Sunday, 31 May 2009

In need of a new heart..

hmm okay I guess its not a joke anymore and I should probably have it checked out.. For couple of months now I've been getting this nudging pain in my heart and me being me I've ignored it.. It goes and comes back by itself but comes back instantly the second I'm sad.. With the lovely events of the champions league last week during minute 70 there was one missed shot that made me lose it sO much that I got the pain instantly and since then it hasn't gone :/ I've been hoping that its just a muscle pain or whatever but I really don't know anymore, feels like there is something lodged in the middle of my heart and every time I breathe it hurts.. it is a constant dull pain that doesn't go away nor gets worse, its just there.. it actually hurts :( I think I should see a doctor soon..

Anyone willing to lend a girl a spare heart?


No identity.. said...

And you are still here ... yalla yalla its Dr time... Inshallah mafish ela el3afiya bass have to visit the doctor.

Daddy's Girl said...


haw haw haw?

o shako ga3da u blog about?! Move o run to the nearest hospital!!! Shino hatha il 3omr mosh ba3za2a!!!!

o a7san lich the next time u comment or blog u have had every thing checked... now GO!

Âme said...

A stitch in time saves nine.

Please listen.

~ Soul

eshda3wa said...

u think u should see a dr soon?

Moo soon!!

how about right now!!

goomay roo7ay!!

winshallah malich ela el3afya

Anonymous said...

im not using mine, u can have it

zuz said...

:O 7athy 3lech! ro7ay to a cardialogist! i know someone with a heart condition, and trust me it gets worse:O! MOVE!

Average.Q8i said...

Maskeeeena, Lai Hal Daraja il kura thab7etich?
El7eeen 3rfna inich u support Man u :), Who is ur favourite player?

O about ur heart, go to the Doctor, tara itha Fat il Fot, Ma yenf3 il 9ot.

f7ee7eely said...

"يفداك قلبن على ماتشتهي حاضر"

Anonymous said...

maybe its psychological?

Anony said...

Okh Mr. F7ee7eely mawjood :O bs bathakrek bacher june ;p

Anony said...

As for you 7aseena FourMe enshallah etro7een el 6abeeb ? Enshallah bs??

I'll check the ppl that I 434ed yemken a7ad feehom puked their heart ;p a36eech eyaa ;p .. I wanted to give u mine bs ba3deen ana amoot o ra7 tafgedeeni o etsereen 7azeena o yred el allam .m so what's the point?? ;p

FourMe said...

no identity:
its the weekend mako docs :D

daddys gal:
its been over 3months thats why am still sitting on my behind :/

i must listen..

i hate doctors and hospitals :(
no offence :/

a heart that is not used is a dead heart.. i want a beating heart..

i know but i was hoping it was just one of those things that go away by themselves.. tolerating migraines for 15 years makes one tolerate any pain :/

i'm a football fanatic, it drives me insane and i love it :)

ya i know, will go soon inshala

eeee ya f7ee7eely khalha 3ala rabik bs..

i thought so too and that's why i left it for a while.. but i dont think so anymore..

i willllll go soon don't nag!

your heart is too pure and tender for me.. i need a stronger one..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

weddy i give you mine bs i left my heart in san fransisco =Pp

FourMe said...

hahah touché