Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Must DO 8 Tag!!

Just had a humongeous chocolate cupcake and the end result was that of the above :D
Grow up FourMe :/

Tagged by our dear girl Gee..

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Finishing the 2 depressing books am reading
2. My friend possibly coming over to london
3. Gaining 2 more kilos to hit stable weight. Then gain extra 7 for fun
4. Going insane
5. I'm running out of things to look forward to.
6. Really I don't plan far I just live my day
7. Emm how are you today?
8. 4 + 4 = 8 yet 1 + 1 = 5 .. I'll give you a present if you tell me how that is possible

8 things I wish I could do:
1. PhD ya ya old story but I really really want one of those :/
2. Write a book about politics
3. Speak French
4. Speak Italian
5. Get over my fears.. Height, under water, insects, dogs, cats, flies, oh a very very long list
6. Not have migraines ever again
7. Stop wearing a bra.. The bitch is suffocating me!
8. Sky dive

8 things I love:
1. God
2. Mother/her 2 sisters
3. Knowledge
4. My (balls) guts.. Courage to do things.. My attitude which is a slut at times but damn love it..
5. My football team
6. Graff
7. Tattoos
8. Life and every bitching thing in it.. This life is too damn fabulous u just need to know how to play it..

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Dyed my gray hair
2. Kinda convinced my friend to leave her husband and kids for a week and come over to london :D
3. Ran out of the house so mother doesn't see I was wearing a sleeveless top.. Yes I'm a 28 year old woman who still gets scared from her mother
4. Wore a skirt which I don't do very often
5. Laughed s0 much till I got a migraine and couldn't sleep from how painful it was
6. Had a FourMe day
7. Lived
8. Smiled

8 shows I watch:
1. M*A*S*H
2. Star Trek the next generation
3. Sex and the City
4. Entourage
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Brothers & Sisters
7. Gossip Girl
8. Heroes/CSI/Scrubs/Friends/
House/Top Gear etc the list goes on.. Btw I watch all of those all the time on and off..

8 Bloggers I tag:
1-8 I tag everyone that has commented on the previous 8 posts .. And if u don't wanna do it in ur blog just list them in the comment section.. Hell I'll get to know u better that way! Ok its mandatory.. Every single person that reads this blog MUST write their list in the comments.. DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!!

p.s. If I don't see enough comments there will be SEVERE consequences!! Hell I'll turn this baby private and only invite those who left their eights! :D

and don't think I'm joking!!


Anony said...


FourMe said...


*listening to this*

etge6 eshaila fog ras'ha o tgoom etranaa7

Anony said...


*etsafeg 7ag FourMe safgat el 3ayayez*

khal akhales el lsit malte :P katba 1 in each 8 :P

FourMe said...

w wailaaaa

ya s3oooood faat mn eshahaaaar khamsaaa w 3shreeeeeen

khayif 3alaiaaaaaah w wailaaaaaaaa

FourMe said...

*endamjaaat 7ad edooosa*


7azmeeeni ya anoony 7azmeeni o malich shoghol :p

FourMe said...

eee 7inya ya anony 7inay 3ala elghalbaaan !

Anony said...






*tefsakh melfa3ha o et7azem FourMe*

*takheth her jacket o et7awel etgha6e FourMe*



FourMe said...

yaa laaaaahwy !!

ma boga feha wakhizyaa


FourMe said...

9adgeeni ana elmafrooth a6laa3 raga9aa :P

w asimliiiiiiiiiii shwayaa ya 7alawtain mo bs 7alawaaa

Anony said...


cham kob qahwa sharba?

ya7asraat galbee 3ala el beeeeeeeeeeeeent :P

FourMe said...

hehhehe just one today.. but this is the new me :D

Anony said...

yah yaaah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

hateh 3asheeneeeeeeeeeeeeech




FourMe said...

w nshaaaaf daaaaamiii

*etfil esha3aar*

FourMe said...

waaaaih 3ashaaaw walaa ya m7maad khaaf mn alaaah y3eshooooooon

Anon mo chena ma boga s3ood, m7amad, sa3ad .. makhalait a7ad elyoum hehehhehe

Anony said...


la boga nawaf o 7amad :P

Anony said...

chak chak chaaaaak

a7ebaaakk a7ebaaaaaaaaaaak ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam *et6eg ergoba* :P

