Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Don't underestimate me!

-Woke up to the most excruciating back pain, fucking hormone med fucking up my back very nicely!!

-2 days in a row been dreaming about someone that I really don't wana dream about, hence waking up cranky..

-Even before having my morning cuppa tea I got some really reallY bad news, honestly I don't care anymore..

-U know what I won't let the latter ruin my mood! I won't fold that easily, u better have a hell of a lot more than this to take me down! So dressed up adorable'y and getting myself a nice cup of cappuccino from starbuck's , and let's see how the day go..

-To overcoming it all.. To possibilities.. Have a Fabulous day :)


Anony said...


Anony said...

Ms.D dream on it :@

ana il7ub el abadii , il7ub el awal wel akheer (A)

see we have to fight and get upset, it makes the "kiss and make up" better :P

fa khali wejnatech 7ag nafsech :@

Daddy's Girl said...

There is no such thing on earth as starts looking for the man now

wain ga3deen the man aint lost, god did not let him cross ur path yet

the thing is, dont search, but keep ur eyes open o ur heart open

o speaking of good looking men, i was swooned by that secret services guy bu saksooka in angels and demons who was driving the car before he was killed... shismah? jeanfranscessco favino or something like that...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mako wa7ed chithee? if u see a similar one then u have my approval to persue him as a potential husband ;)

FourMe said...

Seriously how do u do it?? Even if u keep on refreshing the page all day long you're bound not to be first! You're going against all the odds anony!

And be nice to Dee she's one of my girls now :p

Daddys gal:
For while haven't been open to anything.. But guess I should keep an open mind and see what happens that's all..

U think that's good looking? Just recently I passed on a dude who is one of Gods gift to women, and that's not only my opinion, my friends saw him and went all gogoo gagaa over him, girl he was freaking gorgeous plus intelligent so he aint just a pretty face! and ur dear old FourMe simply said.. No not interested.. So yaa I need to keep an open mind :/

Anony said...

cause allah y7ebni o yadre eni a7ebech fa ysa3edni (A)

yeah she's one of the girls not THE one :P .. o ba3deen 7arra i have something my name on it ehya ma 3endaha wek wek wek :P

Ms. D said...

u have somethin waaaaaa2?? ur name on wa2?? anonys play ground?? LOOOL

yakfeeneeeee 7ooobich yaa 7ooobiii

7ooob fourmeeee bil a3maaaq she doesnt need to show it in public b3den a7marru khajalan :>

oo ee am one of fourmes GIRLS mooty 7arraaa moooty 7arra 6el3y mn beetnaaaaaaaaaaaa

*t7iirrr anony*

o min gal ur THR girl.. kilna swasya :>

Anony said...

*etmache3 sha3ar D*

FourMe said...

Lool girls girls stop bitchin .. Mummy is out to dinner till I get back no pulling hair, no fighting and behavee!

f7ee7eely said...

"Oooh child things are gonna get easier "

f7ee7eely said...

el version malat nina simone ham 7elwahh

f7ee7eely said...

SHIIIIIIIT I'm old hehehehehe

Anony said...

well well well


Anony said...

soo f7e7eeeelyy when is the big day ?????

Anony said...

u went puuuuuf and that was not nice!!

shlon a7en etha mako a7ad????

noot good nooooot goood!


FourMe said...

do you not know that old is gold?!
hehe we're all in the same boat :/ actually just a handful of us are.. the rest are still in their diapers :p

and he's gone into hiding again :p

Bahrain Fashion said...

That's some attitude! Good job!