Monday, 1 June 2009

It's a Bitch feast!

+ Why is it when things go wrong they all go wrong at the same time?? time to bitch and complain so here goes..

+ Is it payback for having TOO much fun last month and being my old self and not having a care in the world and turning family time into FourMe gone crazy'ish time :/

+ So remember my Pmdd and the hell that I was going through? Well they've had me on every hormone known to mankind for the past 3 months and it has solved the problem by 90% and turned me into a girlie girl on top of it. Yaaay right? No, NO fucking yaays here! I have to be on those bloody hormones till u know when? Till I find an ass that's willing to marry me so I can get laid and fix my bitch ass hormones! Ya yaaa gloat u sons of twats! My only solution is a man, bitch ass cosmic payback time ain't it?? I bitched and complained for years that I don't wanna get married and have kids till the day came where my fucking hormones wont stop acting like a maniac of a mad woman till I get laid or have a little dumb version of me!!

Seriously?! No fucking fair :( what the hell either I go through 3 weeks of hell every month or go on medication for years to come, plus be this shy girly EXTRA feminine girl :(( Come the fuck onnnnn!! The pills I can handle but the patches literally rip my skin off everytime I change them (every other day) imagine something is super glued to ur skin and u have to remove it every 48 hours, I swear it hurts :( so yaaa I have to endure this medication for at least 4 more months and if by then my skin hasn't all been pulled out of its place I would be placed on contraceptive pills, fucking virgin on the pill! Yay fucking me!! I aint going on it, it was hell taking it so am sticking to my lovely hormone doses that are ripping my skin off and making me a girly girl that blushes at the sight of any man!!

+ Wait it gets worse :D woke up to the worse case of hay fever.. with the lovely sunny weather my allergies kicked in and I'm sneezing the life out of me.. thank the Lord for Flixonase best damn med on earth!!

+ My best besssssst buddie is coming to London tomorrow for couple of days and he's too crazy and too insane and I'm in no mood to be insane.. I'm tired I wannaa hide under the covers and sleeeeeeeeep!! Must regain insanity must be insane for couple of days..

+ Hmmm I have a feeling I'm forgetting something.. I need to bitch about something else but I can't remember what ?!

+ FourMe is in need of some babying and loving.. baby me damnit!!

+ Never mind I'm still smiling :)

p.s. If I get any "ohh I'm willing to screw u and save u the trouble" idiotic comments I will hunt ur dumb ass down and beat the crap out of u and stick my patches all over u and rip them off one by one and torture ur ass to death! So spare me!


Anony said...


Eulalia said...

Lo0o0o0o0o0oL! ;****

Anony said...

la elaha ela allah!

heeey the ps ana eli asaweeha mo entay :@

al7een ana mane faham hal dowa ykaleeech hormons madre shino o feminine madre shino .. shlon lil7een kil hal 3unf fech :O

Lili3 said...

Salamat :( my cousin has the same or similar to what you have said.

Jack ass said...

Wow I have only been away for four days and I miss 5 new posts ? Hmmm maybe u shud slow Down..


Just kiddin.Its nice to hear u Bitchin.. Keep Goin never stop.

P.S - I was in London last four days.
Got a Tan !!! Can u believe it.I know u cant..

FourMe said...

ohhh i remembered! Remind me never to cut my hair short ever again!! its too bloody annoying I can't do any thing with it!!

dude not only its making me feminine but its making me delicate!! trust me it has calmed me down ALOT!! and i'm not vicious :/ I'm just normal and not too feminine girly girl type that's why i still get pissed and angry..

ys3idlee msaach :**

alah ysalmich dear thank you..

jack ass:
I'm on a roll :p

I know!! its friggin amazing! I've got a tan too :D

Âme said...

I am listening..

~ Soul

Average.Q8i said...

Laiih Hal Darajaa Being a Woman hurts, Il 7amdellaa Ya Rab.

Daddy's Girl said...

how ironic... now we must must find a husband for you or its the patch removal every other day!!!

Do u have to have a kid b3d 3shan this hormonal jumble stops!? Y3ni mako 2 years kids free marriage!???

Inzain how about ur best buddy? mako majal he becomes the one for u? You know the best marriages are ones built on strong friendships... my husband was -& still is- my friend... Mako amal?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


fourme fourme fourme!

life is screwing you over all the time! who needs men?!

Aurous said...

3ady... life sucks ;p

you should start shopping for a husband ;p

FourMe said...

aren't ya tired of listening?

more than you can ever imagine! its a 24/7 job..

daddys girl:
its karmaa biting me in the ass :/
its a 50-50 either this or that will fix it..

God no.. first he's 4 years younger than me.. second he's like a brother, I've known him for over 10years and he sits and bitches about his gfs to me.. that's beautiful I hope I can find that one day, alah ytamim 3alaikom.. friendship is the core of any successful relationship..

honey life is fucking me left and right but am still smiling :) ehh as much of an idiots as they are as adorable as they are (once in a blue moon) which makes it worth the hassle..

thats the beauty of it.. it truly sucks yet one beautiful moment makes all the sucky part worthwhile..

hell no! let the ass find me.. i aint shopping..