Friday, 15 May 2009

i didn't think it was possible...

Why am I obsessed with perfection?


A.R.Z said...

I believe the cause of this phenomenon lies in not receiving adequate or any love/attention/acceptance/praise as a child and also not being listened to. This pushes you to try even harder and harder to receive the attention you crave and this leads to the believe that if you make things perfect, then you will be noticed/loved/heard/accepted.

Maitha* said...

Because your Human :)

Aurous said...

cuz it's human nature :)

Anonymous said...

because you are perfect ;*


Âme said...

Agree with A.R.Z

~ Soul

Âme said...

To add a line to A.R.Z explanation, we tend to seek those who think like us.

Hence, you may expect/seek perfection in others.

The thing will be a disaster since no two or more deprived souls can satisfy one another considerably.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

you might be right but not in my case.. i was loved, spoiled and given 100% attention from everyone.. out of all the children in the family i was loved the most.. as for being heard from a young age my opinion was always taken under consideration.. and that made me grow up much faster than I should have..

its not that.. must be another reason..

not everyone cares about perfection.. some people couldn't care less..

hehehe :* i am very far from being perfect! i am flawed from head to toe :/

i dont mean others here just in general i like things to be perfect or do the impossible to make them perfect, its quite tiring..

and i gave up on the notion of finding someone close to perfect because i know such does not exist..

Âme said...

Perfection is a standard which is unattainable and once we attain it, we no longer exist in this mortal world.

Its my pure feeling about it, not a fact though.

Call me a nut, I will take it.

~ Soul

Anony said...

You know what would be perfect? If f7e7eelii opens a blog ;p

Ame for the love of Gos my hands !!!

Anony said...


Ya3ala el tharbaa hal comment 3al galbe !! Rube3 sa3a 3ashan yseer :@

FourMe said...

Aha ahaa..

and what a sweet nut u are :p

Excuse me I'm on a high today..

Hehehhe stop nagging woman.. Give it a rest :p

Âme said...

All i can say Anony, you need to be careful with yourself and your changes.

Your hyperactivity is also shown on your hand and I guess insanity is on charts for you, but lines change eh!

There is lot of Good news for you, will post it on my blog.

~ Soul

Cooookies said...

ARZ well said