FourMe said...

ya monyaaaaaaaaty wana 7ibaaak ya salaaam ..

ygoolich ya anon "ydrab el7ub sho byzil" :p

yakhtich kilihom mako mashakil khalid yousif a7mad kilaa yamshiiiii

FourMe said...

wala mo zain ana arid 3ala ayaam elmajd wil ynoon eli feeni mo zain ya anony mo zaaaaaiiinnnnn!!

tara ana sh3ara w af9il... tharoori tagthboni wila aroo7 mn chees ahali

FourMe said...

wala ma7aaad kama ereeesh ela anaaa hehehehhe

anon ana FOURME 3ala sin w rom7 akhrty 9ert kama ereeeesha !!

w kama ereeeeshaa....

Anony said...


hal song 7ag nafnoofech :$


Anony said...

we onlyy live onceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



FourMe said...

ashaaaarli bl mandeeeel

*takhmi6 eshaila mn raas anon* ahoo yebaay khal nargi9

ya3ala etharbaa mshy wain thalif!! la yamshi khal yg3aad anony :p

Average.Q8i said...

8 things im looking forward to:
1. Finish Ig's.
2. Forensic Pathology Degree
3. Be a Football Manager
4. A9eer 9'3eef
5. Own Her Heart
6. Lebnaan
7. Make me mum Proud
8. Be independent by 18

8 things i wish i could do.
1. All Same as the above:).

8 things i did yesterday ( by yesterday y3ne ilyom before 12 :).)
1. Went to the Avenues.
2. 3umar o Salma 2 ( nice movie )
3. Smoked.
4. Slept
5. Ate Zbaiide and 8eema and rice for lunch.
6. Drank Pepsi.
7. Ate in Chocolate Bar for dinner.
8. Maku shay thanee :P.

8 shows i watch:
1. CSI NY.
2. Detective Conan.
3. FourMe's Blog is considered a show.
4. NCIS.
5. Both the other CSI's
6. Al 5arraz.
7. Extra Time
8. EPL


FourMe said...

3. FourMe's Blog is considered a show.

hahhahahahahahhahah nice one!!

Anony said...


tel7a'ahaaa 3yooooooooooon el shabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :P

Aurous said...

I've already done it in my blog... bs cham FourMe 3ndna?
here it is again :D

8 things i’m looking forward to:
1- my finals to end!
2- taking the computer room at our house and making it my office. (7ady kash5a adry ;p)
3- at3alam yabany.. again ;p
4- aroo7 elsoooooog
5- ashoof refejaty
6- ashoof my grade
7- the feeling of not having to study (a5r mara 7asait this feeling was february 2008)
8- hmmm…. *scratches head* eeeee… reading the many books I bought but didn’t get a chance to read

8 things i wish i could do:
1- memorize and understand everything… ;p (ashkara met3aqda mn el.final)
2- read minds
3- fly
4- think before I say something ;p
5- play the piano
6- paint
7- be a ninja like naruto ;p (ok, so I ran out of stuff to write)
8- madry!! :\… can’t think of anything

8 things i love:
1- my family
2- my friends
3- CHOCOLATE <3 <3
4- myself (naturally)
5- shopping
6- gadgets
7- medicine (kaify nerda ;p)
8- photography

8 things I did yesterday:
1- derasat
2- solafat
3- fe9alt ;p
4- 7ashait
5- derast some more (derast wayed so it deserves 2 be mentioned twice ;p)
6- had lunch
7- shebakt
8- went to fer3 el.jam3ya ely yam mustashfa mbarak

8 Shows i watch:
1- Lost
2- Grey’s Anatomy
3- Ugly Betty
4- House MD
5- Heroes
6- Desperate Housewives
7- Smallville
8- Supernatural

Anony said...


ween el dabkaa yallaaaaaaaaa :P

eleventhst said...

haha u like threatening people don't you :p

sorry not into making lists: unless they are check lists for traveling, food, or new music to download!


FourMe said...

waaay ba3ad galbi :* ya3l 3aini mtabcheech..

wow Japanese?! i wouldn't wana know what's on peoples minds :/ its invasion of privacy..

