Tuesday, 5 May 2009


*FourMe ga3da fog enakhaal etyabib w 6ig e9bi3*

3afya shagool sha7chy :D mala daaaaaa3y el7achii :) All I can say is all of those of you who think you are men because you have a pair between your legs simply think again cuz you AIN'T a man if you don't play for that GODSEND FABULOUS MULTI-TALENTED GORGEOUS AMAZING ONE HELL OF A GOD DAMN TEAM that have the little red devil on their shirts!! THOSE ARE MEN REAL MEN!! That mother fucking ref is a blind fuck!! Fletcher deserves to be in the final!!!!!! Fucking asshole!!

Disclaimer: The above statement does not necessarily mean that FourMe supports the team in question. FourMe is and has always been a supporter of the infamous game of Mog9y.


Anony said...


Anony said...

i was actually watching the game :O

madre shesalfa bs adre wa7ed en6arad o el mo3aleq kan nekta :P

o i saw beckam ya5te 3ali meshtaa6 :P

o bs . .i was trying to imagine what u were doing :P hahaha :P

safar el 7akam gelt FourMe post al7een :P HAHAHAHAHA

esmela 3ali el ra7man :P (A)

Anony said...

fooog el nakhaaala fooooooooog ya ba foog el nakhaaal foooog

*et'hez lenkhala et7awel et6aye7 FourMe*

FourMe said...

*takes off her clothes and runs around blog nakeddddddd*




Anony said...






*tarketh wara FourMe etgha6eeha*

FourMe said...

it really DOES take 11 men to make me TRULY HAPPPPYYYYYY!! No 1 asshole can ever make me this HAAPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY :D

Anony said...

*trying to imagine FourMe and 11 men*


FourMe said...

anoooooooooony I was s0o0o0oo happy that I kept on smacking my hands on table and now my left hand really hurts :( i keep on hitting the same hand :(

Anony said...

laish tekfekheen el 6awla! safgaay nagzaay et6egeen el 6awla!

3aneeefa el bent 3aneefa!

FourMe said...

dude i dont know what i was doing! i was clapping smacking the table i have no idea or memory of what i did :p

eleventhst said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! haha i have the same title for my post!!! wooohoo! im soo happpyyy!
amazing playing! im soo happy with the boys!

FourMe said...

woman i'm overrrrrr the mooooooooon :D

that's all i can say Over the friggin MOOOOOOON :)

Ahmed said...

We are the champions ;p

FourMe said...

yes they are.. those are the champions..
okaaaay i'm exhausted i need a nap after that.. i dunno i just turn into a maniac and i hit things around me when watching footie :/ i lose myself in it and i dunno what i say or dooooo... its intoxicating :D me love it me looovveee it mee loveeeeeeeeeeee IT!!

ok seriously my hand hurts :(

Hasan.B said...


FourMe said...

ma3indik salfa!!! go play with your corpses..

Cooookies said...

missed it !!!! UUGHH

Hasan.B said...

Not the game! I missed the "running"!:P

FourMe said...

whats wrong with u ppl!!! its semi friggin finals you CANNOT miss such games!

oh well score 3-1 and 4-1 on aggregate :) it was a decent game though arsie arse's didnt put much of a fight .. the young side lacks talent and speed..

LOL! u cow :P

Traveleer said...

I told you that they will make you happy ;)
now you are Silly Happy girl :P

Mix said...

United were devastating last night. Fergie's tactics of playing Park and leaving Tevez and Berbatov on the bench was perfection(even though we had our doubts at the kick off). As for Ronaldo..THE greatest footballer in the world today. Kaka' ? Ribery ?? No thanks !!

Stand-Alone~ said...

i missed the game but i am happy WE MADE IT.. AND WE ARE THE CHAAMPIONNNSSSS =D

Anonymous said...

anony's enthusiasm scares me sometimes...
is she on medication? over hyper?

Anony said...

Black anonymous above me,

Ga3da a7awel a3aweth sakhaftkom o ur silent reactions ;D

zuz said...

koloooooloooosh ta2ahalna:D:D:D!!

Daddy's Girl said...

3bali intay ur going to rome gelt wanasa first stop in the european tour i recommended :D

glad to see u excited hon :*

Limited said...









.. everything a match should be <3

ZoN said...