Monday, 1 June 2009

5 hours in the Emergency Room

God I hate hospitals! And to drag myself to one all alone it must be for something worth it :/ my heart pain was getting worse so I dressed myself up, told mum am going out, and came to the hospital :(

They hooked me up with 10 wire thingys to a machine EKG or whatever its called to check the damned heart.. With all the wires I felt like a satellite receiver :/ then came a very funny male nurse who took 5 tubeys of blood.. I swear I have no more blood left in me.. I was tellin him how terrified of needles I am and he says..

Him: u women can handle pain us buggers can't tolerate crap! Now why are u here darling?
Me: my heart hurts
Him: why you in love? Only love makes the heart hurt. I was in love and in pain all the time. I left her ass and now no more pain I'm good (with a big smile across his face)

Seriously where else in the world would u get nurses like that if not in london! And as he left he says "get well soon darling we wanna see u around in the pub"

Answered the 1000 and 1 questions had an x-ray done. Made me gulp down 3 pills, I have no idea what they were for just bloody swallowed them. I'm drowsy as hell. They checked for every possible thing from lung clotting to heart problems to muscular inflammation and gave me the strongest pain killers they have and guess what they don't know what's wrong.. Her answer was I really don't know what's wrong or why you have those pains..

I'm fucking knackered and sedated as hell and still in pain.. I will kill anyone who tells me to go to a doctor again..


Anony said...


Anony said...

does that mean u want to kill me :O

better save than sorry! at least now we know nothing it wrong :(

Anony said...

did that nurse have a nice smile?? :P

Cooookies said...

hope u feel better

serenade said...

ajir o 3afyah sweetie, i just got back from the emergency room too, my little one wasn't feeling well... hope you feel better xx

FourMe said...

you and some other people who have been nagging..he was one of the funniest nurses I have ever come across..

anonyyyy even with that strong painkiller i still cant sleep :(

thank you dear..

ey3afeech w ykhaleech sorry to hear that, hope all is better now, matshofoon shar inshala

Kindle My Heart said...

Lol, sounds like you just love it there :p

Daddy's Girl said...

mmm i was one of the nagging annoying commenters... but i am not sorry! At least now u know there is nothing wrong with u... nothing that needs medical intervention anyways...

wedi agol shay but akhaf i piss u off... mmm mmm

well i cant not say it... 6egene bakbar ma 3ndich maykhalif...

ma tabeen 2nd opinion *hides under the table*

*ducks up for a second* get well soon hon :*

*hides again*

Delicately Realistic said...

awwwww I'm so sorry hun :*
maybe its some sort of anxiety attack

its happened to me b4 w/ severe anxiety & lots of caffeine in my system

Eulalia said...

aaaww! 5alf allah 3alaina! our nurses kil wa7da imnafsa oo malha 5ilg oo la msikat eedich chinha tabee t3africh! la oo aw8at she picks her nose oo tamsik the needle! ya3ni wai3!

Average.Q8i said...

LoooL, Elii Fogee, Lawa3teee Chabdee.

Maskeeena FourMe. 3ala il a8al in london, they gave u these tests and told u dont have anything, In kuwait, Il 6beeb ma 3endaa ilaa hal 3ood ilee mal il Bal3oom, O ygoolech Ma feech Shay O he gives u Adol.:P.

FourMe said...

ohhh i loved ittt :/

daddys girl:
!! I'm speechless! missy you better start runnin and hiding! hospitals agaaaaain??? yaaa right!

they did every test possible nothing is there bs il7amdilaa am fine and am leaving it at that...

thanx :*

dr the blushing bride:
ive cut down on caffeine, emm dunno, its okay :*

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww seriously eww :/

i know.. seriously who uses those wooden sticks anymore? they remind me of art class in 1st grade :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i didnt!
dont kill me =D

Âme said...

Hope you are feeling well.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

naah you're safe :p

much better.. thanx