Sunday, 3 May 2009


See I'm no shoe Nazi I don't discriminate against shoes. If the shoe fits I'll wear it, if its a nameless £5 flip flop or a heartbreaking, yummy, Jimmy Choo(MY FAVE) foot candy for £X amount. If the bitch fits its going on my foot regardless of its maker.

Yesterday I went into Harrods's first floor shoe heaven and I kid you not I wanted to take them all in my arms and sit on the floor and play with them, admire them, and try them on. Nonetheless I didn't wana get kicked out so I simply opted for walking around and trying on the ones I couldn't resist and lucky me my little size 36 is always on display :p But let me tell you something the prices?!! Have not only doubled, not tripled, but quadrupled! HELLO ECONOMIC RECESSION!? Assholes they know women cannot resist foot candy that's why they're jacking up the prices! Now mind you I do indulge in foot candy but I tend to set a limit that I try not to cross cuz its 7aram when its OVERpriced. I try not to cross over £500 but on couple of occasions I crossed :/ Most expensive foot candy I got was a £1000 ostrich feathered limited edition Diors (that pair is to DIE for). But what I saw yesterday was a joke! Regular plain flats for 6 and 7 hundreds, jewel encrusted pumps for thousand plus, plasticy boots for pathetic prices!! Ow come on we do love shoes but too much is too much! Simple snake skinned pumps for £1,300 no that is a big no no!

Ohh how I heart shoes! When I was a kid I used to LOVE two things (well I still do) diamonds and shoes. I used to go in my mum and aunts dressing rooms and just try on their shoes for hours. I used to do the same with their jewels, I used to open the safe and sit for hours and hours in front of it just piling on the ice (p.s. I still do that *blushes*) :p By the way this was around the age of 7 or so and imagine I had the combination and keys for the safe so anyone wants to wear anything would have to ask me to open it up. I was a little safe Nazi ohh and I would have to approve what they wear if it matches or not :D

Back to shoes, I love'm love'm loveeeee themmm! But sadly I can't wear heels much so all my lovelies are stacked up and tucked away in their boxes and I'm refraining from buying any seeing I can't wear them cuz of my blasted back problem :( Till that is fixed I'm off heels *sobs* :(

The question is how much is too much on foot candy?


Anony said...


Anony said...



shftay :@

Anony said...

enzain matsalfeeni eyahom?

and the keys to the safe ba3ad, ya3ni since im ur little girl (A) you let me live the dream you lived (A) and act like an adorable girls playing with her momys' mom stuff ;p

FourMe said...

ba3ad ba3ad saway alf comment bs 7agich ebroo7ich heheh..

shasalfich? the keys or my shoes :p

CuteandCuddly said...

i prefer diamonds :P
but shoes are the best because you dont have to lose weight to fit in them :)

Anony said...

hmmm i can wear the shoes all the time, bs whats inside the safe no ..

bs el safe ghalya .. soo ..


khalas .. yseer akheth half the shoes ma3a el keys? (A)

aw robe3 el shoes ma3a el keys .. ya3ni like .. hmm 20 from the very fine shoes ma3a the keys :D

and i'll be happy :D

you want me to be happy sa7 ??

i know you do i know :D

Aurous said...

I used to not like shoes so much.. but I've changed recently ;p

If you can't wear them, then don't go over your limit... but if you're planning to wear them and be happy then I say go buy what you want ;p

eleventhst said...

I rather spend that money buying a new camera lens than shoes! :p

Limited said...

what do you want me to say about shoes? that the first thing i look at in ANY store i go to is the shoe section .. when i want to cheer myself up i go to somewhere like harvey nichols and just be by the shoe section, looking at them and trying them .. and if my budget will allow me, buy them ..

stop me, i can talk about shoes all day <3

w madam you wear size 36 how about you let me borrow some of those gorgeous shoes? (A)

Fastidious Babe said...

i totally agree.. i got flats for the price of platforms the other day.. but when u fall in love u fall in love right?

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i've noticed that!!
the prices are rediculous!
i think if 250KD is my limit for shoes. anything above that price must be in an exotic timeless pair that are extremly worth it!

FourMe said...

yes baby i want u to be happy but that means i will be unhappy if i give u my shoe collection! The shoes i have are art pieces not regular shoes..

take the keys but not MY shoes!

good so you're normal now :p
nahh can't wear anything now.. once in a blue moon these days i wear heels and get screwed for 2 days after it from the pain.. no shoes for me :(

been there done that 10 years ago.. back then cameras were worth something and amazing to learn not these new technology updated crap..
photography is amazing.. enjoy it

same here.. ohh don't go now cuz the pieces that they had!! oh my LORD they were fabulous everything from flats to super high they all looked so prettttttty!!

do talk my dear.. after all it is Shoes we are talking about here.. hehehe yaaay a fellow 36'er :P three things i dont share.. Shoes.. Jewels.. Men anything else I have is alllll yours :p

fastidious babe:
so right!!

its pathetic! what they are doing with the prices is NOT right! exactly anything above MUST be to die for.. when I go over its usually for such pairs that when I wear people usually look at the shoes and forget about me :p

desertpalms said...

oh my lordd!!

size 36!!!

thats UK size 3.5!!





the thing is im nt even using my time to study properly so I MIGHT AS WELL be out shobbing =/ but i'd feel too bad! ahhh damn catch 22!

