Sunday, 10 May 2009


I want to go to the moon. I'm simply mesmerised by it! It is the most beautiful thing in this universe. No sea, mountains, forests, scenery of any sort can be compared to the moons beauty. It looks simple, big round plain blob in the sky. Yet its beauty is in its simplicity, no need for colours and anything of the sort to make it beautiful. It is beautiful by itself, in its rough shape and uneven surfaces, its brightness is all that counts. A thing does not need to be beautiful insight to be truly beautiful in achieving its purpose.

I can spend hours just looking up at it, every time I see it, it is as if I see it for the first time. It takes my breath away, its beautiful, simply magnificent, by far God's most beautiful creation mashalaa. See I have a fear of heights yet it is my dream to go to the moon. I want to see it up close and personal and if it makes any sense I just want to hug it or in other words take all its rough beauty in. After all it is my moon it is there to shine on my world. How I wish I can visit you one day, till then my moon you are simply fabulous :*

No one says it better than Sinatra:



Anony said...


Anony said...

3ad etsadgeen elyom kent ashof el gumar, i used to love it wayed

i dont anymore :D

O.F said...

*OUCH* ksarty qalbii

f7ee7eely said...

I know the song without even playing the youtube video linked in your post -- used to be one of my favorite shower songs...3ash Ole Blue eyeZ...entyy et'tahadedain eb postech elle faat allah yaster!! shino sawaite? ewww shinoo sharabtee haa? shinoo yalla yalla gollee?

bss i detect something else lol kella fath7ah 3umrech :P

FourMe said...

How could u!! It is beautiful how could u fall out of love with it?

Hehehe laish kesart galbich esmila 3ala galbich.. Am simply in love with the moon :)

And that is why I have dubbed u my personal dj :p he's amazing he's a killer..

Hahahahaa I didn't do anything I swear cross my heart and hope to die :p ehh I don't drink God has blessed me with a natural high that can be triggered off with coffee and good company..

Thing is I'm not trying to hide anything nor act all angelic and do things down under, at times ppl mistake my honesty for stupidity.. I know my limits and I have a blast within my limits so there isn't anything else :p I'm simply letting gooooooooo.. Dude its Londoooooooooon baaby! What more would I need when I have london ;)

eleventhst said...

Me tooo! I wanna go jumping there!

ooh and btw 4 more points!!

Big Pearls said...

take me with u if u ever go :)

neoark25 said...

i'll take you to the moon

FourMe said...

i soo wanna go!!

i know :D

hehe ok deal

plz do so :)