Anony said...

hadee shwaay i khal nagleb samree



FourMe said...

hahaha ya i have a knack for it :D


akhhh!! tharbteni 3al wataar ya anona!

*gamat etranaa7*

mazaaaaaj mo 9ej! 7abaitich :*

Anony said...

hehhe ;*

R.. said...

aham shay ina this post mn ziman u posted it o twa yi6la3 3indii madri lish ;@

i wanna skii dive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

FourMe said...

wee weeee nsait 9alat elmaghaarb :/

me go pray .. you ppl g3daw la tro7oon mokan..

R.. said...

wee ppl will stay here :p
we always do :p

Anony said...

7asbe allah 3ala ebleesech !!! :@

yala R 3ala matyee 3a6eena collection ghanawee :P

FourMe said...

a9ali wil ghanaawi shaghala eb mokhi :/

kila minich anony

FourMe said...


eeeeh hatha esanaa3!

R.. said...


ga3da asma3 hathii ;p
oo fa9la 3aliha ;p

R.. said...

ilyom fourme rathya 3ana (a)
tertha insolif here (a)

FourMe said...

*et'hiz e ehy ga3da*

Haww R ehniii .. agool elblog emnawir

R.. said...

hehe :$
asti7ii ana chithii :$ :p
imnawer bahalaa walla ;*

FourMe said...

FourMe's weakness is music.. give her good (CLASSICAL) music and she'll let you do what you want ;)

Anonymous said...

hey there :) im a new silent reader here,,, i just wanted to know do u live their with ur parents? :) or r u studying abroad??

Anony said...

alf laila o lailaa :O

FourME :O

eghneyaat R zainaa HOT HOT HOOOT :p

*does the jumping dance* :P

R.. said...

hehe ok (a)
i will give u something really classic and nice :D
one of my best actually :D

there u goo :D


Anony said...

so'al shlon narges 3ala hathe ??


la om kalthom wal a7aleem la 434 kilkom la7een :@

Anony said...


FourMe said...

la 3yoooni chethy dashaitay d3oom :/
classical up beat not classical make me commit suicide :(

and no english.. mo wagta

hello dear.. keep reading the blog and you'll find out :)

Average.Q8i said...


FourMe said...

R w 7yaat omich galbteha 7zin w thaim 3alay laish laish baba!

anonnnnnn gimme link rockkkk

R.. said...


is this good ?? :P

R.. said...

im sorry ;S
madrii :p
ana kla chithi my songs !

u want english?? :P

R.. said...

baq9aam mn wain im6alii3 this song ?? ;p

Anony said...



FourMe said...

3ala rasi! wala y6la3 minik yal nizgha :p

eeeeeeeeeeeee hathaaa eshoghol wla balaaash!

mo thabi7na ela hal asmaraaaaaani

win la'aaakom 7abeeebi salomoly 3alaaaih... sawaaaa7 wana mashyyy laialiiiii sawaaa7 aih ely gara'aaaali sawaaaaaa7

*etbos R mn ras'ha 3ala hal song*

anon 7azmeeeeeeeeeeeni :P

Anony said...

PUT THE VOLUME ON MAX o nagzaw 3ala el qanafa :P

Anony said...

radeena te7ezem :O

ana mokhe ftaar am3a el rock :P

*et7azem FourMe*

FourMe said...

la laaaaa n6raaaw la tnagzooon athan el3shaa.. a9aali w arid enagiz ymeee3

Average.Q8i said...

Shnoo y3nee 7asmeenee .. ?!

R.. said...

7yatiii walla intay ;**


there u goo :p

Anony said...

la elaha ela allaah!!

baq9am - ya3ni tarbe6 shay 3ala khaserha o taqes :P

Anony said...

*takil bafak o cola*

R.. said...

shda3wa anony ..

i wanna share u (a) ;p

Anony said...

* etraba3 o ta36e R*

R.. said...

*titraba3 b3ad o takil m3a anony b6a6* ;p

thanx ;*

FourMe said...

done praying..

Now lets ROCKK

Anony said...


R.. said...

fourme ..
sim3ay ily i gave it 2 u ;p

FourMe said...

anon u idiot that's not Let it rock the original version!!


Anony said...

R shtabeen an a7a6at'ha :O

Anony said...

ee ana agool feha shay ghala6 bs ma3arft :P

FourMe said...

