Wednesday, 10 June 2009


**I have an unbelievable love for elephants and this little clip just made me love them a million times more.. I saw it the other day on Oprah and honest to God it brought me to tears.. (mind you it might be the hormones) but seriously its a beautiful story, of love, appreciation, friendship, and making impossible happen!

If animals have it in their hearts to love unconditionally regardless of their differences.. Why can't WE humans do it? Why are we so cruel? So inhumane? Animals have better hearts than humans.. Full stop that is how it is.. Animals have kinder hearts! A stray DOG has more of a heart than a human being! Nice..

**It keeps ringing in my ears like church bells on a Sunday morning "FourMe you're TOO emotional" over and over again.. Too emotional?! No I'm NOT too emotional I simply have a heart and that is my problem and only problem.. I'm not too emotional I'm too much of a human being.. God gave me a blessing and a curse at the same time that I care too much NOT too emotional NO TOO much of a heart! A heart that cares for my enemies before my loved ones.. At the end of the day.. a stray dog has more heart than us . . . . .

May God have mercy on this shameful Human race..

"If they can do it! What's our excuse?"


Anony said...


Anony said...


R.. said...

omg omg omg omg !!!!!
wow !! walla im speechless !!
ako ppl chithi?? walla mako..
7ta lo kanaw yrs and yrs 2gether..
its never the same !!

Average.Q8i said...

il naas ajnaaas Wel Dunyaa Malame7.

Jack Ass.. said...

Miss fourme, I was Just kidding about all that caressing n stuff. Dont take it too seriously.

Second, any Lovelorn man is a psycho path on some level. Atleast tats my opinion.

Jack Ass said...

For heavens sake please dont hit him.Because he wil start crying. Then U wil hit him even more..

Mix said...

Can't see the clip as they've blocked You Tube in the office :( Not sure about your hearts argument, but I do agree that animals are more loyal than humans.

A Journal Entry said...

omg waaaay ehabloooon!
it brought tears to my eyes too.. wala laman shift il feel ga3id bil zawya wa3alayah =/

FourMe said...

7adhom eyshawgoon

Nop there are no people like that, only animals..

Right people are different. yet I still haven't come across anyone with a quarter of a heart that those 2 have

Jack ass:
I don't need psycho in my life, I've had enough of it. I need normal and if normal isn't there then I'll opt for nothing. And he already did the crying thing (without hitting) and that man is 8 years older than me! So ya crazy it is..

Let me tell u something about me. Since I was a kid I like to add up and put together details people tell me. I'm a fan of common sense and logic. For example, u tell me you're in Australia and 3 hours later u say you're in London, now that is impossible unless u teleported. I usually let those kinda details pass by simply because I don't care plus there must be a reason for u not to want to tell me the truth so its none of my business.

Now with u things don't add up. U say ur struggling to finish your BA that makes u around 18-20+. Yet u met the love of ur life 11 years ago, so u fell in love at the age of 9? That age does not know love.

At times u speak and write like a toddler while others u are as articulate as a college professor. And the list goes on. Now I know u said I don't know u but I still have a strong feeling that I do.

Am sure u will have a logical explanation for all the above but it won't matter cuz I aint buying it :)

Please do watch when u have the time.. They certainly are..

They are beautiful.. That's loyalty, something that us humans don't have anymore. 3weeks she'd visit the dog every single day! And these days u have people throwing their parents out!

ZoN said...

Q. C. Ronaldo to Madrid, how does the Sir feels?


FourMe said...

Why why zona why? I like u why do u want me to hurt u! Let the son of a bitch leave, he's gona move and get his ass benched like all the greats that moved there before him! Real is not about talent they are about money..

Sir developed him, calmed his game down and varnished him, he won't get that in Real. He's an idiot for moving he is severely damaging his skills.. he's a great footballer yet he is unbelievably immature.. Let him piss off we don't need such spoilt brats..

