Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Do Tell?

hehehe damn hilarious!!

Okay shame on me shame on me shame!! Bad girl FourMe! Bad bad *smacks herself*!!
I really have no manners do I? I bitch, scream, yell, and cry on your shoulders yet lack to ask the simplest things about you :/ I realised that I don't know many things about you and seeing most of you tend not to be an open book like yours truly, I really don't know much about any of you!

So let's kick it off..
I really have no idea what any or most of you are studying or studied :/
So tell me what are your majors?
and anything else you wanna tell me about you..


Anony said...


..::Amu::.. said...

my major is kinda typical but I like it... 'IT'

Anony said...

Okh Amu lil7eena 3ayesh .. i thought he passed away long time ago :P

Marketing :D

and i want to sleep now :P

Anony said...

o ba3deen shako wana know?? m ou're leaving us ?? :@ SHAKO U KNOW HAAAAAA SHAKOO

ana agool na7gerech o manred 3aleech :P (A)

Âme said...

You know about me.

Ask me what more you want to know.

~ Soul

Anony said...
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Anony said...

Ame - she knows but we dont :O

FourME - shino 3al anas o naas !! :@

R.. said...

awalan :p
i loved the picture hahah :p
thaniyan accounting ;x ;p

Saudi Dawn said...

I got an MA in English :-D, and i really like ur style in writting..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

im a rocket scientist!! =D

Candy said...

software engineering..
and you forume??

Neoark said...

lol i don't think one paycheck is enough for heals :P

zuz said...

dandoooon thats impressive:O!;p, my major is finance..and i minor in fashion and arts;/(i know irrelevant), whats YOUR major?;p

Anonymous said...

what are u studying?

FourMe said...

Hey ur back! You've been missed.. Seeing technology took over the world, you IT people are just as important as doctors..

Anoooon I have a feeeeeever *cries* be nice to me :(

Don't wana ask.. Want u to tell me what u wanna tell me..

Right? Hehe cracked me up
That's the one that involves numbers right? Yaa I don't understand them either

Saudi dawn:
Nice! Thank you dear :)

Hahaha am gona shove a rocket............
Yesss fine I know you're a med student..

Wow so you're one of those brainiacs :p

International Relations

Heheh so true ;)

Lucky u! Wanted to major in fashion but mummy bless her heart wouldn't let me and am actually grateful that she didn't.. Politics was my second choice

BA International Relations minor Media Communications.. MA International Relations

I finished studying.. Hopefully one day I'll study again with Gods will..

anamethystworld said...

English Literature

I miss you! And yes, adri ana eli shakhbari;p

Even Sweeter said...

Interior design/ business managment and I also had fashion design classes...
Bs I really didn't like stiching so ma kamalt...
And I think that I might work as a stylist! Loya ;p

Limited said...

Advertising and Public Relations Management =D

if you want to know more about us you can always just post questions you want answers to and we'll answer ..

Aurous said...

I study medicine... :\

aaaand... I play the keyboard (organ) ;p

f7ee7eely said...

I have a bachelor's degree Bull Shitting and a Master's in Baloney........I tend to play with my ears when I'm dozing off.

Lili3 said...

I'm in business college, and my choices is still open. any suggestions?

female symphony said...

AL - Applied Linguistics

eleventhst said...

Finance and IT...

want to work a bit and then do my masters in Economic Development..

I still love watching cartoons in the morning with breakfast..

R.. said...

yeah the number thingie ;p
fourme why ur always sick ;/

Hasan.B said...

Medicine and I am going to try one of your favourite rest. tomorrow. It better be good:P

Average.Q8i said...

School, Bess i just got my HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYy.


Yaa ineee ra7 a6eye77 fe blogich ya FourMe 24 sa3aa, Ra7 a9eer a5as min Anony, 5 posts in 1 sec:P.

desertpalms said...

So i have a whole months worth of bitching screaming yelling and crying to catch up on? :P

im the luckiest person in the world! hehehe


Anony said...

so'al, how come ppl mayadroon what you studied?? ..

dont they read the blog wala shino??


FourMe said...

