Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Silly girl..

It hurts to realise that after all these years of thinking that you know yourself you discover that you don't! I really didn't know that I am this dumb.. Well done FourMe you wasted 28 years in bullshit..


Hasan.B said...

Whats the bullshit?

Anony said...

you wasted the 28yrs the way you wanted to waste it, its not bullshit

Anony said...

o ba3deen its not 28yrs !!

men 6ala3tay men ba6en omech sarlech 28yrs! .. mo ma3qola wentay belemhaad kentay mestaw3eb kilshay! unless u're wonder woman !!

golay le 7 ? 10?

thats 18yrs :D

wohoooo i took 10yrs from ur bullshit :D

now its 18 7esbay el awqat eli kentay nayma fehaa .. in the shower .. the times you were happy and enjoying the moment ..

so shkether yebga??

so yeah its not bullshit

Anony said...

Hasan u're supose to be panicing now not checking blogs and stealing my place:@

Ms. D said...

bil a7daan ya 7obbee

ana elyom ikteshaft ina last year was nuthin but a waste of time!!

aby ared 24 o a3aweth!!! 25 redooohaaa ba3esh sa7 gabel la ase 26!!!!


sina kamla 6arat bs chethy BLAH!!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i wasted 21!

and counting!

eleventhst said...

haha, believe me ur not as "dumb" as you think you are!

just go out and mingle with people, and you will feel so much smarter!

zuz said...

regret is the worst mistake in the world..if u feel like u didnt know urself before then why not now? ur still young!

eleventhst said...

btw r u ready for the game? dudee im sooo nervous!

eldctora said...

well atleast u hvnt wasted ur life studying..

4 yrs highschool: stay at home-study as much as u can- get a perfect gpa

6/7 yrs of med school: no comment there.. u die 3la ma t5rjan (still hvnt btw)

then 2 yrs of hospital work

the god knows how much yrs to study 7ag el ta59u9..

now thats wasting time :(

Squirreliya said...

meta sertay 28? i thought u are 27 ;p

*note that i signed in this time* :p

Hasan.B said...


Oranjina fadidra said...

ouch!! why wuld u slap me with reality?