and I wish I may I wish I might..
Have the wish I wish tonight :p

that's my wish..

did it end or are ya havin a Ground Hog day :p

Inshalla your wish will become a reality and get your happily ever after.. you just need to do somethin about it n it'll happen inshalla..

ohh me likey! take me with you :p

inshalaa you will..

now you wont concentrate if you're commentin on posts.. shoo away go concentrate woman!

hehehe cute..

you still got hope with f7ee7eely!! mako ghslay eedich.. 3ashaam eblees bl janaa..

ee 3ashan baba eyridich mn kishitich :p

STOP EATING!! esmila 3alaich dasha 6al3a mn elma6baakh :/ aww salmat :*

Meee toooooooooooooooooooooo!!

e6oma3a mo zain.. don't be greedy.. just one wish..
yaa and killed somewhere in desert like those movies :/

isn't that in that movie with a 1000 sequels and some crap like that?

yaa me wana go Hajj as well bs I doubt I'd be able to take I'd probably collapse half way through it :/ inshalaa one day.. salmtich dear matshofeen shar..

plz 3an elm9akhaa! I enjoy long comments :) ekhthay ra7tich..

Ruby Woo said...

Harry Potter? But of course.

I love wishing!

Anonymous said...

I wish to wake up oneday with a baby skin, no spots, no ugly pimples, just soft soft skin

Dreamer;* said...

I wish that when I graduate i'll study aboard :P

Anonymous said...

I only wish, hope and beg you most fervently to relieve my suffering and consent to love me back..?
but in such case, silent admiration is better to us all.

Anony said...

how can she love you back if she dont know who u are??

bs ya3ni balaghat shaf :P mino?? :P

FourMe said...

yaa never watched it.. fineee you get two wishes..

you need a good dermatologist, with couple sessions of Crystal treatments and hopefully you'll get that skin..

inshala laish la.. I believe everyone should study abroad.. teaches u a hell of alot of things..

hmm okay I'll tell ya what..
the day u wake up and I'm the first thing on your mind is the day I grant u your wish..

yaa u got a point anony how can I grant an "anonymous" such a wish..

Average.Q8i said...

I wish i have a friend with me here, So i can flirt with all the beautiful Lebanese smoking chicks:P.
I mean litterally smoking:P.

Anonymous said...

i wish that bitch would just fuck the hell off.. i hate her sooo much.. i wish she would get run over by a car.. la tgolonly 7ram.. tstahel for all the things she has done to other people .. such a bitch