Friday, 12 June 2009


1. Do you reach a point where you say Whatever? I truly hate this word with all my heart but honestly.. Whatfuckingever!

2. I need help.. My bitch ass Blackberry is being a slut! Every time I open the browser it says Update Browser, plus its so slow these days.. Okay I don't know how, I tried looking it up but really am so tired to concentrate so I would appreciate some help here.. Much appreciated..

3. The sun better come out soon! Its been playing hide and bloody seek with us for the past week and I'm starting to lose my two shade darker tan!! Come out already will ya!!? Uff la t3ileen galbi!! 7ata eshams ma t6laa3 ela eb 3alat elgalb!! Alah y3eena mn galb madri shyt7amal wila shyt7maal!!

4. In an attempt to get to know you sweethearts better, my random questioning shall continue. Describe your personality using 4 words..

Jad zahgana o lay3a chabdi o mali khilg nafsy wla ly khilg shay.. I'm fed up of everything and everyone.. Mali khilg shaaay khair shar.. Waay waay lay3a chabdi mn kil shay w mn nafsy.. What bloody ever....


Anony said...


R.. said...
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Anony said...

LOOL fe ta6awor :P bs 3ad mo etqalden ashkara :P

FourME - el @@ mo starting .. ay3ni ga3deen enshof o negra el posr (A)

FourMe said...

Ya satir!! Entaw shino ma tnamoon!?

R.. said...

ee adrii ;p
i deleted it (a).. ;p

ilmohem ..
u want 2 know us ??
me in 4 words ..

extremely mazajeya ..
ibser3a amel..
really hard 2 please.. yet sometimes the simplest thing would make my day..
i love down syndrome ppl ..
b3ad shno taben ? ;p
t3alay il q8 .. o shofaay il shams il 3ajeba ! o ull be tanned IB THANYA ! ;p

Anony said...

she said 4 words :O

laish saweete delete :O

and no manaam ;p

o bs basket 3ashan man6ag :P

FourMe said...

Yaybeeli 7ilo mn SeaSweet eli eb beirut o ga3da a3alif fy.. Taboon?

Anony said...


shakhbareeeee, laa shukran ana tawni makla alf kakaw :P

Mix said...

Four words about me? Pragmatic optimist, amazingly modest :)

Lili3 said...

Same here, Vacs is boring :(

I'm moody, annoying, yet hopeful and somehow helpful ^__^

Average.Q8i said...

Bored, Happy, Excited, unmoody :P.

Limited said...




Bossy (being the oldest child helps :P)

*about the BB thing, I plugged mine up to my laptop and the Desktop Manager did all the work ..

zuz said...

golay el7emdella,jawna bil kuwait @#$%#$##Q$ :/, hmm 4 words..

1- short tempered


3-hopelessly romantic

4-VERY very optimistic

Anony said...

Lebanoooooooooooooon <3

Aurous said...

1- who doesn't reach that point occasionally :)

2- sorry.. can't help you

3- can't relate to your problem :p

4- optimistic, loyal, outspoken, fa9la :D

Cooookies said...

u seem like some1 that needs a quick-unplanned-all-fun-pointless-trip !

Stand-Alone~ said...

honest, optimistic, dreamer and boring

Hasan.B said...