Friday, 5 June 2009

a Window into the Soul

One look into them and you can know what a person is. Everything can be hidden yet the eyes reveal all. You cannot hide, lie, pretend, put on a show, or deceive because you can see it. The eyes are the window into a persons soul one look into them and you can see the essences of who they are. Next time you want to know what a person truly is just look into their eyes and you will be able to see their soul. And that is why I try not to look people in the eyes, one look and they would be able to see how fragile I am..


Anony said...

Egra fe 3eeni eshteyagee ;*

Average.Q8i said...

- 3ala Kethr il 3yoon ilee 9'7aktlee, ma Bechaiitle 3aiin, 3'ragt o Ma legaiit ildam3eteee Minhuu Yemed edaiin.

CuteandCuddly said...

I love him !!!!!!!!!!!

and it is so true the eyes reveal everything.

They tell you if a person is sweet and kind or nasty and evil.

Anonymous said...

so true!


R.. said...

mashalla her eyes r amazing it just says it all ..
oo 9a7 ilsana :p

Âme said...

So very true.

~ Soul

Ruby Woo said...

I can easily be read through my eyes yet I fail to read others.

Jack Ass !! said...

How else can U explain Love at first sight.

Thank you. For conforming my deep belief .

Errant said...

humm .. that's very true .. eyes reflects it all .. this is why i hate MSN chats !!!!! hehe

Âme said...

I can never believe in love at first sight.

Its most probably infatuation at first sight.

And to sacrifice without knowing, is irrational.

Hence, love at first sight is irrational, if at all one believes it to be so.

~ Soul

Deep Blue Sea said...

It was Luv first sight. 11 years on , Im stil in Luv. I believe in Luv at First sight.

FourMe said...

9a7 elsanich :p

3awir galbi akthaar :(

Me too! he's hilariously funny..

miss u!

She's the epitome of beauty.. and her eyes just reveal her wildness..


you just need to look and you'll see it..

Jack ass:
Love at first sight does not exist.. Its physical attraction, chemistry, sometimes compatibility of the souls.

Love is so much more than to be felt before interaction. To truly love someone you must get to know them, their ins and outs, their likes and dislikes, mostly their passions, how they treat their loved one, and another million variables that come into it. all of these little things make you fall in love but certainly not looks. Looks are the cherry on top, with time looks fade and what you are left with is what really matters..

You need time to fall in love, sometimes years, other times a shorter period but certainly not from first look..

hehehe what does msn have to do with it?

deep blue sea:
then you are one of the minority who go against the odds..

Anonymous said...

firt time hearing the poem, it is nice.
I tend to look at the eyes while talking to people in general, some find it disturbing but to others it was the reason behind their crush on me, weird!