Sunday, 21 June 2009

What Innocence?!

What the hell is this little girls putting on make-up, having phones, and dressing up like ho's!! Where the hell is their childhood??!?!? Where is the innocence? 13 years old is NOT an adult!! What the hell is this crap!!!?? What kind of a world is this where little girls go from toddlers to adults skipping their childhood! Was watching tv and one of those interview the public shows came on, they were talking to a 13 year old who had more make up on then I have put on in my entire life!! Fuck it you're 13 NOT 31!! Esharha mo 3alaiha esharhaa 3ala omha!! Where the fuck is her father and mother?! How in God's name could they allow their kids to look like pimps and ho's at such a delicate age?!

You know what I was always a difficult child with a not rock hard but stone hard head as a child.. NO was my favourite word and I would do as I please and no one could stop me.. ya I was the child from hell.. But one thing I was not allowed to do was behave as an adult when I was a kid.. Meaning mother made me live my childhood whether I wanted to or not.. And honest to God I could not be more grateful to her for doing so! I enjoyed my childhood and teenage years like a "normal" kid at that age would do.. Phones at 13 haha ya right! Make-up/hairdressers at 13!! ya my ass! I was not allowed to wear make-up, she kept on telling me you have your whole life to wear as much make-up and ruin your body as you like but as long as you're under 18 you won't do any of it..

I remember the first time I wore lipstick without her knowing was at 16 and before I came back home I wiped it off and was scared shitless that she would see my lips were pink.. from 17 she started loosening up and let me wear kohl and lipstick ya SEVENTEEEN!! NOT THIRTEEN!! Phone was out of the question.. She finally let me get a phone at 17 couple of weeks before turning 18 and graduating from high school! hairdressers and all that crap around the same age, 17'ish.. She forced me to live my childhood and that was the best thing she did.. she's open minded and allowed me to have my own personality without influencing me yet she was a true mother, she protected my innocence and she did a damn good job at it!

Letting your kids trot around town looking like prosi's and drag queens and then wonder why society is fucked?!! Ya how about you teach them discipline and teach them to live their age rather then hit menopause at 20 because she's been there done that all at 15 :/ Bloody hell what a scary world to raise a child!!


Anony said...

yummaa etkahre3 :O

R.. said...

ana awal mara 7a6ait ki7iil when i was 18 itha mo 19 :p
o mo ay ki7iil b3ad;p
the one ily dakhil il 3ain hahah ;p
bs later gimt a76 eyeliner!! ya3nii last yr LOL (a)
adri adri baby ;p
bs hell yeah i enjoyed my childhood li akher daraja!!! girl im still enjoying it !!! itha i didnt now!! then mta i will?? lma i get married and have kids??
GIRL LIVE UR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!! il dinya ma tiswa!! :p
ako awgat 9a7 lazm tkoneen grown up bs marat la2 ;p

Âme said...

I concur with all your views said in the post.

~ Soul

Lili3 said...

Same story over here, but my allowed age was 17 since I was acting so grown-up (yet soo childish) XD

Average.Q8i said...

Bess in this time, there is always pressure from the enviroment.
When a guy sees another guy in his age with a BlackBerry he would want to buy one.
When a girl sees all of her friends wearing make-up, She will wear make-up.
and also the high looseness from the parents, they add to that.
3ayal walk through the avenues, 12 yr olds have Blackberries, A guy in yr 6 in our school has 2.
Bess this is the childhood of hal jeel, Its not good.
O also, in this time phones are a neccessity, Y3nee the world is more dangerous, fa some things are a MUST.
Anaa 3umree 15, My mobile o5ooy ma5thaa la2ana m9'aye3 mala.
bess 3endee laptop.
Mabee BlackBerry :), Bess wedee asafer Lebnan :).

moi said...

omg i was thinking the same thing! little girls are soooo grown ups now and its scary:o,awwal ommy matertha wala shay!! 7ata a7ef 7wajby matertha;p until i turned 18, and i didnt have a phone utnil 18 b3d!! bs 3ad makan tafkeerna chethy! we were so innocent,el7en 10 year olds efakron nafs 18 years olds:/

DP said...



Anonymous said...


DP said...


FourMe said...


I fucking missed it, was at flippin movies just saw the lap!!!!

how is it SCHUMACHER??!? it can't be!!

DP said...







DP said...




FourMe said...

