Tuesday, 19 May 2009

do it the FourMe way

Ehh and I thought I was the only moody nutcase around here but seems like we all need to cheer up! When all fails to cheer you up do the following.. Clear your mind, have a nice STRONG cup of coffee and listen to the following..

Yves LaRock-Rise Up

Rio-Shine On

Lady Gaga- Poker Face

And if those fail then listen live to Capital Fm HERE (enter any UK postcode and you can listen to it).. I've been listening to this station for as long as I remember for couple of hours each day and trust me its the only thing that lifts my mood.. and I've got one bitch ass stubborn mood but that does the trick..



Anony said...


Ms. D said...

bal bal anony!!!

o fourmeya aghaneych wa7da eb wa7da (A)

Anony said...


@@ ashwaa eni ketbat

Anony said...

lama sawet publish makentay mawjoda shloon makhtha nafs wagte :@

Ms. D said...

se7r be7r @@

Ms. D said...

*ya 6weer el7aamaaam ya 6weeer el7aamaaam.. 3asa ely yakheth elma7boob 3ena ma tanaaam*

eshda3wa said...

intay lail7eeen 3ala hal heels!!

FourMe said...

A nano second later and D would of kicked ur ass 7asafaa.. Me still don't like u..

*goes and sits next to D*

7athreeen athaab6ich ;) haa yabaaw baasch wila tabeen ba3ad mn hal nmayin :p
Blaa 7abeeeeb blaa zeft sm3ayaa khalty Gaga shtgool doraaar doraaar :p

I can't resist them :/ wore super high ones yesterday for dinner and am screweeeedddddd today :D no khalaa9 am gonaa wear flats for tonight I can't do heels :(

Heels are one temptation that I cannot resist..

Anony said...

@@ khal etwali ehya emsawya 3ala akher sec. min aldgega 9 :O

Anony said...


eleventhst said...

Great songs, i love the first two!
Ready for Rome?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

my dreaaaaaam is to flyyyyyyyy
over the rainbowwwww
soooo highhhhhh!

FourMe said...

Behaveee! Dee is my girl now bs ra7aat 3alaich.

Those are "force myself to be in a good mood songs".. They always work..

My heart is already racing from now!

Soooooo high! Screw the rainbow I wana fly to the moon :p

Ms. D said...

ana awaly ya anony!!

hayiin ;o