Saturday, 13 June 2009

A Walking Proposal!

Can't be bothered for full on details so let me give u the short version of what happened yesterday..

As I was waiting to cross the road a guy with his young boy starts making small talk. I usually just smile and look away but this dude kept on talking and I had to reply cuz the damn red light wouldn't come on.. So he's half american half lebanese, has a 6 year old boy, divorced, raising his kid by himself. Blah blah so on, mind you I couldn't take my eyes of his arm he had about 3 tattoos on it and I was just at awe from how fab they looked. As I tell him how nice they look he pulls down his shirt collar and shows me a tattoo of his boy right above his heart!

Now comes the 3rd degree of questioning and sweet talking. I'll spare u the your eyes are amazing and starts knocking on the lamppost etc talk.. Yaa he got a shock when he knew I wasn't engaged nor seeing anyone.. So I knew where this was heading and just about to leave when he takes out his business card and shoves it in my face while saying " Look I don't usually walk around the streets picking up women but I swear on my boys life I don't want to date u I want u bil 7alal " !!!

Yup boys and girls u heard right.. The stranger was proposing after a 5min chat in the middle of the street! After the initial shock wore off I took the card and left (and NO Anony I won't give him a chance) ..

Yes ladies and gents FourMe still got the IT factor! Whatever the IT factor is, it seems like I still got it and its going solid :)


Anony said...


zuz said...

lol u remind me of someone

Anony said...

7raaam 3aleeech !! Emsawe wwayh welda tato above his heart !!! I would soo give him a chanve just because of this :p

Anony said...

Ana agool golilhaa ykhale el 7alal shway let's date ;p

Anony said...

If u won't give anyone a chance how in hell are u going to know whether he's the right person or noo !!!!

Anony said...

One dinner 3ashan kha6re anaa (A) .. El rayal o welda yayeeen perfect ;p

Anony said...

Bss bat3ashaaaaa

Anonymous said...

anony you're adorable

Zaina said...

ya7laiiiiilaaaa ;p

Euphoria said...

leleleleleeee, Mabroook :P
Same thing happened to me in Beirut ;)

Average.Q8i said...

Min 9ijij Anony tgooleen give him a chance?

The man proposed to her in the middle of the road, O just after 5 minutes of talking, O 3endaa malyon alf tatoo (( I know FourMe u like tatoos, Bess dont be obssesed by them.)

Bess, I emptied my heart.:P.

zwena said...

Ana bafhaama nony shloon bel 7alaaal o kela tatto's :O ay 7alaal hatha :O khal enta2kad ena moslim @@

R.. said...

where's fourme's comments ;p
haha :p
dont delete 3aib :p
any ways;p
is he good looking since he's half libnani ;p

Anony said...

okh :O ta6awor ppl think im adorable (A)

baq9am - give me one reason why not ??? magetlaha melchaw bacher :P bs getlaha give him a chance :P

Zwena - lebnani shetarayen mena :P o ba3deen yemken hal tatoo kanat gabel mar7alat "il7alal" :P u never know :P

3a6oo el rayaaaaaal forsaaaaaaaaaaa

R.. said...

ana bro7ii qarart ;p

anonyy la tsolfiin bro7ich ;p
kitbay kl shay ib one comment ;p

Anony said...

R - @@


3ashan e7na rabe3 ra7 a6awefha :@

o ba3deen ana mo ga3da asolef an aga3da a7awel aqne3ha!

Aurous said...


I wish I could've seen the look on your face then ;p

eleventhst said...

looool still you got to admit, its always just a tiny bit flattering..u know to know that you didn't lose that IT factor hehe

FourMe said...

kho lo entay 3alaich chan emzawjatny mn senat yadi la w chan em3aylaa ba3ad..

heheh qalelat adab.. mako a7la mn el7alal :p stop bitching I said no ya3ni NO!

hope that means a good thing :/

she is.. she's a sweetheart..

7ada, it was quite sweet :)

hehhehe don't get too excited :p
they have gorgeous men!

what what average the man couldn't resist the FourMe :P hehehe.. so what if he has tattoo's that doesn't make him a bad person.. tattoo's are a beautiful art..

i think he is cuz he kept on talking o kil shway ygool mashala this and mashalaa that..

actually very cute face and amaaaaaazing baby blue eyes :p

ohh you should of seen my face when he pulled his shirt down :/ i know we're in London bs come onnnn ya3ni! but the priceless look was when he said "bil 7alal" hehe!

i ain't complainin ;)

R.. said...

allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;D
ma tana7tay at his eyes :p
wla 3adiii 9ar 3indiich 3adii t3awadtay ? ;p

Jack Ass said...

1} Iam in India..I am Doing B.E {4 years course} not B.A. And I am almost 23.{I flunked u see,which is why i said iam stuggling}

I fell in Love at 11. And yeah its possible.I know it.And no one can argue that,atleast with me.

And yeah I was in London for four days during end of may.What made u think I went from Australia to London in 3 hours,I cant imagine?

Jack Ass said...

College Professor?


Aicha said...