Thursday, 21 May 2009


What happened to my little baby? why is it all of the sudden so dumb?? Is it just me or are you feeling the dumbness? Has my blog always been this dumb or is it a new thing :/ Ok if my lil baby bloggy is a reflection of what I am does that mean you people see me as dumb as my blog appears to be?! No I can't be that dumb? Can I?! Am I? Ok okay I haven't been paying much attention to my blog and just bitchin about random crap but seriously people why you reading all this dumb nonsense!! Someone should of told me to shut the fuck up and start talking about things that matter! Seriously what's the point of having you people around if not to point out when am fucking up! What a useless bunch you are :p

Can I confess?
Promise not to laugh :/


Okaay I'll tell you.. I miss studying :( I wanna go back to uni.. I wanna study.. I wanna learn some more useless crap.. I fucked up haven't I ? I could of started in the fall but I guess that's out of the question now.. Till next year or maybe later than that :( Seriously I miss learning!! What the hell is wrong with me?! People can't wait to finish from school and on the other end I'm stacking up on degrees and wanting to get more! I really wana do something about women in politics in the Arab world.. over the years I've noticed there isn't much material on it.. hmmm FourMe, FourMe, FourMeeeee make up your mind sweet girl.... this is truly the only thing I want.. I want a PhD.. I really really want it more than anything else! I am willing to put in the hours, the hell, the commitment, the sacrifice, I will put in whatever it takes till I get that damned degree.. only downfall is that no one around me thinks it is a good idea, would of been nice if they can see how much I want it and told me to go for it instead of saying "what will another degree do for you?!" .. told ya no one gets me :(

Even if it takes me a life time, I FourMe promise you, I will get a PhD sooner or later I will get it, my dream of getting it before the age of 30 ain't happening but I promise you, I promise you I WILL GET IT! This is my childhood dream and I will make it happen against all the odds I will make it happen inshallaa..

I gotta stop listening to the radio! Each day its a new song that gets stuck in my lil head.. but am lovin this lady.. simply fab!!

Melanie Fiona- Give it to me right

p.s. Dolce & Gabbana fragrance for men - The One .. is a damn killer! Boys you gotta try it!!
p.p.s. Anonymous J.. I didn't forget about you, just gimme couple more days..


Jack Ass. said...

Here I am struggling to get a Bachelor's and there u are craving for a Phd.

With Big qualifications like that you will miss out on great guys Like me.

Think About it.

Squirreliya said...

FourMeee FouMeee

3alaam mn el khayaal donyaa lel a6faaal :p

dam enich interested bel seyasa w rabi3ha, shrayich bel ruba3i el mari7? :P

tadreen how i started reading ur blog? mn ur masters post, 7assait ya7lailha mashAllah wanasa! fa yeah GO GIRL and have a PhD :D

Anony said...

Kent bagol shay bs nesaiit

Âme said...

It is this urge that is necessary.

Hope you are ready for it.

~ Soul

Um Mit3ib said...

the dolce fragrance... i agree;p ebachy ;p

Anony said...

F7ee7eelyy will you please stop hiding :(

ur making is hard on me :\ la enta mawjood 3ashan a7en wala rathe etgoli shino shro6ek :P

disappearing won't make me give up :P

im writing this in advance incase you showed up for a second and hide again :O ;p

eshda3wa said...

today i was telling my friend the same thing

i miss uni

i miss being a student

and i cant wait to get back to it ...

the long nights
the nervous breakdowns

pulling my hair out
and crying a river

just to cross the finish line

ahhh the satisfaction!

Nutter said...

awalan matshoofeen shar w i hope you're doing better already :**

and regarding this post, nothing is beyond your reach.. dreams could be delayed but sure could turn into reality.. believe in yourself girl and you'll find yourself already a step ahead ;)

for the meantime how about italian classes? i sure would love to join!