Friday, 5 June 2009

Say NO to World Peace!!

You know I really and truly want world peace! It might sound a tad "beauty queen'esque" but this is what I pray for, World Peace. Someone used to tell me why bother and feel sad for people across the world from you, just worry about your life and don't worry about them! How can I not feel sad and worry when I know innocent people are being killed and slaughtered?! Even if they are on the other side of the world does that not make them humans? I can't stand the idea of war, I cannot justify it, I cannot comprehend it, it is wrong in every sense it is wrong. I hate wars, conflicts, disputes, you name it I hate it.

Its been years since I stopped watching the news, I'd watch or read the news occasionally but I cannot handle listening to it on daily basis. I cannot handle hearing people being viciously killed and others approving of it because they are of a different religion or nationality. A human life is a human life regardless of its origin or beliefs, why is that so hard to comprehend??? Please someone tell me why is it OK for an Israeli to die? Are they not humans? Yes we have an eternal conflict, yes they are occupying Palestinian land, and they are savagely killing Palestinians. But is that Israeli child at school responsible for all of that? Is his/her death going to solve the problem? Stop judging people and simply value a human life! This truly angers me, I cannot handle people justifying death, your hatred does not justify taking a life!

Let me show you the naive side of me. I wish one day I would switch on the tv watch the news and they would say the world is at peace!! There is no conflicts, there is no death, there is no poverty, there is no injustice, there is no inhumanity, there is no hate. So naive I know, yet this is what I hope for, that is my fairytale, this is what I dream for, it is truly what I long for. I know I'm not taking part in making this world a peaceful world by participating and being an activist but all I can do is pray. I might not pray for it on a daily basis but believe me not a week goes by without me praying for world peace and justice, so silly of me yet that is all I can do is pray. I hope that one day my prayers are heard and just one soul is saved from death or injustice. It breaks my heart truly breaks it to see there is so much hate in this world, a human life is worth nothing to people yet it is the most precious thing.

Set your hate aside and maybe then ONLY then we can reach world peace. Use your brains, logic, and humanity to assess situations not the past, hatred, and vengeance. It is truly sad when so many young beautiful educated minds are driven by hate and they cannot see what is right there in front of their eyes, the peaceful future to come, instead all they see is the past and the grudges they hold. So sad, such a shame, what a waste, we really don't deserve this world and all the beauty that comes with it. We all deserve to be shot in the head maybe only then this world would be truly peaceful..

I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, "Mother, what was war?"
~Eve Merriam


Anony said...

I dream of f7ee7eelyyy opening a blog

eshda3wa said...

i never watch the news

its too depressing

eleventhst said...

I think we can never have world peace. Most humans, I feel, have a need to always come out on top..survival of the fittest..some will do it without hurting anyone, but you will always have people that will do it by stepping on people..i guess its human nature..we always had war, we will always have war..

Average.Q8i said...

Laii 7ajaat il Bugar 3ala Groonhaa, Then ull see world peace:}.

f7ee7eely said...

In case you havent heard darling the Iraqi rhetoric these days is reminiscent to that of 1990 -- "y3ny belkuwaiti elfa9ee7 la6ebna wala ghada elshar" Saddam may have died but there are 20 million other saddams in that damned country....I f7ee7eely hereby declare that I wish to see every single Iraqi to be wiped out of the Euphrates....wel iranyeen eww ham el zalamat weyyahum...

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

World peace..

7elm jamel =)

FourMe said...

bs bsss thba7teny bf7ee7eely lawa3tay chabdi bssss..

indeed it is, it is a very depressing world but we can't turn a blind eye..

we always had disputes but what differs is the way we go about them.. fine if we are to have wars because of disputes then lets have all wars like the Cold war!


I said I don't watch the news but that does not mean I'm blind nor deaf, I've heard and seen. Have you seen the facts? A tv channel based in Syria, with a Syrian tv presenter, with "Iraqis" calling in whom speak with a Syrian accent are to be held accountable for 20million? Viva propaganda!! A job well done, they have achieved what they aimed for to stir up another dispute in the region. To further sabotage relations. They saw the Shia vs Sinna saga died down so now what to do let's fuck'm up with this. Learn to separate political disputes from pathetic propaganda. Do you not know the most successful weapon of destruction is Propaganda?!

