Friday, 31 July 2009

مع حمد واحد قلم

Hello, my name is FourMe and I don't know how to write in Arabic..
*puts her head down in shame*

It is absolutely shameful to be at this age and cannot write in my own language :/ I tried and tried I just cannot learn how to write it.. I know the alphabet when I see it but I simply cannot write it.. though I can txt but the spelling is hilarious.. Ohh I know how to actually write my name but that is about it.. and if you wana laugh you should see how I write it, its as if I'm playing connect the dots.. shameful I tell you absolutely shameful :(

See speaking I'm perfectly fine though I can express myself better in English.. but reading hehe that's another story.. Up to the age of 17 I did not know how to read at allllllllllll.. But I thought I should start to learn seeing I was dying to read the Quran and couldn't.. The first couple of years were hilarious.. if anyone wanted a laugh at home they'd give me a newspaper and just let me read.. yes they were meanies :( I still sound funny with some words but I'm okay I can at least read now..

Well I still can't write and between you and I, I don't think I'll ever be able too.. its too damn difficult :/ Now I beg of you tell me I'm not the only embarrassment to the Arabic language around here and there are more of you like me :/


Anony said...


Anony said...

tsk tsk tsk

shame on you

FourMe said...

screw u :(

Anony said...

goleeha bel 3arabe ba3deen 7acheenee :P

Dandoon said...

my spelling in arabic IFASHIL. i honestly can't seem to get a grasp of which "2alif" to use etc. last year, when i was doing my internship, i had to write two reports at the end of every session. one in english for my uni professor and the other one in arabic for my supervisor at work. i used to pretend to write and wait for her to leave the room and quickly call my mum and ask her to spell out a word for me:s

when some people hear this they think ini mistansa about my chicken nuggetness bas it's not funny, 9ij IFASHIL!

Âme said...

Count me in.

I can speak, read and write Arabic, but can express, write and understand more clearly in English.

It has been like my mother tongue.

I talk mostly English and people would have noticed, I very very rarely (almost invisible) jot a line in Arabic online.

Its not because I don't love Arabic, but its because English more eloquent to express ideas.

The choice of words is fabulous, yet sometimes in English I fall short of words to express, where Arabic or my expressions or some other language fills in the gaps.

~ Soul

A Journal Entry said...

read arabic books.. maykhalif it will get easier with time..

Aurous said...

where there's a will, there's a way :)

Elegant Chic said...

Hey dear!
Though I'm not an Arab, I know how to read and write Arabic, but can't speak :D I'm learning to speak though!
I can speak my language but same case as u, writing cant do it much, reading can manage :)
So, count me in!
Mu'aaahhhhhhhhhhhh :)

zuz said...

didnt u learn arabic while u were a kid?@@..well i have aproblem with talking, does that count?;p, ar6en kuwaiti bas lazim e9er feni disability eb ne9 el jumla:/, yeah o kha6y mako azfat minna bil 3rabi ma7ad e3rf yegrah ella ana:D

Ruby Woo said...

It's all about practice. Use your blog as a helpful platform to enhance your arabic. Every once in a while, write a post in arabic. If not, read arabic writing blogs.

I'll be your personal tutor if you want :D

Average.Q8i said...

أنا يصعب علي فقاك يا أغلى عرباوي .. و أجذب لو أقول أنساك لو إنت تنساني .. !!
و الحب اللي يعذبك .. صدقني ما أبيه ... أنا تحت أمرك قول اللي تبيه .. !!

Ana il 7amdella excellent reader n Arabic, Not that good handwriting but can ashee il 7al, O even in the keyboard i can write quite fast, thanks to

With the day and determination u all can :P.

Hasan.B said...

Loved everything about that language while I was a kid and still do.

او.ف said...

السلامو عليكو

أوريدو أن أقول لكي شيئاً يا ٤لي
هو كرس؟!!؟ نو بودي جيفس اي فاك أبوت أرابيك

بس أي أم تيرد

جود باي =)


Anonymous said...

haha arabic with english letters looks fine but i cant say the same for the other way round :/

fourme one word ! Practice, its easy when you get the hang of it.. try reading arabic books .. Seriously theyre like a hidden treasure ! :P


Shalalala said...

لقد احببت التعليق الذي يجيئ قبل التعليق الذي قبلي

:) who-kers
:D hoo-kers

That's right! Hookers if you knew Arabic, right? Hoo-effing-kers?

FourMe said...

Hehe when I see u :p

Ohh I love 'alif' I add it everywhere even if a word doesn't have letter alif I shove at least one in it.. Yaaa 3ayaal mashftay eshkethir ana afashil :/ I know they think ur just being silly, but honestly not.. its a difficult language to learn..

You're so not in! U can do all three, my group is for the ones who can't do either or.. In other words the retarded..

Exactly its just easier to communicate in English..

Reading I'm fine now plus I learned never to read out loud so I don't embarrass myself.. Its just the writing that is impossible :/

Oh the will failed here :/ I tried for so long n couldn't..

If u can read n write how can u not speak it? Yaay so u know how I feel n how shameful it is :(

I was but back then schools didn't care much about Arabic as much as English.. Not till mid/late 90s that they became more strict about it..

Hehehe 7ilwa eldisability.. I think that happens with most, sometimes I get stuck for words in Arabic even though I'm perfect in speaking it.. Hell at times I can speak fo97a ba3ad :p

It took me ten minutes to write the title! U want me write a whole post hehe u gotta be kiddin me magdaar :/ aww thanx babe :*

Baq9oooma don't rub it in.. But good for u..

So do I. I think its absolutely beautiful but too difficult..

Hehhehheheheheheheehhehehe wily yer7am omich la tshofeeni wana ga3da a7awil agraa o mo ga3da astw3ib :p I had anony etfahimny sh6abkhaa and at one point I thought u called me a hooker LOOL I was about to adish feech sejin :p

Eee 7ada gha'alj.. I swear I tried but no amount of practice could get me to learn how to write :/ I'm a hopeless case..

Okay I know am crap in Arabic but am quite sure its ja'aa qably mo yajee qably :p

Hehehehhe exactly!! I thought who cares was hookers lol! Talk about lost in translation!

ZoN said...

bad fourme baaad

O.F said...

4me!!! not hookers! I means who cares:)

FourMe said...

7adiii not cool, afashil afashil dude :p

hehehee womaaan I know.. actually I knew after anony read it for me and translated it.. yaa now u believe me that I'm crap at this language :/

Elegant Chic said...

Well, I never spoke the language!
Learnt in school, studied byheart and appeared for the Arabic exam plus instructor used to give the questions day b4 :D

Ms. D said...

Bal3oomy ya fourmeeeee :'(

Ana my friends kilhom british skool grads o ma e3rfon shy bil 3raby.. Wely e3rf 3raby hatha ehwa 3allam nafsa bnafsa

Sa7 ayamna british skools didnt cars for arabic or deen..

Bs el american o bilingual 3rabyehom ok