Saturday, 6 June 2009

Baby Steps..

I'm not a fan of technology hell I'm not good at it either and recently its been really getting on my nerves! I like the old fashioned way of doing things, I can think better when I hold a pen in my hand and jot down my thoughts, technology has taken the fun out of that.. So ya I'm slowly backing away from it..

On any given day I need to have my laptop, BB, and my Nokia (number that everyone knows, bb no one knows). I'm fed up of being surrounded by technology ALL the time. So since last month I started leaving my Nokia at home, open my laptop MUCH less times than I usually do, and this week I started going out without my BB :D Ohh and I stopped wearing a watch.. Seeing I have crap memory I wrote my mothers number and the house number down on a piece of paper and carry it with me and I don't carry cards anymore I just carry cash and that is it!

The worse thing is trying to leave this baby :( I got so used to some of you that's its going to be quite difficult to leave so baby steps, baby steps.. I'm not quiting this minute but just to inform you I will be loving you and leaving you in the near future ( Anony don't get your panties in a knot I will always stay in touch with you :* ).. So if you click here and find that I don't exist anymore know that I had the balls to shut this baby for good..

Enough with the God damn technology I'm done with it..


Anony said...

sa3ba sa3baaa hal techno :P

Anony said...





ana agool gareet esmii !!!!

bs this!! this !! here now !!

blog !! ba7!!!



Anony said...

wana asbali eb taktebeen 3an twittryy madre shinoooo


Anony said...

o ana ween awali :(

weeeeeeeen aroooooooooooooo7

aseer first 3end mino:(

a3aseb 3ala mino :(

magdar asarekh 3ala el nas if they took my place :( i only have the upper hand here :(


akhareb comments mino???

were do i act crazyyy ?????

tara men sijii ga3da takhnegnee el 3abra al7eeeen :(

Anony said...

o ba3deeen u cant close it !! im not done nagging 3ala f7ee7eeely !!


*anony is sad*

Anony said...

i dont have a play ground i dooont habe anythinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


*anony teg3ad bel zawya o mada el booz*

Average.Q8i said...


FourMe said...

stop bitching anony i didn't say am closing this baby just yet, maybe in a week or month or sever mood swing..

so hush, plus am giving custody to Ame seeing you're already semi lodging there so you won't find it difficult to move.. and don't worry i'll make him promise to let you play around and screw up his blog as much as you want without him kicking you out..

i swear anony am fed up of it all.. emails, msn, blogging, fb etc the whole thing.. I just wanna shut them all off.. phones i've already cut off on that so all goes well I'll be technology free in no time :D

and you little thing why are you bitching! you're the only one that has both my numbers here and one in kuwait so put a sock in it you can contact me whenever you want to..


Anony said...

adre bs still :@

this is my home :@


o ba3deen did you think that ppl will let you of the hook that easy ??

oh FourMe nice knowing you byebye :@


o ba3deeen Ame's blog mo wanasa :( ma3a e7terami ya3ni :P

im first without any effort :P o mako bicthing o tushy mushy stuff :P

so'al cutting everything off o ba3deeen????????????


Âme said...

Its an integral part of our existence now.

We can live without it, however, I would prefer it to be in my life at the minimum.

I wouldn't quit using technology.

I would use it wisely.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

trust me anon if people can do it in real life and simply say "nice knowing you bye bye" i can certainly do it to an electronic bunch of people.. even though i adore so many of you yet trust me it can be done..

then peace and quiet.. i don't know I'm just intensely hating technology.. I've always hated it and now it has hit a sky high hate..

be nice to him and am sure he'll write a bitching post once a month or so just for you..

true it is part of our lives yet the unnecessary parts of it can be dropped..

Anony said...

sheftaaay ta3alemaay men ame 7ekam 7ekaaam

its not about whether i can contact you or no..

its ur blog !! comoon! dont tell me it doesn mean anything to u that you'd quit just like that!

Ame do something :(

Anony said...

i didnt mean you! i meant commentors!! if they're willing to let you leave that easy sure in hell I WONT :@


FourMe said...

bloggy means the world to me, its the only way I let things off my chest.. and that's one of the problems, I'm opening up too much and I'm not liking it, I prefer my old way of keeping whatever the fuck is bothering me to myself and suck it up and be a big girl about it and not bitch here 24?7.

anon when you disappear into thin air really no one can do anything about it.. hehe what do you want him to do? chain me down

Average.Q8i said...