Piss it :(

aint fuckin fair I WANNA SEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

I always said it was him but ppl laughed at me HUH! IN YOUR FACES I WAS FUCKIN RIGHT!!!!

how about that whole saga in the papers couple months ago?!

DP said...


to quote my friend:

Now how many people are going to LIE and say they knew it was Schumacher?


there was leak in the newspapers couple days ago apparently!

mind blowinggg..cant believe it was himm!

desertpalms said...

okiee finally on my laptop :P

here ya go:

FourMe said...

Woman I have witnesses heheh actually I had witnesses who can vouch that I used to say its him :p

I'm so gona punch me mates for forcin me to go to the movies and missin it!! Yes God bless my memory I forgot it was ON today *criessss*


desertpalms said...


apparently im really gullible and it was all a sick sick joke by top gear =/


i so wanted it to be him though!



schumie is still the man though!

desertpalms said...

duuude, i shud rele watch programmes until the very end and not get up to get me some snacks!

apparently he did a rele shit lap at the end of the show where they said it was all a joke!

bahahahahah i just got taken the piss out of sooo badly!

maybe hold the punching your friends till another time :P

Ruby Woo said...

The first time I used black Kohl was when I was in 10th grade. I just started using lipsticks and eyeliners when I started college.

I got my first mobile when I was in 10th grade.

I got my first laptop when I was in 11th or 12th grade.

We have strict rules in our home when it comes to childhood. We weren't allowed to act above our age. I thank god that I was blessed with parents like these. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have had such a beautiful childhood.

All I see now are 13 year olds in their chanels and blackberries, with their full makeup and manicured nails. The first time I did a manicure was when I was in 11th grade and myseer nailpolish. 7atan 7affff omi marethat ila aseer 17 bas i begged her to do it at 16 cuz I had the bushiest eyebrows ;p !!

Limited said...

I know how it is .. I live with a 13 year old sister .. who wants to act like she's 18 or something .. The only things I hear from her is I want this and I want that .. and why do I *meaning me* get to do things and wear things and she isn't? and it goes on and on ..

I tell my mom don't listen to her, don't give her all she wants .. I mean like I've been wearing ch7al since I was like 2 .. but they always used to put it on for 3eed or a wedding .. I didn't start even thinking about lipstick til I was 16-17 .. It was always lipgloss and always when it was an occasion ..

El 7mdilla my mom isn't that kind of mom who gives her kids whatever they want .. no, my mom thinks if it's worth it or not or is it age-appropriate ..

But the kids these days are just vile! the 13 year olds I see in the mall are a joke! they walk around with Blackberries and designer bags that are bigger than their frames and think they're cool -.- they don't see them the way we see them, as jokes, something to make fun of ..

They get on my nerves .. live your childhood cuz you can't get that back .. you have the rest of your life to act like that ..

FourMe said...

just go to avenues and marina and you'll worse..

hehe i wear eyeliner once in a blue moon.. that's good seeing you're considered from the new generation! its nothing to do with my life what am sad for is the hell that's going around this world and how these children aren't living their lives!

yup definitely hell froze over as we are agreeing on something! :p

that's good..

all my friends back then were into boys, make-up, phones etc.. I wasn't pressured into any of that as I refused it all.. you're right the world is different.. Time has altered certain aspects of life yet a child is still a child!

If I ever have a kid trust me she won't trot around at the age of 13 in heels and make-up! And honey I am beyond open minded but some things are just wrong! I don't care what time has changed to some things are a no no!!

i still don't think like 18 year olds! I swear sometimes i laugh at myself from how fucking innocent i am compared to the new generation! :D

i remember mum let me do my brows once when i was 16 cuz it was my cousins wedding and it was big.. but after that she wouldnt let me till 18 hehe damn she ran a tight ship :p

dude those teenagers need a smack across their faces and their parents faces!!

you're lucky that your mum is still strict.. cuz i know alot that their mothers were strict back then but now they let their teens do as they please by justifying it as times have changed!

FourMe said...

just saw the clip!!

damn them those bastards.. I think it is him but they"re just throwing everyone off..

U get up mid show to get snacks?! whats wrong with u woman!!

Average.Q8i said...

I agree with uu FourMe.
Thats the right thing to do, Bess if ur talking about things like phones, These things are crucial for 13 yr olds these day.
Im not fimiliar with girly stuff, y3nee heels maa heels :P.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Ba3ad ... 3yal hal zeman, tarbeyat khadam what do u expect :(... Sead sad sad...