Friday, 8 May 2009

honestly whatever..

blah blaaah..just another year..
whatever . . . .


Anony said...

Another year ana feha ;D not whatever ;p

Anony said...

hathe ur gift :P

bok me :P

zwena said...

Raaa'agneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whaateveeeeeeeeer :p

zwena said...

This place for


3ala jesr alfen6aas mashya o mashya alnaaas :p

FourMe said...

I can't sleep :(
Ok I have to agree u have made this year more bearable! Thank u sweetness :*
Noo nooooo no presents this year.. No nothing! Not even u wrapped in a bow :p

Bs bss shadaaagt mafeeni 7ail ahiz ;) I am officially freaking OLD *sobs*

She already txtd me just after 12.. I love her for remembering :*

Anony said...

Haw ana ma7a6ait el link !! Laa this is funyyy loool wait a6ale3 el link :p

Anony said...


Ra7 yefta7 fe media player loool

Etha mafeta7 just type " Yehya at night 100 stars" fe youtube

Looool bok me ;p

A Journal Entry said...

hope this'll be filled with happiness ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


happy birthday '3a9ban 3laich ;Pp

Squirreliya said...

*sings out loud*

haaaaappy birthdaaay to youuuuu

haappy birthdaaay to youuu

haaappy birthdaaaay dear FourMeeee

haaappy birthdaay to youuu

Allah yej3alha sinat khair 3alaich w may all ur dreams come true ;*

atoona said...

lol, i want a watch like that, 3ashan i wont care what time it is.. whateverrrr ;p

stay positive dude! Happy Biirrrrthday! :)

Anonymous said...

ayabaaaaaaaah lov'n the clock!!


zuz said...

happy bday to you:D

Aurous said...

laaaaaaaa2 mo whatever!
Happy Birthday!enjoy it :D

шнίѕрєг said...

Happy Birrthdaaay =D
w be positive dude =P

FourMe said...

I'll watch it when I have my laptop cuz this bb is pissing me off.. Connection to utube is crap

Journal e:
I hope so.. Thanx hun :)

Hehe ok no need to scream at me :p thank u hun :*

7ayaaty tslmeen :* I cannot think of one thing that I wanna wish for!

Just don't wear one. But I did come across a watch like that but can't remember where I saw it.. Thanx dear :)

Oran fad:
Exactly. Time is shedding like a balding man :/

Thanx dear :)

ohh am enjoying.. Been sitting all morning reading a book about war and destruction it couldn't get more fun than this :p thank you sweetheart :*

Thanx dude.. Will try :)

Fastidious Babe said...

O_O shu whatever? HAPPY BDAY!!! xoxo

Cooookies said...

"Life is one long process of getting tired."

hehe wishing u happy birthday ;*