Chinnich, My best football player who is retiring :(.
Feeling Bad.

Sorry, bess cant open my laptop without checking ur blog, Its an addiction.

FourMe said...

Awww bless :) not leaving yet so you a have a bit more of complaining to hear from me..

tell me who's your footballer?

Anony said...


he'll use sense with you :P i dont know thats his thing not mine !!

ok .. how about you dont open up wayeD??? shway shway

ya3ni ya 6ekha ya ekser mokha??? mayseer :@

la 7awla wala quwata ela bellaaah

allahomaa sabereek ya rooooooooooooooo7

ana agool 7e6e el BB on silent cause ana ga3datlech ga3daeb hal post :P

Anony said...

Average zain ne6agt !!!! ana kent bazefek 3ala el sad face :P bs i dont know u elsara7a hal yomeen gemt ashof ur comments fa gelt khal asket :P

now since tekalamt o since lil7een mako ela ana wenta fa how about etsawe shay :P

FourMe said...

look its an addiction, if I know its there I'll use it.. I'm the type of a person who likes to be in control of her life, call me crazy or obsessive or what have you, that's just me and I like my ways.. there are 2 things in life that I can't control myself around.. other is gone and technology.. so yaa slowly getting rid of it :)

FourMe said...

7ach bs listen to this it'll cheer you up :p

God i love this woman and her talent!! Magnificent voice, words, emotions the whole deal..

Average.Q8i said...

Maa Agdar Agool My favourite footballer la2ana, like uu, it will expose mee.
He is not soo common like ronaldo wela Gerrard:P.

Bess walla 9ij, u dropped a big bombshell.
Y3ne ur breaking up with people who love uu, 9ij.
Y3nee, Why not just keep this blog. Dont bitch out anything, O write fewer times, Bess ina maku this blog 5aiir shar. Itss too devastating.

Who inspired me to open a blog?
I started reading ur blog ayaam the revision times o couldnt stop reading.
Even at the Champions league final i was reading the blog rather than watching the match.
Balla isnt that addiction?

Please dont close this blog, Just keep it, In case u feel the urge to write.
I can accept that u may want to take a break wela wont write for a month, bess if u close this blog, its unthinkable
5aleeh open and write in it whenever u feel like. Its the feeling that u may write that is comforting bess when u close its devastating.

Please dont close it.

Anony said...

ee 3afyaaa average kather men hal 7ache :P .. cause i meed to take a break now .. fa enta khalek metwasel 3ala el 7anna :P loool

Average.Q8i said...

Entay T3arfeenhaa zaiin Fa 3adee t7eneen 3alaiiha:P.

Ana 3adee Te6rednee Ba3ad shway, Fa 5aleeenee 3ala gad 7aaleee :P.

5an Shoof Shetgool, Inshallaa Tesma3 kalamnaa:p.

A5aaf Tit3'aalaa 3alaiina, Tabee Tshoof Gaderha 3endenaa:p?

eleventhst said...

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!! it amazes me with all the new things that are coming out! I can't get enough!

the best way to spend an afternoon shopping is at the techie section checking out the latest gadgets!

Anony said...

mo le'ana ana a3aref 3adel fa 7achye mara7 y'ather wayed she expect me to do all this

bs lazem stranegr eyoon o ygoloon chethy yemken galbha y7en o tertha :P

fa eli ga3ed etsawe zain kamil kamil i'll support you .. etha eb te6redek ana atwasa6 . 7aram FourMe ygolich u're his addiction! .. ythee3 el walad eb sebetech laish ???:P

ZoN said...

w ba3dain ya3ni.. ana ebro7y em3a9ib hal yomain, fa malah da3i etkhaliny atnarfaz w a3a9ib akthar
shofay ya fourme hold your ground w khalich eb ma7alich, when i come back next month i want to find you here!!
otherwise, OTHERWISE, i will find you and will vent all my anger on u.. u understand me.. ya3ni ana alqaha minich wila min ilderasa wila mn il dikatra wila min iljaw wila min shino ya3ni.. astaghfrallah

Average.Q8i said...

