Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What love life?!

I'm loving the fact that my love life or to be precise the lack of it has become of public interest! It seems like people are not happy that I am single! I don't know why they would care but hey they do.. One of my friends gave me a very long lecture today on how I should start "seeing" people again.

Her main objective is to get me married off, and seeing I'm refusing the traditional route she is convinced that the only way to go about it is to start seeing people and find the damned right one.. I tried explaining to her that I don't have the energy for it because I know it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack and seeing I have not found him in the past there isn't much hope of finding the jack ass anytime soon.. She was having non of it heheh the woman was literally threatening me!! According to her being single for 2 months is long enough and I should get a move on cuz I ain't getting any younger and I will end up a spinster!! See u hit 28 and people start calling u a spinster already :/

Anyways seeing you people probably by now know me better than my own friends seeing I bitch and complain to u more than I do to them.. Tell me what do u think, should I start ukhhh "looking"? Or just do nothing about it and what's meant to happen will happen?


Jack Ass. said...

"hope of finding the jack ass anytime soon.. "


Is that a clue baby ?

Shwaish said...

la dnt start looking, just be open to possiblities, shako looking, looking sounds desperate, and i silently read ur posts and ur no where near the desperate gotta get married soon kind of woman, so dnt look, just dnt madre be all closed off and stuff

Anonymous said...

how would u start looking?

Anonymous said...

So let say u will start looking !! Ya3ne shlon ..!! Like I want a proper way to do it ????

FourMe said...

Jack ass:
Haha no it aint :p I couldn't think of more appropriate word to describe which ever nutcase that willingly wants to spend the rest of his life with me..

Yup that's exactly what she meant cuz I have a thing for saying no without taking things into consideration.. been turning things down quite a lot lately and she got pissed when she heard that :/

Silent, quiet or whatever it is I appreciate the opinion, thank u :)

By giving people a chance and not shutting down every opportunity I get cuz I'm known for doing so.. and be more willing to try instead of declining..

Not literally going on the street and finding someone! Hehe please I have more class than that :p no just that I should stop saying no everytime that's all.. Cuz for some weird reason I keep on getting chances and seems like the more I say no the more I get them, so just be more open to the idea and I guess try my luck again..

Elegant Chic said...

What's meant to happen will happen sweetheart...
Slow and steady wins the race! ;p

Lucifer said...

be open for possibility's never look

eleventhst said...

personally, I don't know how to "look" or do the whole man hunting thing..if someone comes along, they do oo if not oh well i guess..

so i guess it all depends on how you do things..but if ur not in the mood, i don't think u will be putting a lot into the relationship

No identity.. said...

LOOOOOOOL …. You sooo remind me of myself… I get the same lecture all the time, adding to that some ppl don’t believe that I am not married yet, or at least engaged and most of the time they guaranty I am in a relationship …. And guys, when they found out they will be OHHH HOW COME? YOU ARE SUCH SWEET LEDY …. Yea right!!!
Anyhow, back to your post… I don’t know how will you be starting looking? I don’t see its working like that! BUT When you do … teach me ha ;P

Âme said...

The probability of "The Jack Arse" falling from the sky on your lap is low, however, not impossible.

I am not sure what you should do, but meeting and knowing new people is fun.

~ Soul

Anony said...

i believe whats meant to happent will happen.

but i also believe in giving ppl chances :P

i say meet ppl for the sake of meeting ppl not finding "the one"

etha 7athrat janaba sharaftna along the way then its YAAAY! etha lil7eena me3tekef eb ju7ra, fine there's not have in knowing ppl :D o 3ala gulat ame its fun :D

Ms. D said...

waay a7es 7oosa "looking" min sij'hom fatheen endawer!!!!!

my god!!!

a7es ya dob i wake up.. walk out my door.. do wutever im supposed to do and sleep then the cycle continues!! minen ley wagt i look for someone!!! do we hunt for men now!! walla ely yabeny KANY mawjoda khal ehwa eye elageeny kany mawjoda! mara7 adawer a7ad!!! and u too fourmeya!!!!!!!!

b there.. dont close urself up... wutever hits will hit u.. nifa3 nifa3.. ma nifa3.. gie6eh wekhthy ghera ;p

Ms. D said...

and anono..


fourme juts declared her undieing love for me last night before i sleep :)

7atta ahdatny qoblat elmasa2 3ala wajnatay ;D

Queen Bee said...

Just go with the flow..even though its the traditional route, accept and see how he is;p maybe the right one is from the traditional route or he could come to you;p latdawreen

Hasan.B said...

Funny, I used to be called the needle *hint*!

FourMe said...

E chic:
That's what I say but no one around is accepting it.. They're just saying I'm being an idiot for thinking that.. No pun intended

Jesus the second I see ur name I think of eternal damnation :/

Yaa guess that's what am gonna do..

Neither do I, I've never looked in my life, it always rain men on me heheh :p by looking I meant being open to possibilities and NOT go on a man hunt lol!

No identity:
Ehhh I've heard it alllllllll.. Hell people keep on calling me up saying we heard u got married!! That happens at least once every 3 months.. Hehe I'll write up a manual :p no seriously when it comes to advice on men and relationships I'm your to go to girl.. But come to having one I seem to fuck it up by choosing the wrong men :/

If only the jack ass would drop in and save me all the trouble! Ehh aint callin him jack ass for nothing.. Hehe poor dude been insulting hell out of him before even knowing him, aren't I just a precious lil thing

Guess it might be..

See when u stop loitering my posts and just comment u come up with wise opinion..

Ok I like u a little bit more today than yesterday :p

Ms d:
Trust me D I don't have the energy for it either but my girls are right I turn people down on the spot, and been doing it that way for years, only ones that get through are the persistent ones.. But if I keep doing what am doing and completely shutting myself I think there won't be a chance for anything..

Hehehehe balashtay eb anony :p

Queen Bee:
No nooo the traditional way is a big no nO!! The thought of it is too ukhh, I'd rather stay like this.. Would u go on a blind date? I doubt u would.. So why would I go for a blind marriage?

Hasan the Doc:
Hehehe are you suggesting that I consider you as a candidate :p

Anonymous said...

don't do anything you don't feel like just because others feel its "time"... that being said if there are many men who are showing interest, why not just get to know someone who seems interesting out of them? you don't have to get involved or attached or anything like that, but normal friend things like coffee, or casual get together with friends? and if you are not feeling it then nothing lost. btw bloggy isn't dumb.. random sometimes but not dumb.. i read it all the time :p