Tuesday, 12 May 2009

i want..

When you know what you want, you know what u want!

What do you want?


Anony said...

Austin martin?

But right now I want to sleep ;p

zuz said...

to lose 5 kilos

CuteandCuddly said...

I want a million KD or if that isnt possible i want to lose 10 kilos and not gain them back :)

Jack Ass. said...

I want to be GOD.

i KNOW i want to be GOD....

Ms. D said...

to lose 6 kilos

insan 3nda galbe mn mudda abei errida 3ashan agdar ared lah galba.. lakin sa3ba elsalfa :S

FourMe said...

Oh I want that too!!

Stop munching and drink a lot of water to repress your appetite..

I wanna gain ten and keep them on :/

Jack ass:
You are a jack ass aren't ya :p that brain of urs will get u into a lot of trouble my dear..

U lost way more than 6 am sure u can lose the 6 with a bit of patience.. That's a tough one giving back and taking hearts is quite impossible.. If u give it then u have to risk never getting it back..

suspic said...

I'm here.

[I'm what you want in case you missed it]

eshda3wa said...

a scholarship

Even Sweeter said...

I want to be a fashion editor at Vogue magazine ;p

Anonymous said...

right now abi ejaza

mo right now abi akamel derasty

in between abi clothes w shoes w bags ..abi albiss badla w ma arid albis'ha again mn kither hdoomi! aah i wish wallah :p

oh and i want your garga posts, china mn zman ma 3azamteena :p


Limited said...

A Macbook Pro

The Louboutins Harvey Nichols never seem to stock in my size when i want them

A Ferrari

Toned body without the pain of exercising

A penthouse in Paris

A fiance

.. i guess that's what i want right now =P

f7ee7eely said...

Limited ma6alabty shy allah eyhadach...

right now I wish if I was lying in a hamock on the white sandy beaches of zanzibar watching the moonlit-star-lit clear skies and observing the crabs crawling up and down the palm trees scattered thru-out the beach and the sound of the water lapsing on the beach while smoking some good home grown medicinal e7m e7m and drinking peach flavored iced tea....bs mabe shy thany

f7ee7eely said...

cuteandcuddly thakertainky bel barenaked ladies -- here is their clip hehehe I am 100% sure u've never even heard of em :P


Anonymous said...

i want him :(

Cooookies said...

I want ra7at ilbaal..

FourMe said...

Yes suspee tis ur hairy legs that I long for

Inshala u will..

Even sweeter:
Honey every fashionista in the world wants that

Education is always good.. I miss learning :(
U mean spill posts? Darling u can spill even if its in any regular posts mo ela specifically spills..

Am I the only woman in the world that thinks Loubs don't have any character and are so overrated?

Wouldn't a long island ice tea mesh better on ur taste buds with that "medicinal" treatment of yours?

Is it bad that I actually know the song :/

Darling, fuck all the "hims" out there.. Sooner or later they all turn into assholes so why bother

I would pay my life to have that.. Serenity is all that I want..

Anonymous said...

aww thank you ;* bs qa9di el posts eli nagreg feehum lama etkoneen mitmalila :p


zwena said...

i think Loubs are overrated too and ugly :P

Traveleer said...

you know exactly what I want!

FourMe said...

I know me miss those as well but so far using my BB and its really annoying to comment from it :/

Thaaaaaaaank u :*

Nop don't, I don't read minds though I wish I did..