Saturday, 27 June 2009 fair..

Megan (bitchin) Fox

*Cranky, pissy, angry, annoyed, moody, bitchy, and anything else that means I'm in a crappy mood I am it.. if you haven't gathered I'm in a very pissy mood and I wanna bitch.. so bugger off if you're in an asswipe happy mood..

**See it took 3 months to get me used to my fucking asshole hormone medication but the bitch ass was causing sever back pains and twice a week sever mood dips so they had to increase one of my meds by 50%.. so if in the last 3 months I was on 100% new hormones in my body now make them 150% :/ its been a month exactly since they changed it and since then I have been eating like a COW.. I kid you not I can't stop eating, yes I need it but for the love of God I'm exhausted from eating! 24/7 I eat, in the middle of the fucking night I Eat, noons I eat, mid-day I Eat.. All I fucking do is fucking stuff my face like a bitchin skinny cow :(

*** Wanna hate me? Yaa a month of eating like a COW and all I gained is a KILO and a HALF!! You know why?! Because I love walking.. and because I must walk everyday or feel like crap I lose the weight that I have put on from the previous night.. I can easily walk up to 2 hours non-stop but because I know my body and how fast it burns fat I walk about 45 minutes everyday and that my dear friends causes me to lose half a kilo a day!! Fuck me ya3nii I put the weight on from here and it burns off from fucking there!!! No fucking fair!! I truly love walking.. If I don't walk I feel like crap and groggy :( What the fuck am I meant to do????

**** Michael Jackson passing away feels like a member of my family passing away :( I really loved him.. Jacko is gone ;( Alah yer7maa..

*****So ya I'm in a pissy mood and tired from eating and I can't wear a bra anymore cuz is suffocates me seeing just THIS month my girls have doubled in size causing back pains.. and this whore of hormone patch is really realllllllly ripping my skin off.. I'm not being a baby bs I swear to God it really hurts :(

=+= Finally NO ONE is allowed to be that fucking good looking!!! And have the perfect body!! If I looked that fucking good at the age of 23 like she is I'd be the fucking queen of the world... Excuse me now as I am hungry and I shall go and eat my own arm while listening to my new favourite song..

Pitbull-I know you want me


Anony said...

La elaha ila allaah

lillybelle said...

Thissss song is amazingggg you should listen to Room serviceee by pitbull as well :)

f7ee7eely said...

e9mallah 3al metabolism maltech mashallah mashallah....:P

My condolences goes out to 7amood kakawah and bokhamseenah and 3alooy kabaka, 9aloo7 el9a3eeedy, fa9oool bo7adeedah for the passing away of Wacko (michael jackson) and they will moonwalk their way to elwajha elba7reyah raqam 3 as a tribute to a legend....

Jouja™ said...

lazem tethakreena bel 7aqeeqa el murrah
if i had her body i would be walking around naked ;p

Anony said...

F7eee7eeelyy yaa f7e7eeelyyyyyyyy

Ygoolik el mathaal el 3awath wala el ge6ee3a , fa shrayech eb twitter ?? :p ya3ne 3ala ma mazajek yesma7 7ag blog ;p

Khafeef thareeef la6eef 140 madre shno o chek bom ur done!


Twetryyyy twitteringgggg tweeeeeeeet ;p

Ruby Woo said...

itbaaaachi ;/

o i hope ur hormones get better :*

Anony said...

Shrayeekkkkkkk** a3tather lilkha6a'a alma6ba3e ;p

Hasan.B said...

Mafe q8ia methelha tetzawajne?

Ahmed said...

What makes Megan Fox zexy?
I love this song, thank for sharing :D

suspic said...

I would kill you all with a coin if it meant having her. =O


R.. said...

khra fiha she so cute! i mean JAMILA! i mean chalba zain !! ;@

Anonymous said...

bad mother (shut your mouth).. anyway, check her thumb and u'll hate her right away

FourMe said...

m7mad rasool alah..

ee I agree f7ee7eely promised u in june.. its june he gotta open somethin.. its a man's word after all!

so is, they've been playin it over n over on the radio.. heard it just as good :p

Go Girl is good as well..

wily y3afeek la tgool mashallaa :/ chod ykhtrib w arta7 and can walk as i like..

hehehhehehehee how do u know my buddies :p

lool don't blame ya! have u seen her waist and hips!!!

7ad omhaa :/
oh honey i wish they do :( thanx babe :*

hahaha if there was she'd so me taken by now..

a gorgeous face.. a body to die for.. do i need to elaborate?

my pleasure..

wahahahhahahahahahaa don't blame ya suspee.. don't blame ya at bloody allllll..

hehehhe 7ad OMHAA g6ee3a she makes u hate yourself for not being that pretty :/

say what? i didn't get the "bad mother (shut your mouth)" part.. just one bad thumb! who bloody cares when the overall package looks like that!

Oranjina fadidra said...

im9eeeeeeba :x

FourMe said...


Ms. D said...

Ams my cuzin tgoly megan is fake tajmel! Bs ana shayfa laha sit com hope n faith yaraby kanat teenager hathy ehya matqayerat! Shlon egolon fake :(


projectkenya2011 said...

LOL! I have never seen the f word so many times in one sentence. hahaha...

MacaholiQ8 said...

It's funny how people want to the perfect body while they're sitting on their @$$ doing nothing. :P

. Exercise
... Exercise
..... Exercise
....... Exercise
.......... Exercise
.............. Exercise
............... EXERCISE!!11one...

AND work hard...

So you can earn what you want.

If you need a personal trainer I'd do it for club sandwich! :P

Good luck :D