And if the Sir can let go of Becks trust me ronaldo is no better bily may7aftha. Just compare the achievements of Man utd with those of Real this season and you'll know who's the better team on a domestic and international level

ZoN said...

I agree with you that Madrid is a club of a well known players, i.e. they take players that already famous and mature, and that is for many reasons, for example, they think of the short term and with a businessman mentality, they will get lots of money from these players, after all they think of football as a trade market.

In contrast to other teams, like Man U and Arsenal, Real don't like to wait on players to mature, they like them ready, Real don't grow talent, they prefer fast food over home cooked food (yes I'm hungry :P). In the last 10 years, Real only has 1 young talent, which is Iker Casillas, however Raul came from Atlatico Madrid, and S. Ramos came from Seville. Madrid lacks patients on their players, if they don't preform a descent game in few months they are out.

And yeah Ronaldo is such a spoiled player, he went to Madrid just for the sake of money. And believe me the Sir didn't sell him, unless he had enough of him, Nany and the other brazilian midfielder will be a next good player. Beside that he will bring lots of players with the money that he had from Ronaldo.

But wait here, You can't compare Madrid to Man U in this way!
You can't base the comparison in one season.
- In the last 10 years; Madrid got the Champions twice (2000, 2002), Man U got it twice (1999, 2008).
- In the 21st century; Madrid twice (2000,2002), Man U once (2008)
- Overall, Madrid 9 times, Man U 3 times!

FourMe said...

I couldn't agree more with what u said about Real's recruiting tactics. Don't compare the history of the club, that being said United have a solid history too. Where are Real in La Liga? Where are they in Champions league. United home champions and 2nd in champions league. Its all about the competitions and the silverware!

Point is he's transferring now, so we need to compare both clubs now in the present. Its like comparing Sir Bobby Charlton with Thierry Henry. U can't compare past with present, its different era, different talent etc. As for ronaldo his talent will diminish with time cuz he's still growing! They won't develop him anymore, its up to him to maintain his standards and excel.

Please I play better than Nani !! The man is an idiot. But if they manage to clear the Tevez saga and pay up the 20mil his agents are requesting then that will be one hell of a player! he's dedicated, doesn't throw tantrums, when he comes on the pitch he delivers, and not selfish with the ball! Am sure they'll bring in at least one or 2 big names and little ones maybe..

I hope Real refuse to pay him the 60mil over 6 years and screw him up 3adil! What an ass, he's not thinking of his talent just the money..

ZoN said...

Oh come on FourMe, you can't neglect the history, and the recent history too. Real Madrid is still a big team, they had a rough season, thats all.
In the league they won 4 times since 2000, and Man U won 5 times... and I gave you the history of the CL before.. In England Man U comes second to Liverpool in their history, and Madrid is First in Spain.

FourMe said...

History is decorative.. It doesn't change the present.. History is for boosting the ego. We're proud of it, its damn great but it doesn't really prove how good the team is at the time being. Remind me again where Liverpool is or have been for the past couple of years? Or where Ac Milan is? And all the other teams with fabulous history. Present is you still get smacked with 6-1 regardless of the history :)

They are a big team I'm not saying they're not, but they are a team of lost talents. Best players in the world yet they clash like morons on the pitch, no chemistry, no connection, their damn egos are bigger than their talents! They need someone like the Sir to smack their egos with a pair of shoe like he did with Becks, and then they'll be the greatest team on earth.. Look what they did to Becks!! I will never forgive them for that!

I dunno if u watched England vs Andorra yesterday but Becks played damn good! His passes were so damn accurate that it was as if he picked up the ball went to the other side of the pitch and placed the ball in front of the other player! They fucked him and benched him! That's what Real does to their talent they bench their ass! How about they stop buying big names and concentrate on the damn game instead of the bank accounts! And when they do that I'll go and buy me a Real shirt and wear it with pride!

Mix said...

I for one am not sad to see Ronaldo leave United, not when we're getting 80m for him! With that money we can buy a couple of amazing players (Ribery, Benzema) and have money left over. What's more Rooney (a real team player) can now play in his proper position and not be sacrificed to accommodate a player who never helps the defence when needed.

