Friday, 19 June 2009

i can't take it..

Damn!! Talk about sever pms!! When you know its your hormones that are pissing you off and you try to control yourself but failing miserably!! I swear all of us women should go to heaven for enduring all these crappy woman related issues... I want to scream, yell, break things, punch anyone, and I want someone to hug me so I can cry like a baby till I have no more tears.. I have no reason to cry yet I wanna cry :( Yesterday was watching a movie and came on a scene where there was a dog fight where two dogs were ripping each other to pieces.. Ya I started crying.. Why FourMe? I don't know all I could think of was animal cruelty and the waterworks were switched on..

I wana screammmmmmmmmmm... I feel like a fucking volcano is bubbling up inside me and I know its caused by my whore of hormones yet I can't do anything to keep calm! I tried it all it ain't fucking working!! 3amaaa I'm pissed off.. Ohhh and not even mentioning the tenderness and soreness of the girls.. I can't even sleep at night!! I can only sleep on my stomach and that is out of the fucking question.. so ya sleep deprivation on top of it.. yaa that bad.. someone fucking hug me I need to cry.. Not only that but I can't stand people talking to me.. I don't wanna talk I don't wanna hear anything I don't wanna do any fucking thing just leave me be.. Really like its not bad enough I'm on those skin ripping patches and other pills and I still have to pms!?? you gotta be fucking joking! What more am I to do????? Give me a break, torture me but within reason.. this is not right.. honestly I can't take this anymore too much is too fucking much.. WHAAAT THE FUCKKKKK! Can't they fucking find me a solution that actually fucking work!!??

Seriously Pmsing is fucking exhausting.. You men are lucky bastards.. You should all thank God a million time you don't have to go through this! I can go on all day long bitching but I'll shut it cuz what's the fucking point.. if you haven't gone through it you won't understand how tedious and exhausting it feels mentally and physically.. No fair.. No fair honest to God no fair.. I'm trying to change things around but my body and fucking life ain't fucking allowing it.. I fucking give up.. Fuck me up as much as you want I'll take it like a bitch without saying a word.. I'm tired and this is too much to bear.. This is my breaking point I'm tried.. break me as you like I fucking give up.. ..


Anony said...


Anony said...

la elaha ela allaah

Average.Q8i said...

Wallaiiih, Walla msaiicheeena.

Lo Agdar Agoolech Shay, I would, Bess magder :(.

yallah Bel Salama inshaalaa.

أحمـد said...

عندك مشكلة نفسية مستعصية
الله يكون في عونك :]

Anony said...


abi afham bs shlon 7alalt moshkilat'ha elnafseya mathalan?

she's bitching because of her PSM, and PSMing eyee men el PERIOD o el PERIOD is a physical problem

fa faserlii again shlon sarat nafseya el salfa??

unless you tries psming? o once a upon time you used to have periods??

Anony said...


أحمـد said...

Dear Anony :
It's so simple sweety just read her posts again. And you'd find that out !

Anony said...

I've read every single post in this blog, and I can't see any "mashakil nafseya mosta3seya" 3ala goltik! .. This blog is to vent and bitch does that make a person pyscho? o I'm assuming u read the whole blog? Wala old posts? Cause most of her last posts were songs o kharabee6 nothing about bitching or mentioning anything person !! Gareet el blog ba3deen yay etgol 3endaha mashakil nafseya? La o mosta3seya! .. Laa o fe post ma yesta7mal raf3at thaq6 zyada!

Anony said...


And if u think 3endaha mashkil nafseya why do you read it?

And why do u even come back! Ur curious om "ilmashakil elnafseya almusta3seya" shno betgool??

Ya3ne ghair shaghla el wa7ed be6ale3 7araat galba o eyon elnas ygolon 3endokom mashakil nafseya!

أحمـد said...

Dear Anony :
Sorry If you get me wrong. And I didn't meant to offence anyone. Lastly, I apologize to FourMe and you.

Anony said...

How did I get you wrong ?

O ba3deen assuming u were right bel 3agel wel man6eg fe a7ad yro7 ygol 7ag a7ad enta 3endek mashakil nafseya?? La o mosta3seya !!

Ya u be supportive and try to help that person ya yadaar madakhalik shar o let us deal with our own problems!

7asbli allah 3ala blees el 3adoo!

أحمـد said...

-_-" How Did I Get Myself Into This?
ma tshof shr FourMe.

Anony said...

Yeslam rasik maqasart

أحمـد said...

Allah ya salmk dear.

Anony said...

I'm a girl :)

Ps: il kilma il 6ayba can do wonders!

Latgol shay mara7 tertha 3ala nafsek o 7ata lo kan sa7ee7 7awel etgola eb 6areeqa la6eefa

أحمـد said...

Dear Annoy :
I know you are a girl since ever. Second, I don't have any hard feeling towards anyone. Bl3akis FourMe 3ala al3ain wa alras and anyone like her.

Anony said...

The I'm guessing u're Saudi

Magelna you have bad feelings, I'm just saying if you have anything to say, say it eb 6areeqa la6eefa

3ala el3een welras despite the "mashakil nafseya musta3seya" ?? ;p loool

Anyways I'm off to bed

Just remember el kilma el 6ayba kan do wonders :)

Ahmed said...
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Ahmed said...

:D salamat .. 6hoor inshallah

moi said...

oh b3d 3umry:/ that has to be really painful:/, i hope u get better sweets;**

FourMe said...

Aww you're like my little guardian angel :* Alah la ya7rimny minich

il7amdila 3ala kil 7al..

I don't know how you made a connection between an actual problem that I have, which doctors have diagnosed with your own diagnostics of my mental state.. Anyway I thank you for your opinion..

Welcome back.. how was the honeymoon? Thank u dear :*

No identity.. said...

Dear ... totally understands your position ... i go the same thing each and every month ... daaaaa gus are so lucky ....

Anony, can i hire you to be my future lawyer for future reference just incase ;P …. You rock

desertpalms said...

poor baby =(


ohhhh i dont ever feel a thing! and it only lasts for 2-3 days and its all good!


ok back to calm dp now =D

*gives you a big fat hug and rubs your back*

inshallah theyll come up with some sort of solution soon =S it really is unbearable for a week let alone all the time! =(

~HaUnTeR~ said...

If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change.
"John A.Simone"

Thats all what Iam going to say :)

Hope u feel alot better soon.

FourMe said...

no identity:
its so tiring, isn't it?

hehe no noo I don't share Anony she's all mine :p although sometimes she thinks she's my mother so ya if you want a 2nd mother you can have her..

oh HATE THEM!! and they're so smug about it.. they did give me a solution and it worked perfectly for 3 months then the dumb ass's decided to up my dose and here we are back to square one :/
thanx babe :*

thank you dear :)

R.. said...

shlonich?? zaina ?? ;p
tawniii ashof this post;p
alla e3eniiiich ;/

FourMe said...

bit better.. at times it goes extreme then it goes back down then goes back up again.. bs am fine today.. thnx for asking dear :)