I'm s0 not talking to u!! i miss u too.. come backkkk :(

even sweeter:
that's so cool! i like stitching needs alot of concentration and precision..

that's a good one! see i don't want a survey like information.. when you tell ppl to tell you whatever they want u get to find the oddest things about them or simply info that u didnt even think about asking about..

ohh you're a butcher :p
i have no musical talents what so ever :/

tsharafna ma3ak khrejat shari3 m7mad 3li.. Bachelors bl darda7a minor bl farfasha.. Masters eb haz elwi96 w qareeban PhD bl 3awlaama :P

seriously how freaking adorable are u! i bet u twirl your hair as well

one piece of advice, study a topic that u enjoy and passionate about.. if u do so learning will become a joy and not a chore..

female symphony:

ahaa ahaa yaa we can't be friends anymore :p what the hell could your major be more like quantum physics to me :/

eysalmik/ch dear thank u..

because i'm unbelievable delicate hell i'm more delicate than delicacy itself :p okaay ignore me I'm in a silly mood.. no seriously i have a crappy immune system that's why anything gets to me.. anyhows il7amdila all is good :)

which which one?? I promise I won't stalk u :p

If Mr. Chow try the satay chicken, vegetable dumplings and velvet chicken, they say the oysters are good as well as the duck and beef in oyster sauce.. basically anything they serve is YUM.. me HEART mr. chow!!

If Zuma (not my fave but good place) try the black cod they say its to die for.

If Hakkasan you must mustttttt have their noodles.. and dumplings both the regular ones and the grilled.. ohh and they have an amazing mushroom starter forgot what its called :/ but its the only one in the appt section :D

hehehehe 7ayaak obooy elblog bloggik

YOU (*%$^#^^&**(*(*&&^%$@##@ where the fuck have u been!!!?

yes yes u are blessed ;) just don't commit suicide after reading as a result of sever depression

honey no one here loves me as much as u do.. they won't remember small details about me, only u do :*

R.. said...

its (ch) ;p
mo u took ur flu injections ?
still u get sick ?
its ok kila ib ajra :D

FourMe said...

daaamn you really did read 400+ posts! w manta7raty? :p

ya I did but I just get the flu for a day or 2 but without the flu jab I'd get it once a month and it would last at least 2 weeks.. ni3ma shay ahwan mn shay..

R.. said...

ee haw shfich gitlich lma 36itich link song 3abadii :p
o i read them ;p
l2ana i was so damn bored !!!!!
fa garet.hom ;p
a9lan ewanson ;p
o tha7aktini wayed ;p
l2ana ur anger issues r so funny sorry ya3nii ;p
bs they r (a) ;p

Anony said...


knock knock!

just for the record i live here!

so Mrs.R o Mr. baq9am aka average q8ti lata7wlon etbogon mokanii!

see mo ebalash el 3eesha menee :P

shakla lazem amte7enkom :O

R.. said...

ma bigt mokaniiich (a)
o a9lan mn igayshich intay ;p
intay ghair ;p
uve been here like 4ever ;p
ana tawnii ydeda (a)

Anony said...

yeah just wanted to make sure :P

bs u never know, yatha il7ub el jedeed :P

FourMe said...

3ayal 6afoch eldeleted posts :p
I aim to please.. waih waih balaach ma sheftay shay mn elanger :D

p.s. Anony is 2nd in command in here hell sometimes I'm second in command and she gets to do what she wants :/

I'm so craving darabeel :(
send me some :/

Anony said...

tawa yaybeeeli khosh 7awlwaa tabeen .. 7e6eena 3al aur pinky face :P

FourMe said...

nooo am serious I want darabeel :( and no one (so far) is coming soon here :/ soulo might come but she doesnt know when.. I really want darabeeel I must fulfil my cravings!

leave my pink face alone.. its called natural beauty mootay 7ara

Anony said...

eee qesay 3ala 3umrech o golay natural beauty :P


enzaaain al7eeen as3ad el sa6e7 a7theflech wa7ed bel naba6a bs mo sheghli etha a7ad legafa bel darb .. khobrech el 3ethaal kathreen

FourMe said...

eh!! you should see me without any make-up i look bloody adorable not a day over 15 :p

naba6 ely tbo6 rasich! fedex yal 3obaa fedex me some.. enas w9law elgumar wintay lal7een shoghol 96oo7 w nba6aat :/

enzain am off to bed, nite nite gorgeous..

Anony said...

fedex dont deliver food :@ or was the DHL? :P

yeah me too, bs baraqeb shway @@ :P

a7laam sa3eeda my darling ;*

Stand-Alone~ said...

I studied Business Information System, which i hate and i dont like and i wish if i studied something else!!!

Average.Q8i said...

Anony :@, laiish ma gelteelaha 3an our offer :@?

Anonymous said...

7safaaaa ;p
Why did u delete them? ;p
I want to seeeeee !


Mix said...

Majored in Economics and Finance in England and did a post grad in Finance about three yrs ago. I can now happily say I am done (with exams, not finance :)