Bloggerista said...

KD 250 to 300 for pumps

and no more than KD 400 for boots

anything more is 7aram

FourMe said...

Sorry babe dunno how I skipped ur comment! El3atab 3ala enthar :/

I have to admit diamonds are my first love but shoes is up there with it..

Correction, its UK 3 :p
Woman stop dissin da feet! Yes they're tiny now go away and stop making fun of them.. Oh u should u should go shoe shoobbinggg the candy you'll see will just melt your heart away! From colours to styles to sparkles! This season they've gone all out and produced one hell of a heartbreaking collections.. I haven't seen so many beautiful shoes in more than 5 years!!

Dezeeee stop fucking around and study!! Exams are almost over get your act together study and when you're done reward yourself to some foot candy :p

Agreed.. Can never find boots that fit me so I don't bother much with them..

Daddy's Girl said...

though i love shoes but my feet look like a bears feet, with strange bumbs and stuff, no feminine shoes could ever look good on them (except gucci for some reason)

So i have a very limited selection.. best look for my feet is the ballet slippers only!

plus, i tend to turn the shoes into mush after just one simple wear!!! i don't know why! so lel asaf i refrain from buying very expensive shoes for them

Eulalia said...

awww sorry about the heels :/ i have the same problem but as soon as i see shoes i walk away.

zuz said...

im a shoe and fashion whore! nothing for me is 7aram;/ im crazy, i buy everything i love,except that alexander mcqueen 1000000000000000 leather jacket l2na 9ij 7aram;/..but if i want to get expensive shoes they better be timeless and in a very good shape and quality..

zuz said...

and my feet is 36-37 too:P

Ms. D said...

same goes for me.. i wont pay more than 300 KD for shoes..

my last shoes (heels) purchase was 160 KD.. niset elbrand mmm.. usually i dont read much into wut i wear ;p

but it was plain satin and yellow (A) i felt yellow..!!! got it in january.. o mn ba3da all i got was mmm 2 ballerina flats.. 1 flat pump.. 1 gladiator sandal.. 1 n3al 3leha bow.. n3al 3leha big jewl

bs i need heels tsdgeen.. jad bs many lagya shy esma heel 7ilo!!! o ely 7ilo WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over priced.. welly ekon rkhayyis waaaaay too painful or sakka looking

Ms. D said...

ana ham chethy same u wana sghaera i used to spend hours in moms closet and safe putting on shoes and clothes and jewls..!!! WAAAY!!!!

kan shu3oor edmaan!!

i used to skip skool on purpose 3ashan yefthaly elbait wal3ab eb aghrath'ha le3eb o a3esh eb jawey o awhamy :P

Anony said...







*enba7 soute ;(*



FourMe said...

Daddys girl:
Ballerinas look adorable but are a bitch to walk in! No matter how good they are they cut into the skin :/

Gucci used to make good shoes now I can't even try them on, they kill me.. Maybe they switched sole makers?!

If only I could walk away :/ temptation is a bitch..

Hahaha once upon atime I to was a shoe/shopping whore :p now I'm a shopping slut I just indulge when I need a mood fix.. Mind you that happens very often..

You'll reach an age where the nuttiness in shopping dies a bit and u start realising that some items are a bit too much to splurge on..

Yay another 36'er :p with Diors I can squeeze into 35! Only time I wear a 37 is with Gina but that's cuz their shoes are normally small fit and sizes are one and half size too small!!

Ohh I'm so feeling yellow this season! Yellow and pastels.. I feel so freaking girlie in those colours, damn hormones :/

Check net-a-porter they got some good shoes that u might like..

I can't do bows! That's too angelic for me :p I can't handle light colours and bows all at once! What next ruffles!!!!

Naah didn't care much for their clothes it was just the shoes and ice that I used to play with..

Stop screaming!! My migraines are on full throttle past two days so keep it down :(
Tell shoosha elephant or NO talks!

Ms. D said...

u didnt wear ur moms wedding dress! or short cocktail dresses?? la o el ad'ha o ad'ha Ms. D shetsawe talbis her moms shal7at o fog'hom trench coats or fur coats y3ny striptease LOL!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAY LA2AAA MA2DAARSH!!!!! kint anagy lihdom nagwa!! o kan 3nd omy cut out blouse talbis'ha weya puffy blous min elchmoom.. wee3 wee3 o asawee 7arakaat aqalid elmajallat!!

i used to steel moms makeup 7ata ;p she had 7omra peach, o ki7la khathra o blusher brush le yomich 3ndey o bawareth'hom min ba3dy.. way kanat bs e6ali3'hom abchy adre inha eb te6la3 ;p

basawee 3lehom mazad ;p

Squirreliya said...

3ashaaaaat FourMe :p e7m, wanasaa 36 u always find ur size mashAllah ;p as for my price limits mm, I guess not more than 250 kd