Ee wallaa, Ymkn Aroo7 Bdahyaa.
wela asawee shay ibnafsee (( Ismillaa 3alay:p ))

FourMe, we are being serious. Dont close this blog, Seriously?

I mean dont think of it as technology, Think of it as something far away from technology.

Why do u want to keep things to urself, to become sad like before.

I really dont know but i think by time u became more content with urself, and i know this blog helped.
Ur bitching posts have decreased and btw we miss them, ur life have become better i think.

Please reconsider.

Anony said...



zonny i can help you hunt her down o etha tabeee agthelblik eyaha o enta 7e6 7aretek feha 3adel :P

zain chethy FourMe??? zonny el 6ayeb le7bayeb zain chethy etkhaleena y3aseb o etshofeen his bad side???

average - khalik more drama yenfa3 akthaar ehya 3ayara ma3alik menha :P

R.. said...

laaaa2 dont close it !!!!
its amazing !
i loved every single post !!
malich shighil mn il technology :p
hatha ma fih technology ;p
its different ;p
plz dont close it ! *sniff*

Anonymous said...

na3am na3am na3aaaaaaaaam

ok, i know we don't talk everyday bs i am 100% sure that i will miss you!


it is never easy to wave goodbye to bloggerat mithlich ..once i said itha flana w flana w flana w fourme quit elbetta3 i will stop it too, bs it seems eni kishat ib my blog gablich ;p

enzaaaaaaaain w elzibdaaaaaaaaa
me no want u to go :(

adri u r not leaving this minute bs ham maaaaaaaaabi ;s

*jealous mn anony* :p

Squirreliya - sad

Anony said...

haw laish jealous mene :O

bs mo mawtho3na hatha al7een

i need as much ppl i can get

basawe strike al7een :P so far its nonvoilence strike bs ba3deen bagleb violence stirke :P

R.. said...

bitsawen strike 3la what ? :p
u can count me in ;$

Anony said...

madre tawni shayfa movie emsaween strike gelt it may help :P

think with me R shensawe??

since ma bel yad 7eela .. how about everytime we comment we write down something ??

Thank God u're still here ;p hahaha

Anony said...

strike that we dont want her to close the blog rakzaay :@ :P

FourMe said...

honestly you're all so adorable.. thank you for giving a damn :)

ZON stop yelling at meeeeee :/ you disappear all the time you didn't see me bitching!

Alah y3eenik..

eleventhst said...

ooh and one more thing:

DONT CLOSE YOUR BLOG!! Duuude your attitude is awesome! Plus ur my man utd blogger buddy!! We crazy reds have to stick together!!

Daddy's Girl said...


Baby steps to closing ur blog!

itsadgeen 3jbatne il fekra?! Fakka... U become free o do whatever u want whenever u want it! I dont wear a watch anymore... o BB layl7een ma 3ndi o shakli bag3ad 3la my old nokia... o my nokia in uk is the oldest nokia that still works o it just makes me tinkle whenever i use it :D

Chini babdi aqaldech b3d :D

7elwa il drama... one day ur there... and then poooof! Bain il A6lal!

Average.Q8i said...

Tara Some ppl arent helping :@.

I, Average Q8i, hereby declare a campaign against FourMe, in her decision to close her blog.
I will do whatever i can to make her change her unfair decision.

Stand-Alone~ said...

what? CLOSE??
NOOOO.. Girl, you have no idea how your attitude is helping people out there.. you are just one of the rare pure people who blog with uniqueness.. YOU CANT QUITE ON US!!

i am with anony and Ang.Q8i and the rest.. dont close it.. keep it.. your blog is one of the must blogs to be checked everyday!!
i dont comment much but i am one of your many loyal followers!!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this has got to be the WEIRDEST reason ive heard for anyone quitting blogging!!

kilish no legit either =@

im joining the campaign/strike thingie and marching down the streets naked to protest this!

No identity.. said...

Noooooooooooooooo .... speechless :(

Limited said...




I repeat, N-O

Not allowed to! where are we supposed to have our bitching sessions? posts that make us think? the FourMe attitude?

I join this strike/protest!!