Sunday, 14 June 2009

Not Again!

Enough already! For Gods sake every other move feels like deja vu!! Its like seasons, at times I feel it mildly while others (like now) its on full throttle :/ its not so nice to have a constant feeling of been there done that heard that.. Ukhh I want it to stop! Its really bothering me! Its even happening with my thoughts, you'd think maybe u already thought of xyz thing that's why it feels so familiar.. No I haven't! I'm really bothered by it..
Whatever that's causing this I want it to stop, I don't want to be intouch with whatever it is, I want the surprise element dammit!! I even know when I'm about to meet someone I haven't seen for a while and get this damned feeling of knowing who it is.. Ruin it why don't u..

Usually it doesn't bother me but when its this intense it really bugs me.. Stop it stoop it stooooop it I don't wanna feel a thing! Just let it be....


Anony said...


Anony said...


R.. said...

7ada yoma !! ;p
ok i do have those bs shwya mo wayed ;p
oo e9er fini wait wait ive been there ;p
o akamil 3adi ;p
astanis a9lan haha ;p
bs itha kan nafsich ina over o chthi fa alla e3inich ..
maybe it has something 2 do with u being beautiful (a) ;p

Average.Q8i said...

Do something u never did.:P.
Bunjii Jump, Welaa Travel to somewhere u never saw.
Break ur routine :P.

Anonymous said...

wright everything down.

Bahrain Fashion said...

Yup, it is youma.
And I have those once in a while.

Aurous said...

it happens to me when my brain is tired... could be the same with you :)

try to relax :D

ZoN said...

tell me about it.. it is not nice, and especially when u get trashed by the Dr. in the middle of the exam twice, once as a deja vu and the other one, when it is really happing.

ps. thanks for the list, i will work on it after my exams inshallah and i will tell u the results afterward :)