Fair enough I am against the dropping of the reparations but does that justify alienation of countries? F7ee7eely for Gods sake the Germans and Europeans learned to love the Jews after Hitler reaped havoc across Europe, why can't we do the same??

U know what there has been an eternal dispute between Sina and Shia, so ya lets kill all the Shia, while we're at it Saudis have disputes with Libya and Qatar let's kill them as well. Irish with English oh yes a must kill, who can forget Pearl Harbour and 50 year American presences in Japan, let's kill the Yankees. Wait those Russkys they screwed the Balkans let's wipe their ass too! Did I forget anyone? Africa? Ohh we know of the Tootsies and Hutus and their massacres, let's burn them alive! South America is full of disputes yes them too.. Hmmm all that is left standing is me and you f7ee7eely!! Let's dance the night away my dear friend as we have just killed off 6+ billion people!

You are an intelligent man please set aside your barbarian ideologies of mass destruction and use your brain to assess the damage that has been done and how to avoid further damage.

madry shakw:
Landing on the moon was a dream, Iran and Iraq stopping the longest war in history was a dream, having a black president with Muslim roots to rule the strongest country in the world was a dream too!

Dreams can be achieved only when there are those who are willing to achieve them..

Anony said...


when i cheked it men mobile ma6ala3li kil hal 7ache :O bs the qoute :O

Âme said...

There can never complete world peace.

I sound like a pessimist although reality pokes me on my face to say that.

There is a group, which will create world domination, BY ALL MEANS.

Its not a conspiracy, its the box which holds them all.

All what we can do is choose a side which we want to be on and keep doing what we should, without losing focus.

Forming a group is always helpful in dealing with such feelings of wanting world peace.

It needs careful planning, critical information, infilteration, swift execution and more importantly dedication.

~ Soul

P.S: Expressing feelings is easier, converting those to fruition tests one's mettle.

Âme said...

never be*

~ Soul

Average.Q8i said...

madam il 3moom 9ar serious y not i be serious too:P?

First, FourMe, I think ur wish to have world peace is something out of fiction books or even disney movies. There is no such thing as world peace. People will fight till yom il 8eyama, that is something thet is inevitable.
You will always see a muslim hating a christian or a shee3ee hating a sunni or a budhi hating a jew.
We will always have a new 9addam, a new hitler or a new Abee lahab.
And innocent people will always die, and evil people will win in some cases.
U say its sad to seeeducated people driven by hate and do bad stuff, Yes its sad but these people think that they are right and thats there fault, Fuck them :).
Maybe the only consolation that i can give u is that we believe in a god that is most fair, most just, and most powerful, and if we be our good selves, if we be better people and seek peace around us or even around the world, then we will go to a place where peace is there eternally. O inshalla we be there. All of us:).

F7ee7eely, I agree.

f7ee7eely said...

i take what i said back...

Average.Q8i said...

Bshhhhh, :P.
Al7een b3d ma i agreed u take what u said back:P.

Bess i dont take what I said back.
Hal 3ragyeeen 7ata loo some of them are good, Some are crazy o Nakreen Jemeeel, they have the same minds as 9daam, and love him to death.
After what we gave them from food and nutrients and water, thats how they pay us back.
plus its not only the channel, their mp's are being aggressive too.
If they are good people then y dont they clost this syrian based channel or even say anything about it?

Anony said...

f7ee7eely how about you and me discuss the blog matter? :P

R said...

ok.. im officially addicted to ur blog :p
from the moment my friend gave me the link i started reading mn awal post lma i reached this one ..
ur anger issues r funny (a) ;p
once u mentioned 3abadi johar's song galatli malait.. i have the link. itha no one gave 2 u or some thing ;p
cuz u said that u wanted it :p
any ways here u go ;p enjoy..

S said...

how about u spend a couple of months in Lebanon.. I'd love to hear what you'd have to say about that!
you wouldnt have to watch the news..timashay o shoofay suwalif inas.. kelihum siyasiyeen o yifhimoon bisiyasa....7ata ra3y il taxi! mashala...
you'd form a really good picture of the human intellect!

FourMe said...

BB's tend to do that, if a post is a bit long'ish you don't get to read it.