Ohhhh baaaaby I make you come alive like you wouldnt imagine ;)

ok okaaay FourMe needs to shut her trap or she'll end up saying things that she shouldnt say

Anony said...

*etkhez FourMe*

yalla say ;p

FourMe said...



damn fool its ROCKING!!

R.. said...

This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.

hahahahaha !!! ;p

R.. said...

mta 7a6itiha ? ;/
im sry i didnt see ..

FourMe said...

hahahhahaha noo can doo baby.. must keep my mouth shut :X

FourMe said...

etrid etshaghil Sawa7

mn rocking laih sawa7 ykhrib baita mn mazaaj :/

Anony said...


sawaaaaaaaaa7 wana mashee fel bedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

o wen la'aaaaaaaakom 7abebeee salemoooooooooli 3aleeeeeeeeeee

R.. said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p
a7la shay !!!!!!

FourMe said...

zahbooli eghneya ba3adha

w sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Anony said...



FourMe said...


i looooove this song

Anony said...

wenla'aaaaaaakoom 7abebeeeeeeeee 7athfoo bel sakhaar :P


FourMe said...



he's so contagious.. he turns my pageeeeeeees..

R.. said...



FourMe said...

la laaa gemtay et'halgeeen :/

bs listen to this cuz i gotta log off for a while..


Anony said...



ta7azemaay ahoooooooooooooooo

Anony said...

ana adawer el qasar o hathe et7e6li seerat el 7ub

R.. said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
fa2a 6la3atliii ;p
hahaahahah !!!!!!!!! ;p

FourMe said...

ama el7ub ya roo7i 3alaih fy donya mafeeeesh a7la mn el7ub! nt3aaaaaaaaaaaab nghlaaaaaaaaab nshtkeeee lakin bn7ib!!

om el7ub 3ala eli y7ib 3ala ely yn7aab 3ala eli ef9alaat w 3alaa ely shaghlaat hal ghneyaa :/

Anony said...


Anony said...



R.. said...

ma 3indii ram :p
ya youtube ya 4shared plz (a)
shno il song ?? :p

Anony said...

laa 3ade mo big deal :P

R maboga shay 3ala el 100 (A)

R.. said...

eeee 7ada !!! ;p
hahaha ;p
chit chat girl !!!!!! ;p

Soul said...

mabrooooooom barrrrrreeeeeeeeeem


FourMe said...

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyy :** i missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :*

Anony said...

100 :D

desertpalms said...

=) lucky 101

umm..fourme..you know i love you right? BUT..this is long..even for ME..with my long hyper posts!

what books you reading? would you recommend either of them?

serenade said...

i've posted it on my blog,,, but here it is again :*

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. tanning
2. ramadan
3. traveling
4. moving out
5. going to hajj
6. regaining my figure
7. getting my life back on track
8. decorating the kids playroom

8 things I wish I could do:
1. fly
2. cook
3. stop time
4. write a book
5. speak italian
6. start my own institute
7. drive whenever, wherever
8. go backpacking around the world,, but stay at luxury resorts,,, which beats the whole purpose,,, but this is my answer ;p

8 things I love:
1. Allah w Rsoolah
2. my mom and dad
3. my hubby and kids
4. my brothers and sisters
5. chocolate,,, specifically nutella... *mmmm*
6. pearls and diamonds
7. anything disney
8. sunshine

8 things I did yesterday:
1. woke up early for a change
2. went to my dads house
3. had a late lunch
4. got some stuff from the pharmacy
5. read 3 HBR articles
6. ate the yummiest homemade beef wrap
7. discovered hendanda's blog, which is just hilarious!
8. slept late as usual

8 shows I watch:
1. Gossip Girl
2. Ugly Betty
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Chuck
6. 90210
7. Lipstick Jungle (too bad it got cancelled)
8. MadMen (well haven't started watching it yet,,, does that count?)


jam said...

ya wailna! i shall do as i am told!