Sure he's a great player, probably best in world. And he's probably the main reason behind united's success last 3 years but he is not bigger than the club. In my opinion his attitude since last summer had been shameful - he disrespected the club and fans. Playing his stupid game of mixed messages with the media. Well he's got his wish now (and I don't think its just about the money to him)

He will regret going to Real, a club who treats players like disposable toys. A couple of bad games and the Madrid crowd will be on his back big time. Then maybe he will remember the fans at OT who still sung his name even after his arrogance and disrespect.

We will remember the goals, the free kicks and the tricks, but Cristiano your name will never be sung like Cantona's or Keane's. What a shame. You could have been a legend.

ZoN said...

Excuse me FourMe. Madrid lost 2-6 not 1-6 .. big difference :P

Ohhhh NOOO You don't know where Liverpool and Ac Milan are in the past few years?? Ha I tell you where they were!
Liverpool wasn't the team who trashed Man U in OT this season 4-1?
Liverpool in the last 4 years won the champions once and were the runner up once, they have been in the top 8 in CL in the past 4 years!
Ac Milan. Ac Milan is 7 times winner of the CL.. they are the one that defeated 2 English teams in the semi and final stages of CL and the first one is Man U and the second is Liverpool.

The last game played between Madrid and Man U was in season 2002/03 in CL and Madrid won on aggregate 6-5, Ronaldo scored hatrick in OT. and the game before Madrid won 3-2 on aggregate too in CL season 1999/2000

So don't tell me that Man U is the best.. If you want to talk about the best team right now, it is definitely Bracelona with the comparison to Man U or any other team.

FourMe said...

Ahhh who can even come close to Eric! Dying for his movie to be released. Keane is pride and history by himself.. Hope he returns to coach one day when he mastered the art of managing.. After all he was raised by the greatest manager in the world!

See I don't like bringing big names in.. I prefer them young so the Sir can mould and shape them into great players. Remember Veron and what what happened with him? He couldn't click, he was already in his game he couldn't be moulded by SAF, just like Berba. Or Diego and Hargreaves, they were already shaped players and just wasted energy. Mind u what Diego did against liverpool (was it?) Gave them bloody nightmares hehe :D

So right about Rooney! He deserves his space, he will shine now. Already does but now definitely will more, he is a great asset to them team..

Past, past, paaaaast f3il mathy marfoo3 bil shota :p I know the history I have smashed my arm and cried over many games! Yes I cry at finals and semi finals only! So I know my damn history. But we are in the present. Every single team u mentioned I'd good and great once upon a time! But today now this minute, who is it? U said it Barcelona and United. And yes Barca are better this season as much as it hurts me to admit it but this is the fact for this year. Yet if we want history then how did we play them last year semi-finals?? Yaa wrapped around the finger honey!

I bring out history only when u get idiots switching to Chelsea because they are glory hunters who thought just cuz chelsea had a pocket boost means they're gona be the best..

Tell me what do u think will happen with Man City now? Be the next Chelsea?

ZoN said...

" But we are in the present."
"Yet if we want history then how did we play them last year semi-finals?? Yaa wrapped around the finger honey!" and this season what happened? :P

Now decide FourMe you want to talk about history or not? you lost me LOL :P
The past in europe is Madrid (won 9 times), and this season is Barca (won the CL, and playing a great games)

Right now, Its NOT Madrid, NOT Man U, NOT Ac MIlan, NOT Liverpool.. Right now it's Barcelona.
"And yes Barca are better this season as much as it hurts me to admit it but this is the fact for this year."

Project Kenya 2011 said...

It is soooo true!

I have a dog.. and he loves me to death no matter what I do or how I treat him. 7abeeeeeeeeeby... I want a husband like that! hehehe...

FourMe said...

Past we were good, present we are good, Barca is better this season, fact remains that Real is crap! That's how it is.. End of story..

Hell I want like that too! A good heart is all that counts..