Friday, 1 May 2009


There are over 6 billion people on this earth! Now out of these 6 billion why can't I find ONE damned person that understands me?!?? Just ONE person that simply gets me!! Is that too much to ask for?? One person that I don't need to explain everything to and how I see, think, feel, and analyse crap.. just simply gets me.. the me ME inside not this outside crap just the person that I really am.. I'm tired of having to explain myself and break it down into sections and pieces so they can get me.. Just someone that friggin gets me.. Jesus I ain't asking for world peace here! All I want is ONE human being that I can be myself around with no reserves, no crap, no limits, no damn anything.. just strip away all those walls we put around us and be myself, myself the one that is inside me, which until this fucking day no one seems to understand!! This is bullshit.. truly bullshit.. 6 billion people and not one dumb fuck that gets me.. fuck it....


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i do =**

Anony said...

walla ma ever ela dona :@

zwena said...


meskeeena dona :P

Anony said...

ma7ad galaha etbog mokani wala takteb esmi 7ata :@

Ahmed said...

You know I have the same feeling. I think everyone feels that way sometimes. no-one can really understand or know you the way you do and it sucks when the people around you aren't supportive or understanding.

desertpalms said...

because we're complex creatures...= )

Shadow said...

Same here. sucks.

:::ShoSho::: said...

I agree with Ahmed.. we all feel this way at some point.. I do feel so lonely sometimes.. even though I am married and have kids but sometimes it does get lonely I feel I am the only person on earth who is alone and feels no one gets me..

Aurous said...

I wish i knew :)

Hasan.B said...

Fahmich uba 9adgeeni fahmich:P

f7ee7eely said...

maybe cuz u dont bring out the real "you" often, so that someone would understand the "real" you...

shoosha said...

@@ la la la la laaaa!!!! Its as if ur reading my mind!!! Tawni ga3da afaker ib hal shay bas my figure wasn't 6 billion madry cham it was like 1000000000000000 ;p shiftaay shloon fahmitich anaa ya fourme ;*

Even Sweeter said...

One day someone will get u right...Hopefully!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

la t6egeeeny =\
nesait...i was sleepy mastaw3abt =(

Jack ass said...

Maybe You shud look for a guy who may not get you all the time, But Loves anyways without giving a damn and being fussy when he doesnt understand you.Just Love you and wants to loose himself in you.

Daddy's Girl said...

Sorry fourme... it is not possible to find such a person...

i thought i had a person like that in my life. I knew her from the day i was born... knew every little tweak of my soul or so i thought

then baaaaaaaaaaaaam

bye bye

i find out now that underneath that facade was a totally other person. Imagine for five years of our life for example, she has been taking french classes and she speaks fluent french, and we practically were living in each others houses!!!!

o this is the least of the lies...

Big Pearls said...

I second desertpalms

Oranjina fadidra said...

holly crap! I totally get it, people are being stupid by the second.. la and most of them are pigs, no wonder swain flu is all over the place

Âme said...

1, Probably you are not looking where you are supposed to be looking.

2. 'Understanding by others' requires 'understanding by you'

3. Trying to be a perfectionist doesn't help in this matter.

4. Bring your barriers down, so that people can get in.

~ Soul

FourMe said...


Hehe chill baby doona mo ghareeba w tstahaal.. Its not her fault that u r slacking off!

3almay ekhtich shlon t9eer aleefa :p

True but its quite tiring.. Sometimes u just need someone that understands u SIMPLY understands u..

Not really.. We're quite simple but men don't tend to bother themselves enough to get to know us they just assume that cuz we are "women" we must be difficult

Truly sucks!

Shoshooo :* :
Walaaht 3ala sowalfich :**
:/ shosho I really don't wanna feel that way if I get married, being single I can handle it but if I had someone and felt that way I wouldn't put up with it! My moments of insanity can get quite extreme and if I felt that in marriage I'm worried I would drop it.. That's why I don't wanna settle for anyone that knocks the door..


Hush you're too young, u don't qualify :p

FourMe said...

Yes and no.. Yes the real me is there but people don't look close enough to see it.. No I try my best to hide it cuz if I've learned one thing its that people tend to screw u over so what's the point of opening up to anyone..

Buy me an elephant and ill be happy and I won't need anyone else :D

Even sweeter:
I doubt it..

Jack ass:
Fair enough that doesn't sound so bad! Let me know if you come across such man and I'm willing to give it a try..

Daddys girl:
I know but sometimes one wishes there was such person :( ohh don't tell me about such girls I've been screwed left and right by them.. From the ones of 20yr long friendship to the ones I went to uni with and we're more than sisters to me.. Ya I guess I have to learn to settle and just be realistic..

We're not THAT complex, maybe we r but just a tiny bit! Why are men such idiots?

Oran fad:
Don't get me started on their stupidity and lack of understanding even when u hit them in the face and they still don't get it!! Hehehe
Not a matter to joke about but have to say funny comment :p

1.Don't wanna look.. Say I'm lazy or whatever I'm just simply tired of looking.. Am too freaking old to go through the looking process!
2.Its a tug of war process.. When I come across someone that is willing to understand me and not make me understand life through their eyes I'll understand them.
3.Me perfectionst? Neveeer :p okay you're right in this point.. I should compromise here and there
4.Aint bringing nothing down! If someone wants to get in they've gotta climb (a bit) then maybe ill bring my barriers a tad lower..

P.s. FYI replying to comments from BB is a bitch!! I won't have my laptop for a while so don't expect me to reply or comment on every single blog I read cuz I'm this close to throwing bb out of the window from how frustrating it is!!

Ahmed said...

u know i used to have someone I can understand and that someone can understand me clearly. but even though things can't get alright.

shoosha said...

I aint buying u an elephant! U didn't buy me a horsie!!!

desertpalms said...

lol! shako women bil maw6'oo3...i meant we as in human beings!

Ms. D said...

fi mokhy kint shabka this post weya ely gabla ;p i was like haa fourme shbalaha min mood ila akhar sarat ana ;p

eeeeeeeeeeh ya fourmeeeeee men will forever b men.. ma efihmon wala 3ndehom shy bhal kor!! kilha bazlya sghera tro7 ymen yesar o tsm3enha tkharkhish..

bs shensaweee itha shakil u like o 6ool u like o kalam u like.. ba3ad naskit o nenchi3im ;p

3anooda said...

cos knowing our luck - the person for us lives exactly opposite of us in this globe

btw r u getting my new posts on ur dashboard feed - laneh pple are telling me that they arent seeing anything

FourMe said...

life isn't fair.. is it?

but I'm in need of love :( spoil me shoosh buy me a little elephant ;(

Men complex?! you gotta be joking!

ely makhith 3aglich ;)

so true!!
and nop I ain"t getting any updates..