8things im looking forward to:

3. swimming
5. being on an airplane
6. wearing short dresses bara kw
7. umm eating lunch?
8 things i wish i could do

1. flyyyy
2. speak italian
3. speak french
4. do things without moving an inch
5. produce BR icecream at home
6. own a penguin
7. weeh ma khalasna? speed up time
8. sing

8 things i love
1. icecream
2. sky-blue tiled pools on warm sunny days../ the blue beach
3. my birdiee
4. za familia
5. absolutely beautiful flowers
6. my macbook
7. google reader
8. pretty nailpolish

8things i did yesterday
1. counted down till aug.14 TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE comes out! woohoo
2. went to avenueees
3. baroue!
4. magic planet!
5. ate some goood pizza!
6. drooled at the falafel&co menu
7. stared blankly at the weather
8. hoped it would go away soon

8 shows i watch
1. gossip girl
2. greys anatomy
3. gilmore girls
4. veronica mars
5. dirty sexy money
7. las vegas
8.lost/heroes when i feel like it


zuz said...

8 things im looking forward to:

1-finish my freakin finals:@

2- hitting my own mini spa in the roof top:D

3-new moon;p

4-lose 5 more kilos

5-getting a DARK tan

6-read ALL the books in my library

7- my own fashion line

8- unbelievable:S, shal tag ely may5ale9:@

8 things i wish i could do:

1- see him again

2- become a young famous designer like stella mccartney

3- meet jacob black:D

4- make my mom happier

5-write a fashion book!

6- to be stronger and stop getting hurt after the stupid martial arts class:/

7- my weight to be 45 kilos like the old days :(

8- fight temptations

8 things i love:

1- allah


3- freakin HIM!

4-food :$


6- books

7- jacob black:D

8- shopping!

8 things i did yesterday:

1- prayed

2- bala3t!

3- went to college

4- darast (oh plz)

5- ate again:D

6-stared at his pix

7-watched videos

8- chatting with my besties

8 shows i watch:

1- the french prince of bel air, yeah i still watch it;p

2-grey's anatomy


4- friends

5- heroes

6- gossip girl

7- 5alti gmasha:P

8- :@


atoona said...

lol hal post galab nafs 'suwalef 9aba7eya' ;p

just wanted to drop a hiiiiiiiii cuz i'm finally freeeeeeeee
o i'm not doin the tag, i think its silly ;p

No identity.. said...

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. My birthday next month
2. My summer holiday to Europe
3. 3ors 3amti
4. Eight months to get over
5. Start my swimming classes, yea I am scared from water
6. Ramthan
7. Get my new camera
8. Participate fe ma3ra'9 el5a6 el3arabi by end of the year

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Travel around the world
2. Speak four languages
3. Banji jump
4. Sky dive
5. Be pro in driving fast, then join a rally
6. Perform/act in a movie
7. Spend a holiday in ship with the size of titanic
8. Sea Diving

8 things I love:
1. Cheese
2. Chocolate
3. Movies
4. Music
5. Spend money
6. Mugs
7. Key chains
8. Play Games

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Worked
2. Spend time with friend for his birthday
3. Met my cousin
4. Ate Pizza for lunch
5. Spend time at the art society center
6. Facebooking
7. Read blogs
8. Wished if I have more than 24hr per day ;P

8 shows I watch:
1. CSI
2. Prison Break
3. Lost
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Heroes
7. Mentalist
8. House

Stand-Alone~ said...

here is mine =D

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
- My Graduation (if they ever invite me lool)
- Travelling for the summer or just travelling
- My Birthday Party
- 1001 Laughs Comedy Show
- Having the horror movie day with bint el wazir
- Getting my man and be married by 09-09-09 (as how Mean B predicted)
- Getting nice smooth lovely shiny alive hair after i finish this oil hair treatment that i am doing
- Getting my 13th Salary

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Work abroad
- Fly for free
- Open my own business
- Sponsor an orphan
- Save the world
- Have more passion for my work
- Pimp my car
- Be a professional football player

8 Things I Love
- My Family
- My Friends
- My Country
- Food
- Picnics
- Friends Gathering
- Movie Days
- Me and My Friends Doing Crazy Stuff

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- Went to work
- Had lunch with the full WIMBAA shila
- Read blogs
- Played football
- Started my hair oil treatment
- Talked to my mom
- Talked to my grandma
- Agreed to be pimped by my bestfriend lool

8 Shows I Watch
- Deseperate Housewives
- Ugly Betty
- Grey's Anatomy
- Lost
- Heroes
- Nip/ Tuck
- Family Guy
- Prison Break

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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