Not sounding like a pessimist simply realistic, with this human race it is impossible to have peace as long as there is no forgiveness. yet one can hope..

dear we reached a point where we cannot afford to say "fuck them" because of weapons of mass destruction being created as we speak! Iran, Israel, South Korea, India (or Pakistan can't remember), obviously the glamorous U S of A!! With all these countries having such weapons if we keep on saying fuck'em one of them WILL turn around and fuck us all! Do we really need another Hiroshima and Nagasaki??

Dear in every country there is the good and bad, in every family there is the good and bad. You cannot wish whole countries be wiped out because of the bad people, that is juvenile!

You can't even comprehend what it means to live under a Ba'athist regime for 20+ years, do you honestly believe because Saddam was taken out of power that they will all turn around and be "good" people? Oppression of ones thoughts is the biggest oppression of all, he played them, fed them, and drilled ba'athist ideologies into their minds and souls. You can't expect them to all be good after that experience!

I'm reading a book about their ordeals I highly recommend you read it, it will give you a tremendous amount of insight into the lives of those who were oppressed even though they were high ranked military personal! The Weight of a Mustard Seed by Wendell Steavenson. you should read it.

Let me ask you have you not seen the channels speaking against the government lately? I don't see anyone closing those. Don't get me wrong I could not be more against the Iraqi situation but we are in no position to be driven by our emotions the situation is too fragile and all it will take is sparks to ignite the whole region.

and for that I respect you because I can see that you have an intelligent mind which shouldn't be fooled with ill supported information.

damn that's over 400 posts! Thank you dear much appreciated :D yes the anger gets me to say things I shouldn't say :/

ohh i got it and saved it to my youtube list thingy:D

Trust me every time I am there I engage in lengthy discussions about politics and their current situation. Lebanon's problem is extreme corruption. Such a beautiful country being destroyed left and right, such a shame :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know ;p
I didn't want to post my comment in that post so I waited lma I finish reading o a7i6a here (a)
And ur most welcome ;D

Average.Q8i said...

The iraqis have killed kuwaitis and have killed iranians.
Yes they have a great history, they are the oldest and always the beginners in everything, but now, (( maybe under the influence of the Ba3th party, I dont know )), they have become people with lots of hatred and vengeance and 7i8d.

I cant throw my emotions away even in my judgement. As a Kuwaiti i admit that i have a sceptic, stereotyped view about the Iraqis. My first impressions of any iraqi are always bad. U lived through the invasion and saw how horrible the actions they did. When i sit and listen to my father, uncle, to my family and friend's stories. I feel intrigued yet disgusted by their actions. I feel patriotic yet ashamed that i wasnt born in that time so that i could fight with the army.
These are my feelings.
And when i come to a point where i can accept an iraq as a peaceful neighbour. they come out with a channel that makes a poll, Do u agree with the invasion of Kuwait again? Of course i will feel hate and disgust towards them.
And after that, the mp's demand reparations?
Of course i would want to wipe the whole of them.
Thats what i feel, Some of them disgust me, I know its a naive view to the issue but someone must not sit and do nothing. Someone must talk, must act. We wont let them again go and say bad things about us. NO. We wont let them get away with it.
Its a childish thing to wish for a whole country to be wiped out adree, Bess la2ana kent tawnee shayef their channel o i7taraiit:).

On the other thing. u confirmed my point of view that there will always be a fight between everyone.
O ham i have books:P, "Shia Crescent, Emergence of World War 3" by Jamai Haquani. I didnt read it, Bess he predicts that world war 3 will happen around the middleast, He thinks that giving the nuclear power to Iran could give Iran the power to spread their Shia dominance and fanatic people like Najadi.

I am 100% that we will live through World War 3.

Al7een Madree shagool im empty, Bess i will think of things then ill write:P.

O Pleeez dont call refer to me as dear, I like it, bess it makes me feel like im a 5 year old who talks about politics:P.
Ill look for the book, and maybe read it in this summer holiday:P.

FourMe said...

seriously you read it all!! wow you're so overdosing on me :p

read above what I said regarding the channel.. I know what you are saying but we cannot be irrational and make matters worse! the whole region is under immense pressure, its not only about Kuwait and Iraq, its about the whole Middle East region. If anything happens countries will take sides and we'll get fucked big time..

Don't give me predictions, this is politics, read about history, geographical locations, distribution of wealth, who is benefiting from chaos in region. Understand the past so you can deal with the present and future..

p.s I call everyone dear, younger or older, its a figure of speech that I use online and in real so please don't think i'm belittling you, am not its just how I communicate.