Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What an Asshole!!

30+ woman in a 4 year long relationship with 30+ man.

Woman introduces her 20+ girlfriend to man .

20+ girl calls 30+ woman telling her
"30+ man and I are together now. I took him so stop contacting him"

30+ woman goes psycho..

30+ man says
"This does not involve me you two girls sort it out"

Let me tell you the son of a bitch ain't all that!!

And men wonder why we call them Assholes!
And some women wonder why we call them Sluts?!


R.. said...

M7aad hayeeen bhal dinya!!!!!
Sometimes u say il reyayel malhom aman! Oo sometimes u say il 7areem malhom aman!
Well actually none of them malhom aman!
I loved the last part hehe ;p

Me second tra ;p
First is reserved 4 anony ;p
But I couldn't help not commenting (a) ;p

Average.Q8i said...

Anonyy .. Im not commenting until u comment .. :P.

Big Mistake R .. Big Mistake.

Anony said...




Missy said...

+30 woman = stupid!
+20 woman = slut o qowyat 3ain!
+30 (man?) = asshole!

Another-Penelope said...

I blame women actually @#@

Anonymous said...

every ass**** and s*** deserve their warm sh*t pool to butterfly stroke, dog paddle, freestyle swimming, sidestroke, breast Stroke and even dive in deep sh*t..

p.s 30+ is lucky to have that 20+ who took away that idiot..


Cooookies said...

imkhama6 ilsalfa ?:P

LA oo keep me out of it and u girls sort it out ?

ya7elwik bass !!
3ala golat a dear friend

" khara 3ala men smaak rayal "


zuz said...


FourMe said...

Ee wala ma7ad hayin!!

Anony is having a day off..

Taw enass..

I said stupied as well bs shloon ya3ni if u have a boyfriend ur supposed to lock him up so another women don't hit on him? Noo its the assholes fault.. He's an ass there is nothing more to be said.. And yup slut is the word!

I blame the man cuz he should of resisted if he had any respect for their relationship.. Temptations come and go but a real man would of resisted..

OF!! :
Hahhaha well said!

Eee mn sobag lbaag :p ya t7a9leen rayaal ya mt7a9leen! Magool ela malaat 7ita malaat 3ala chethy reyayeel..


To7faaa! Hatha lo 3indy chan I chopped his balls off and shoved them down his throat then shove his head up his own ass!

Missy said...

A9lan +30 woman's fault as well.. y3ne eshd3wa she didnt knw the type of her bf! :P o b3dain shno +30 o she has a bf! get married already!

kelhum eb6on el chbd bas elli malat 6ag hal om 20 lol

Âme said...

Isn't it not about stating an incident and "OBSERVING" what ACTUALLY the people involved ARE... rather than seeing them as IDEAL people.

30+ woman got rid of 2 idiots from her life.

Cheers to that.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

she's divorced.. 4 years is not a short period, she probably thought it would take more than one attempt to break him.. om 20 mo9ebt'ha mo9eeba lo tsm3een no9 sowalifha e6geen 3ala rasich 9ej yabelaha 6ag

she certainly did yet she won't see that now.. it will take her some time to realise it..

JAck Ass. said...

Dear fourme. Why dont u activate comment Moderation thru which u screen each comment before it is displayed . Because then U wont miss out on comments from ur fans.

A few days ago u had raised a few doubts about me and I had answered them in the " A walking proposal " Post . Wonder if u read it, coz i commented quite late.

Jack Ass. said...

Sorry I dint leave my eights , As u see i was away and by now u have 100+ comments plus a new post with 12 more.

FourMe said...

Jack ass:
Oh hello u. Yes I remember ur comment no need to check back I remember ur response.. I asked, u answered, we're good..

See I tend to question everything and everyone so please don't take it personally, sometimes I ask while others I don't..

As each comment is left I get a notification on my email which beeps on my blackberry. I read every comment that is left, if someone makes the time to comment I make the time to read it, that's the least I can do.. But forgive me sometimes I forget to reply or occupied by other things..

Candy said...

And men wonder why we call them Assholes!

the funny thing that i went to a store in the mall ya3nee to buy medaliah for my phone and the above lines were written on it, its seems that whole world agrees on that le darajat enhum 7a6eena eb medalia lol

Amethyst said...

Maskeen. The 30+ woman should be happy she didn't lose a man.

FourMe said...

OMG i so want that!

i think she will realise that in a while.. such an ass..