Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I want a jewel encrusted Vacuum!

+ Have you heard of anyone vacuuming walls? every couple of months I get this urge to clean.. DEEP CLEAN i.e. moving furniture around, vacuuming under it, over it, the whole works but this time I got carried away a tad bit :/ I started vacuuming the walls! Now that's even TOO much for me! Just for those who can't picture it, I took that external hose thingy attached to the vacuum and started vaccumming the qanafa (coach) then don't ask me how I moved on to the walls.. Let me tell you, now you can literally eat off the walls from how clean they are :D

See it was a combination of my love for vacuum cleaners, coffee, and Om Kalthoom.. I kinda got into the mood once I started listening to this and started dancing to it for 20 minutes non-stop (those of you who dance know the hardest to dance to is Om Kalthoom and for that long) needless to say the day after I could not move from the intense vacuuming and dancing :D

++ I'm eating like a cow.. 24/7 I'm eating.. fine not humongous portions but I'm always eating and its damn tiring! I'm not used to eating s0 much.. bitch ass hormone med started working 3adil bs ga3da w a3alif :/ I am what you call a skinny cow.. See the patches don't make me eat as much but when I take the pills (for 2 weeks each month) I eat and sleep like a cow.. I sleep about 9 to 10 hours and eatttt and eatttt and eatttttt.. fine I ain't gaining, well I am but at an extremely slow rate but its changing my body in a weird way.. Well mother says if I keep taking this med I will have and I quote "child bearing hips" soon! aha ahaa do explain what child bearing hips are please? And when she was pregnant with me she had smaller hips than I do now! and the woman is complaining about my hips! Leave my hips alone! They are fine just the way they are *cries* yes it makes me extra emotional too.. Don't insult the hips people!!

+++ Ahmedinejad won the Iranian elections! Seriously!!? Lets all embrace World War 3! Cuz this arse will have a hand in it.. His brains are truly in his knees..

++++ I feel much lighter.. Weird to explain.. but I feel as light as a feather..

+++++I must must stop reading books about war, destruction, oppression and the lot.. the more I read the more depressed I get :/ Why am I so intrigued by a topic that breaks my heart?! Fuck it I HEART politics..

++++++ Cravings for a PhD are getting stronger by the day.. mind you my brain is as white as the colour white.. I have managed to forget everything I was taught during BA and MA :D Bless my heart and I wanna do a PhD!! yaa my ass..

+++++++ She said a line that got stuck in my head "Ma yaba rajal" eee walaaa oo ma yabaa rajaal..


Anony said...


Anony said...

i think you should run a cleaning agency ;p

Amethyst said...

I get the urge to clean when I'm pissed off..

serenade said...

hey there monica ;) that's what the girls used to call me cuz I was such a neat freak,,,

bas 3ala 6ary il "childbearing hips" I used to hear the same argument,, il7imdilla my hips bore children just fine,, and inshalla they are going back to their normal size, I still have a few kilo's to go,,

give me thin rather than overweight anyday! not that there's anything wrong with overweight, it just drives me crazy when people tell me I'm too thin,, I mean what can I do, if I'm fat they'd tell me lose weight, you can never satisfy everyone so leave me alone comfortable in my own skin,,,

sorry for going overboard,, it's a touchy subject ;p

Average.Q8i said...

3rd Point, 5o even musawee is a bad ass, No offence to anyone.
I'd rather Najad on Musawee a million times.
Bess im telling uu , WW3 is happening in the next 20 yrs 99.9%.

desertpalms said...

yep..seen it all before..vacuumed walls, vacuumed curtains...vacuumed windows..YES..WINDOWS! :P

phD eh? how about you just write my assignment for me and itll all be good in the hood? =D waja say?

i was feeling me some om kulthoum last night actually..


R.. said...

i agree with anony ;p
hehe ;p
mashalla 3alich ;p
clean freak ?? ;p
wla what do u call it ?? ;p
3ad walls mra wa7da mashalla 3alich ;p

Gee said...

walla lech mgaga !!
ana zain etha 76ait hdoomi bel kabat o enti tnathfen el 6ofa !!

sektay bs la omi tesme3ech, walla ethelni fech
o ta36eni bo "shooofay FourME, laish ma t9eren nafs.ha shga9rech !! eed wla reeel !!"

so shush :p