Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tat Tatt Tattoo!

I want a tattoo!! Yes I dooooooo... I'm craving one like you wouldn't imagine!! Really everywhere I go they're in my face tats here tats there tats everywhere :( Oh I want one I want oneee I really really want one!

I'm dying to get one on my right shoulder blade or possibly on right wrist though shoulder is better and more discret.. Now I know its 7aram (forbidden) and trust me I'm resisting like hell! Tell me something why God can forgive a killer, a rapist, an adulteress, and every sinner that wants to repent yet they say he won't forgive a person who gets a tattoo done?! Some Shia clergy say its okay to have a tattoo done while Sinna completely forbid it.. Bloody hell make up your minds already!

And to those who categorise people with tattoo's as rebels and prostitutes don't even bother leaving a comment on this post.. Tattoos are an art form.. They are beautiful and have a meaning when getting sentimental one not ones of hearts, sunshine, and doves..

Come onnnnnnnnn I WANT ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Talk me out of it.. Seriously people its your job to talk me out of it cuz I'm this close to getting one :/


Anony said...


Anony said...

akaser rasech iif u get one :@

sheftaay shino gelteelilama getlech i wana go shesmaa????


enzain saweee shay eli mo tatto tato .. madre shino . mo suwalif 7ennaa no we3 we3 we3 ..

bs fe shay madre shinoo .. fe shay wala ana yet'haya'ali ? :P

kelesh kelesh ekhthe qalam o lawnaay 3an kha6rech ;P o kilyom qamje 3ali :P

Anony said...

ana agool roo7ay namee hatha ta'atheer qelaat elnoom :O

FourMe said...

Way7ik!! Etkasreen ras mino?! Wala w ma 3aash wla 6alaa3 mn ba6in oma eli ymid eda 3alay!! Yalaaahwy 6alat o tshmkhaaat ashoof!!

7ilfay goolay wala! La laa 7ilfay! Shino aqalam shino 7inaa?? Do I freaking look like a teenager to u? I want a REAL tattoo mo mal qara6ee9 el3looch ayam el80s probably ma la7agtay 3alaih :p

Can't sleep now it 6pm :/ I'm freaking high leave me aloooone .. High on sleep deprivation that is!

Anony said...

awal shay ana magelt bamed eedi gelt bakaser rasech :@ mageelt shloon :@

thanii shay hatha el yeza a36eech bada'el :@

khalas go get a tatto and burn in hell how about that :@

434 :@

Anonymous said...

it's not 7araam !
ما هو حكم وضع التاتو (الوشم)

ج: ليس محرما ما لم يكن بالشعارات الباطلة، والأفضل إجتنابه على كل حال

hehe! u have no excuse now :P


Average.Q8i said...

7ena Soda?
3endee wayed a7la min il tatoo :P.

Bess intaw mu tsawoon 7awajebkum tatoo madree shno ?

Anony said...

والوشم محرم لدلالة النصوص على لعن فاعلة واللعن لا يكون على أمر غير محرم ففي حديث ابن عمر أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: " لعن الله الواصلة والمستوصلة والواشمة والمستوشمة" أخرجه البخاري.

why do u needfatwa wala u ask shaikh etha fe 7adeeth!

eleventhst said...

Sorry dude..i cant help with talking you out of this one..I WANT ONE TOO!!
tattoos are hot!

R.. said...

a9lan il shi3a dayman 3ax il sina mo shay yded ;p
o its 7aram walla 7araam !
o t3alay :p
intay a9lan itmoooten khoof mn il ibra!! shlon ra7 tit7amilain ibrat il tatto? oo shay thani ;p
9ij ina 7ilo u get a small one o chithi bs what if malitay mina and u dont want it any more! or faj2a u changed ur mind .. shlon bitshilina?? its perminant ! o 7ta lma bitshilina still ako imbayin mokana! ;p
fa its not worth the pain wla il tishiwih when u get it out ;p

btw!! the picture ITYANEN! :p

haa?? khalitich u change ur mind wla still ? (a)

SlouchyPants said...

Tats are shmexy as fudge! I say go for it BUT keep in mind that you'll have it for the rest of your life.

My friend's mum has a tat of a rose on her arm that she got when she was a teenager and now she absolutely HATES it.

Aurous said...

I can't talk you out of it cuz I've always wanted one ;p
it's not 7aram as far as I'm concerned but I know I'd get bored from the tattoo after a while.. w I hate pain ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

What starts of on ur shoulder can very well end up on ur tush one day :P skin sags with time, thats reason enough XD

Anonymous said...

it is 7aram o 9adgene allah 7arema for a reason o god knows better so dn't even think about it ;)

Anonymous said...

talk u out of it? babe I want one


3aliya said...


but if my mom knows that i'm thinking of having one she'll prolly kill me!!;p even though i'm big enough!! she thinks it's disgusting!! although i really want one!!;p

FourMe said...

shlon btkasrena blnthaar?

esmila 3alay mn elburning :/ dude if it wasn't for that fear of eternal damnation i would of done a hell of a lot things not only tattoo :p

anonymous A. :
it is 7aram.. check Anony's comment below..

there are woman who tattoo makeup .. like eye brows, liplines, lips, kohl.. that I don't approve of.. what if you're going to a funeral for example.. then what? with make up and I dont approve of the new trend of funerals with light make up and colourful scarfs and crap like that.. I believe in respecting the people who are suffering for the loss of a loved one..

yet a tattoo on the body can be covered up and is not disrespectful to anyone..

I know that is why i'm not doing it.. but sometimes I have moments of insanity and do things even when i know they are wrong.. and I'm itching for a tat .. so ya madrii..

3adil 3adil el3moom kharbaan :p

FourMe said...

i know they are that's why I said it.. they cant agree on it.. mo mtafaq 3alaih :/

yes i am terrified of injections but when I really want something I set my fears aside.. I tend to do that :/

I know pic is amazing i want it a bit higher and of writing as well
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want one :((

nop u didnt :/

hehe nice name!
ya thats why its better to get them in places that dont show.. so even if u hate them in years to come at least they wont be on display for the world..

oh join the club sweetie.. seems like there is a bunch of us wanting tat's here.. oh but it is :/

fastidious babe:
hehehhehehee.. no am pretty sure it won't, I'm blessed with good genes :p

me not wearing a 7jab is 7aram as well.. then there is a load of other things we do as humans that is 7aram soo ya there goes my arguement of 7alal w 7aram :/

3afyaa ekmalaaat!

la kadaina khaaaaair.. el3moom yabii..

dear our mothers don't know everything we do.. not a good thing but hey thats the truth..

R.. said...

weee :p
ya3nii shagolich 3shan 9ij i take u off of it ? :p

R.. said...

weee :p
ya3nii shagolich 3shan 9ij i take u out of it ? :p

FourMe said...

i don't think you can :/

lets hope i just dont get the urge while im close to a tattoo parlour cuz this time im getting it done :(

this is sooo difficult to resist.. i know i'm not harming anyone or myself.. it just something beautiful and has a significant meaning.. :(

Another-Penelope said...

its fine , my dad thinks its fine but my mom just wouldnt let me cause ill be falling to hell !

why not fake tattoo ? its cool

Anonymous said...

iv got big wings on my back,a quot on my feet,a heart on my abdomen and a funky shit on my lower back i tell u one thing apart from the haram and halal part u will regret it as it fades and gets ugly after few years trust me on this x

FourMe said...

don't like fake things.. either the real thing or why bother..

ya that's a tad much.. i want something small.. not all tattoos fade..

tattoos designs said...

hell ya tattoos designs are fun to0 get